Who Are Those Secretive Billionaires Ruling The World And Our Lives?

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The Fight For Global Supremacy Between Two Financial Groups Is Key To Understand The World Future

300x300-read-carefullyThis article is crucial for who wants to understand today’s world issues. There are two groups fighting for the global financial power and all their decisions are only function of their own camp interests, alliances and oppositions, regardless of the impact on populations. For instance, they will decide of war or peace in the world by manipulating politicians, medias, voters and voting machines. This article will give you the key to understand the backstage plots.

As I was seeking to understand the US elections last minute radical change in Trump favor, I found that not one but two financial groups were fighting for the world ruling. Like two mafia families, not only do they operate in the underground, but they are also at war with each other. Uncovering their secrets is far from obvious and figuring out how they affect our lives even more so. To understand what is happening at our local level requires to first grasp the global picture from the top down. The world financial war is happening regardless of people interests, political parties and national identities. Billionaires are divided in two main groups, “Establishment” and “Elites”, fighting for the world financial power and with many crossovers among them, such as the Federal Reserve ownership or the duplicitous George Soros. “Establishment” and “Elites” are denominations often mixed up or wrongly amalgamated. Who are the entities behind those words? We are living historical times. In the fight for world supremacy, the centennial US champion (World Establishment, US Deep State) was recently defeated (Brexit and Trump) by the challenger (World Elites, City of London). Though the following chart about those two groups outlines only the visible tip of the iceberg, it gives already some clarity about each respective powers. It explicits side-by-side leaderships, controls and strategies, helping to understand past issues as well as present and future alliances and oppositions.



World Bank
Réserve Fédérale
Single Currency World Reserve
US Dollar
Goldman Sachs

Unipolar World Ruler
World Globalist
European Union
Old Paradigm
Mainstream Media


Military War
Financial Peace



International Monetary Fund
Bank International Settlements
Special Drawing Rights
US-UK-Japan-China Currencies
JPMorgan Chase

Multipolar World Rulers
USA + UK + Russia + China
World Federalist
European Division, Brexit
New Paradigm
Alternative Media


Military Peace
Financial War

To make things even more complex, apart from those two world financial groups, there are also groups controlling religious power such as the Vatican City and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Our World Has Just Tilted From the Old to the New Paradigm

The image below shows the paradigm shift in its 2010-2025 context.

2010-2025: Our World In Transition (From an Astro Tarology perspective)
2010-2025: Our World In Transition (From an Astro Tarology perspective) – Click to enlarge

To find all explanations about this very important image, please read our previous article titled “2010-2025: Our World In Transition“. That 15-year period is divided in 3 phases. If nothing else, get a closer look on the key illustrated summary below.

2010-2025 Our World In Transition
2010-2025 Our World In Transition – Click to enlarge

How The New Paradigm Will Affect Our Lives

In future articles I will be more specific about changes affecting our daily lives, but for now let’s limit our view to the big picture. The good news is that the spectre of a nuclear World War III has become less likely. The bad news is that it will be impossible to defer the world financial day of reckoning forever. Trump will be the scapegoat for the very painful economic collapse that will happen under his watch, even if its deterioration developed over several decades before his presidency. With a rough landing to planet earth, the year 2017 will come with both pain and relief. The year 2018 will set the opening for new great potentials. Those able to free themselves from the obsolete past to the stimulating new future will live exciting and challenging years ahead. All others, whether resisting the change or not, will have no other choice but to also adapt. Since adaptation is going to happen anyway, might as well assuage the pain and go with the flow during the transition. A new historical age is just born in front of our eyes. Let’s envision it as a unique opportunity to build a more just, more united and more humane world !!!

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard

The Zodiac & You In One Single Image

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Astro Tarology, Zodiac Signs and Archetypal Cards

The following image includes (1) the 12 zodiac signs and their respective ruling planets, (2) the 12 corresponding archetypal cards and their respective names as well as (3) the 12 life houses in the center. Find your sun sign and focus on the corresponding card. Enjoy !!

