The Path From Insecurity To Self-Confidence

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The road to improve your self-confidence
Spoiler alert – There is no instant gratification in this article 😉

Self-confidence growth is about improving self-esteem, that originates in self-knowledge

In general, lifestyle magazines offer instant solutions for their readership daily concerns. They address symptoms, but rarely look deeper at the required work to deal with the root cause. They are mostly about outer appearance and rarely about inner awareness necessary for personal growth. Just for fun, here is how those magazines look like.

Testing your level of self-esteem in 12 questions

Answer by yes or no. Are you comfortable enough with your self-esteem level to (1) learn from others? (2) make decisions quickly? (3) admit your mistakes? (4) take risks? (5) show your flaws? (6) give compliments? (7) spend time with others? (8) be responsible for your actions? (9) accept others differences? (10) laugh about yourself? (11) give to others? (12) keep learning and growing?

Your  self-esteem may be good, not-so-good, correctly or falsely perceived. Whatever your self-scoring results, there is always room to improve your self-confidence, increase your self-knowledge  and make better life decisions.

Your path to self-confidence starts with the desire to change

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

— Albert Einstein

Everyone agrees with Einstein’s quote and sincerely wants to change what does not work in their life. The difficulty begins when realizing that the process will require to unblock certain habits and/or conditionings. Diving into the unknown can be scary and will take courage to defeat the inherent fear.

Let’s now take a look at the same 12 questions from the opposite lighting.

Again answer by yes or no. Are you blocking your self-confidence growth by (1) being a know-it-all? (2) deferring decisions? (3) blaming your mistakes on others? (4) staying in your comfort zone? (5) hiding your flaws? (6) seeking validation? (7) disliking others? (8) making excuses for your actions? (9) being judgmental? (10) worrying about what others will think of you? (11) taking from others? (12) staying stuck in old habits?

Two similar sets of  12 questions … the first one with only traits about self-confidence and the second one with their opposites traits about insecurity. Why is it that the first set made you feel good about yourself and the second didn’t? Your ego would validate a good self-image of yourself in the first set, while the second would require improvements of your insecurity feeling. While the passivity of the first set resulted from your ego manipulations, insecurity awareness would require action in the second set.

Your ego is asking “Why changing if I am happy the way I am?

If an adolescent would tell you “I don’t need puberty and can develop without it“, you would laugh. Well, whether they like it or not, adults are going through constant life changes such as marriage, family, mid-life transition as well as menopause, andropause, seniority. Since those changes will happen anyway, might as well gain their awareness and grow more consciously. Your ego knows how to manipulate your laziness and will tell you not to bother. Will you choose the path of least resistance by deluding yourself and remain passive? As the rude awakening will happen anyway, ignoring it now will make it much more painful later. Not a good deal.

How to gain a greater self-confidence with astro-tarology

Number of people are telling me “I don’t believe in astrology.” Then when asked what does astrology mean to them? In general, their answers are limited to fortune telling and horoscopes in magazines. Rare are those aware that there is a serious astrology, a 5000-year old discipline combining art and science. Astrology is the correlation between celestial and terrestrial events, such as (1) the Moon cycles and the ocean tides or (2) the Sun cycles and the day and night alternance, etc… Those are scientific facts, that do not belong at all to belief matters. Based on the fact that self-esteem originates from self-knowledge, Astro-tarology can help you on your path to greater self-confidence. To get more info about how astro-tarology can work for you, just click here.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard

Marquez La Date: Le 3 mars 2017 – Save The Date: March 3, 2017


Serge Bernard présentera sa méthode originale d’astro-tarologie, qui sera suivie de mini-interprétations individuelles de 15 minutes incluses dans une donation de 10,00 € /par personne pour la soirée. Aucune connaissance technique préalable n’est requise.

Vendredi 3 mars 2017 de  à 
Hôtel des Augustins, 3 rue de la Masse, Aix-en-Provence


Serge Bernard will present his original method of astro-tarology, which will be followed by individual mini-interpretations of 15 minutes, included in the donation of  10,00 € / per person for the evening. No prior technical knowledge is required.

