Can Donald Trump Fake It All The Way to The Presidency?

Donald Trump The Egomaniac In Chief


Since starting his Presidential bid almost a year ago, Donald Trump has been on the top of the news every single day. All along he became the key figure to be reckoned with in the US electoral race. So far, we already wrote 3 articles about Trump narcissistic personality and political revolution. This post is taking a more detailed astro-tarologic approach about his life karma issue and derive what it means for his political future.

Unlike any egomaniac who believes that the earth was only created for them, Trump believes that the entire world revolves around him. He became the center of his personal universe just like the Sun is the solar system center. The karma analysis that follows will show how the Sun is playing a key role is his personality and destiny. Just like his flamboyant yellowed hair and tanned orange face.

Karma Issue: Astro Tarology for Beginners

The following astro-tarologic analysis is easy to understand and does not require any previous technical knowledge. Be prepared to be surprised by the findings depth though.

Step 1 – Natal Chart. Identifying the native’s Ascendant, the Ascendant Ruler in House and Sign is all we need. Those factors will answer the following four questions about the native unconscious inner destiny.
   What: The native karma issue, represented by the Ascendant.
   Who: The karma issue manager, represented by the Ascendant Ruler.
   Where: The manager terrain, represented by the Ascendant Ruler House.
   How: The manager needs, represented by the Ascendant Ruler Sign.
Step 2 – Tarot Cards. Selecting Step 1 corresponding tarot cards is a very simple process. Our favorite tarot cards are from the Symbolon deck.
Step 3 – Interpretation. Narrating the cards stories about the native karma issue then follows.

Donald Trump Karma Issue

Step 1 – Trump Natal Chart

Donald Trump Natal Chart
Donald Trump Natal Chart overlaying the Symbolon mandala – Click to enlarge

Trump Ascendant = Leo (the green curly glyph to the left)
Trump Ruler of Ascendant = Sun (the blue circle with a central dot)
Trump Ruler of Ascendant House = 10 (the Sun segment ring number)
Trump Ruler of Ascendant Sign = Gemini (the yellow Sun sign glyph)

These are all the necessary information needed from Trump natal chart.

Step 2 – Trump Tarot Cards

Cards and mandala: Symbolon by Peter Orban & Ingrid Zinnel & Thea Weller - AGM Urania - Editing: Serge Bernard
Cards and Mandala: Symbolon by Peter Orban & Ingrid Zinnel & Thea Weller – AGM Urania – Mandala editing: Serge Bernard
  • Trump Ascendant = Leo -> Card = “The Ego” = The king on his throne.
  • Trump Ascendant Ruler = The Sun -> Card = also “The Ego” (not showing but replaced by the two Sun cards in terrain and needs on top left).
  • Trump Ascendant Ruler Terrain = 10 -> Card = “The Burden” = A man climbing a long road in the mountain and carrying a rock on his back.
  • Trump Ascendant Ruler Needs = Gemini -> Card = “The Actor” = A man walking on a stage in front of an audience.

Step 3 – Interpretation for Trump life karma.

A. WHAT – Trump Ascendant = Leo sign = “The Ego” card

Symbolon Card "The Ego"
Symbolon Card “The Ego”

Let’s imagine that at the moment of his birth, baby Donald would have been standing in his cradle looking in the Eastern direction as far away as the celestial sphere. His sharp vision would have pierced the zodiac belt in the sign of Leo. As the lion is the animal king by excellence, so is the Leo sign royal symbol.

In our inner movie theater, the Ascendant represents the screenplay high concept issue. The Ascendant Ruler is the story leading character. The Ascendant symbolizes the native life problem and the Ascendant Ruler the life problem manager.

The Ascendant represents the way we appear to others and the Leo Ascendant card shows a king on his throne. So baby Donald was born with the life issue to behave like a king during his entire life. Fighting to gain and keep the royal power has a price to pay, that of the heart sacrifice. Carl Jung once stated that the opposite of love is not hate but power.

The king’s power-love dilemma is the core issue of Trump’s life story. The constant search for power implies a self-centered megalomania personality with no room for love. Only when he will lose his power, willfully or not, will Trump be able to access his heart. Trump can either have power or love, but not both at the same time.

B. WHO – Trump Ascendant Ruler = Sun = “Ego” card

Symbolon Card "The Ego"
Symbolon Card “The Ego”

If it was not enough to have the Ascendant life issue requiring to behave like a king, Trump’s Ascendant Ruler –the leading character of his inner movie theater story– is the Sun itself. So, it is a royal character who is in charge of managing a royal dilemma. We can hear Trump father encouraging young Donald inner royal character to follow and expand the Trumps dynasty. This double inner royal presence (issue and manager) makes it almost impossible for Donald to abdicate voluntarily his power for love. Donald double ego karma makes him a super heartless egomaniac.

C. WHERE – Trump Ascendant Ruler Terrain = 10 = “The Burden” card

Symbolon Card "The Burden"
Symbolon Card “The Burden”

The card shows an old man who not only is climbing a long road in the mountains, but also carries a heavy burden on his back. This very demanding effort requires a powerful stamina and an enduring capacity. Those are vital responsible traits needed in Trump’s real estate developer activities. From concept to conclusion, there is a long road for any major real estate project. Not only does such a project require the developer stamina and endurance to address all endless day-by-day  issues but also carry the investors on his back until the finish line. Quite a long and difficult marathon road. Real estate development is definitively not for everybody !!