The Warrior, Mars, Aries The Lover, Venus, Taurus The Mediator, Mercury, Gemini The Mother, Moon, Cancer The Ego, Sun, Leo The Servant, Mercury, Virgo The Partner, Venus, Libra The Seducer, Pluto, Scorpio The Preacher, Jupiter, Sagittarius The Master, Saturn, Capricorn The Jester, Uranus, Aquarius The Angel, Neptune, Pisces
The zodiac and you. Cards by Symbolon. Click to enlarge

The Zodiac Signs, Extraversion, Introversion and You

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

ARIES: Begining, Impulse, Creation Personality: Energetic, enterprising, impulsive, full of enthusiasm and impulses Extravert: Look outward, conqueror of the material and spacial world Introvert: Look inward, conqueror of the spiritual and intellectual world

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

TAURUS: Receptivity, Flair, Creativity Personality: Enormous capacity for work, perseverance, stubborness, slow starter Extravert: The fighting bull, expansive, confident, hypermotivated, active, optimistic Introvert: The peaceful bull, someone slow who thinks things over, phlegmatic, taciturn

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

GEMINI: Duality, Mobility, Instinct Personality: Impulsive, spontaneous, quick in response, immediate and unstudied actions Extravert: Pollux-type, overactive, soulless, under-emotional, animated, curious, ironic Introvert: Castor-type, under-active, unstable feelings, emotional, excitable, endless moves

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

CANCER: Birth, Mother, Past Personality: Importance of heredity, family, childhood, native country, religious tradition Extravert: Excitable, moody, capricious, emotional vagrant, unfaithful, humorous Introvert: Sentimental, moral considerations, self-torture, deep meditation, remembrances

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

LEO: Ego, Radiance, Sex Personality: Desire for material things, selfish, basic instincts, single light source Extravert: Helios-type, realistic, combative, materialist, seeks to exert great influence Introvert: Apollo-type, idealist, champion of honor, seeks beauty, perfection, inner sun

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

VIRGO: Virgin, Feminine, Servant Personality: Power of understanding, Virgin Mother, servant of universal knowledge Extravert: Anal-expulsive, instinctive, undisciplined,rebel, disorganised, sadistic Introvert: Anal-retentive, retract within oneself, reserved, shy, mania for details

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

LIBRA: Balance, Sentiment, Taste Personality: Weighs, measures, compares like a scale, balance the yin and yang, pre-rational Extravert: Sentimental-type, radiates warmth, pleasant, makes friends easily, congenial Introvert: Inner sentimental-type, withdrawn into oneself, reserved, silent, calm, anxious

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

SCORPIO: Death, Rebirth, Mystery Personality: Explorers of the occult, feels strongly energies from the invisible world Extravert: Investigate and reveal the unseen mysteries, lucidity and critical judgment Introvert: Master of his inner demons, becomes the wise man, alchemist, clairvoyant, medium

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

SAGITTARIUS: Link, Attachment, Aspiration Personality: Relationships, aims at the level of absolute, to reach the greatest heights Extravert: Conformist, loves the good life, expansive, euphoric, loves prestige and honors Introvert: Rebellious,fiercely independent, audacious, lives through series of crises

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

CAPRICORN: Ascension, Infinite, Purification Personality: Perpetual reflection, ascension towards infinite goals and pure evolution Extravert: The ambitious, seeks to attain power and dominance, lucid, yearns to succeed Introvert: The detached, takes the road of privation, moral ambition, spiritual ascension

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

AQUARIUS: Expanse, Knowledge, Freedom Personality: Feels as if he is a stranger on Earth, in exile he wonders about his mission Extravert: The adventurer, misfit, original, eccentric, very independent, likes revolution Introvert: The wise, disengages from material things, frees himself towards spiritual goals

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

PISCES: Eternity, Synthesis, Cosmos Personality: Enlightened consciousness, fusion with the universal, feels the cosmic divinity Extravert: Outer-type, oblative, generous, goodness, humaneness, self-forgetfulness Introvert: Inner-type, mystical, metaphysical, seeks a communication with the divine spirit