Friday March 3 2017 de 7:00 PM to 8:
Hôtel des Augustins, 3 rue de la Masse, Aix-en-Provence

L’hôtel est un couvent avec sa chapelle, son vitrail et ses vieilles pierres du XVème entièrement rénové. La présentation se fera dans une salle privée.

Une meilleure connaissance de soi se révèle toujours être le point de départ de meilleures décisions dans la vie de tous les jours.

À bientôt. Dans la lumière et l’harmonie, Serge Bernard


The hotel is a convent with its chapel, stained glass windows and old stones of the 15th century completely renovated. The presentation will be in a private room.

A better self-knowledge always turns out to be the starting point for better decisions in everyday life.

See you soon. In light and harmony, Serge Bernard


The Meaning of Your Life – 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

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Know thyself and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the universe.


Approaching Our Existential Questions

Sometimes we are facing questions about personal issues such as health, love or money as well as today’s world uncertainties or existential quests. The unknown is always worrisome. Reinsuring answers are subjective by nature. Most of the time we have no clue from where to start. There must be a better way to use our imagination than worrying. As we will become who we are, any life issue will always start by knowing who we are. Our inner life is like a theater play. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could use our imagination to access its script?

Exploring Our True Identity First

Today, we are brainwashed by ongoing politicians and medias lies. We are living in a collective delusion and seeing the truth has become more and more challenging. It is critical to get our head out of the sand.


For any issue in general and for the meaning of your life in particular, there are 7 practical questions to ask: who? what? why? when? where? how? how much?

Ask Yourself The 7 Key Questions About The Meaning of Your life

(1) Who are you in your (a) own sphere, (b) mirror and (c) inner world?
(2) What is the purpose of your life, your mission on this planet?
(3) Why your perception is as critical as your judgment, maybe more?
(4) When was your last important dilemma, is it still unresolved today?
(5) Where do you rank money among health, family and experience?
(6) How do you portray yourself in the outer world, and inside of you?
(7) How much does your inner life as well as outer life matter for you?

Giving sincere answers to those apparently simple questions is much deeper than appears in a quick glance. It is very complicated to be simple. As said before, the truth of the matter is that we become who we are. If you can clearly answer those 7 questions, you don’t need to read this post any further. You know yourself inside out and master your destiny very well. Otherwise, keep reading until the end.

Looking for Self-knowledge Tools

There are many self-knowledge tools: psychology personality tests, astrological charts, tarot cards, dreams analysis, I Ching hexagrams, etc… They all require professional knowledge and experience.


This is where Astro Tarology is coming in to provide you with a road map to your inner life, to which you will relate instantly. Based on an astro-tarologic deck of cards (Symbolon), Astro Tarology will convert any astrologic charts to easy to relate symbolic images. It is the most cutting-edge self-knowledge tool existing today. I call it a GPS for your soul.

The cards will bring your hidden, forgotten and repressed emotions from your unconscious to your consciousness . Astro Tarology took the best from astrology and combined it with the best in tarology to create an innovative psychological discipline. Unlike traditional tarot reading, the cards are selected directly by your birth sky and not randomly by the reader.


Astro Tarology is neither psychotherapy nor traditional astrology or tarology consulting. In psychotherapy the patient talks and the therapist listens, in astrology or tarology the client listens and the interpreter talks. During an Astro Tarology consultation, the querent and the astro tarologer use the querent birth cards as soul mirrors to communicate. Both talk and listen.

With Astro Tarology you will become more confident about your strengths and limitations. They will give you personalized images that will lead you to make better life decisions. You will discover how to connect with your true identity and gain a clearer perspective regarding the 7 questions about the meaning of your life. And the best part of it is that you don’t need to have any prior technical knowledge.

After over 40 years of practice with many self-knowledge tools, I am ranking Astro Tarology at the very top for true identity instant and effective access.

In light and love, Serge Bernard
One-on-one consultation (English)
Consultation privée (Français)


I have been doing work with Serge via Skype … using his Astrology Tarot method and it has been a really incredible eye opener for me about me. This is very different from getting your map read. It really identifies the main characters inside you. I’m really enjoying it and feel much more empowered since knowing my characters.

– DRG 2016, São Paulo, Brazil