In politics those qualities were all along underestimated by his “anti-Trump” adversaries expecting wrongly his fall. He eliminated one by one all other 16 Republican candidates and still shows relentless strength to reach his final Presidential objective.

Like the man on the card, Trump has an Atlas complex who feels responsible for everything and everyone in the world. Because of his Atlas complex, no task is too big for him. Carrying the world on his shoulder cannot be delegated and implies that Trump must only rely on himself and be the holder of universal certainties. His right or wrong opinions are the only one that matter for himself and anybody else. His Atlas complex combined with his megalomania is very oppressive for himself and even more so for others.

D. HOW – Trump Ascendant Ruler Needs = Gemini = “The Actor” card

Symbolon Card "The Actor"
Symbolon Card “The Actor”

The actor is the key card to understand how Trump functions. Combined with his megalomania, Trump the actor would only accept leading roles such as business and political top leader. Whether he is fully aware of it or not, Trump is always living his life on borrowed identities. Revealing the man behind the masks doesn’t seem to be a Trump option.

Paraphrasing the actor playing a doctor in a TV show, Trump could very well say “I am not a king but I play one on TV.” Trump the political actor raises the four following questions.
(1) Are the required acting qualities to play the role of a political candidate good enough to also play the role of a President?
(2) Would an actor playing the role of a President better than a President himself qualify him to be elected as President?
(3) Is the US ready for an actor playing the role of the actual President?
(4) Can Trump fake it all the way to the Presidency?

For questions (1) and (2), we believe that Trump the actor is capable to play both the candidate and the President roles and be a better actor than anyone else. Question (3) is more nuanced. We surely are living unusual times that are propitious for unusual circumstances. On today’s US political scene, the division between Democrats and Republicans is more and more replaced by the division between the population and the establishment, between the populist outsiders (Sanders and Trump) and the traditional insiders (Clinton and Romney). Similarly to the intense conflicts that are already happening within both parties, the population’s anger and fear are feeding the tension that could escalate to riots, revolts and even revolution. Emotions are taking control over the reason. The population has completely lost their trust in the professional political system and is ready for anybody and anything different. Trump the actor, feeling his audience better than anyone else, is capitalizing on that. Very likely the population would rather have a new actor-President over any traditional politician. That answers question (3).

Now for question (4). Trump is not a statesman but an opportunistic heartless egomaniac actor, who cares only about himself and couldn’t care less about the population needs. The actual man behind the masks is very weak and vulnerable. The attack being the best defense, his huge ego is overly receptive to aggression and will always counter-attack instantly. The ongoing Presidential bid is on its way to become the nastier campaign ever. So far, Trump has been able to deflect most attacks. His opponents from outside and inside his party will keep finding or fabricating any dirty scandal to provoke a fatal blow to his campaign. Will he survive these assaults? His adversaries will be subject to assaults too. Will they survive too? The campaign final weeks may look very differently than what we are anticipating today. A lot will happen between now and November. The campaign has become a very expensive reality show and the coming months will bring a lot of surprises.

Trump has the outside stamina and endurance to win, but he lacks the inner authenticity of a caring king, which is his Achilles heel. He is running the Presidential race all by himself and for himself. His court and close fans will be insufficient to support his heartless egomaniac personality during the vicious fights to come. Bottom line, we are confirming what we already wrote last January when there were 17 candidates for the Republican nomination. Donald Trump will become the Republican nominee but not the next US President !!



Donald Trump, The Egomaniac We Love To Hate


Any man who wants to be president is either an egomaniac or crazy.
– Dwight Eisenhower

Whether in real estate development or in show business, everything Donald Trump touched became a production of unusual proportion. He now has set his mind to become the next US President. No other candidate come even close to the size of his business acumen, personal wealth and … monumental ego.

Initially the US presidential election was staged to become a contest between Clinton Number 2 and Bush Number 3 … until Donald Trump came in and threw a monkey wrench in US politics. In only a few months, he completely destabilized the US political system through ongoing irrational provocations. Regardless of what happen to Trump presidential bid, US domestic and international politics will never be the same.

His unusual personality and successful destiny make him an excellent Astro Tarology “nut” case study. Astro Tarology will analyze his natal chart in combination with the Magician arcana. In the process, we will learn some astrological basic symbolism.

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 at 10:54 AM in Jamaica (NY) USA. His natal chart looks as follows.

Typically, a natal chart includes four astronomical sets of data. (1) the 10 planets + ascendant (AC) + midheaven (MC) positions (colored symbols outside the large circle) with exact degrees/minutes , (2) the 12 terrestrial houses (small segments numbered from 1 to 12 on the thin circular ring), (3) the 12 zodiac signs (colored symbols in the wide circular ring) and (4) special angles between pairs of planets (aspects) inside the center circle (blue lines = soft aspects, red lines = hard aspects and green lines = minor aspects).

Below is a basic key anyone can use to interpret instantly any natal chart.


Stage 1 – Basic interpretations from Donald Trump natal chart using the above symbolic key.

(1) Sun, Uranus in Gemini and House 10 = You direct your life and distinguish yourself with mobility regarding your career.” (2) Moon in Sagittarius and House 4 = You feel your life with ideality regarding your family.” (3) Mars, Pluto in Leo and House 12 = You act and transform yourself with will regarding your obstacles.” (4) Mercury, Venus, Saturn in Cancer and House 11 = You think, love and control yourself with sensitivity regarding your friendship.” (5) Jupiter, Neptune in Libra and House 2 = You develop yourself and merge with others with equilibrium regarding your money.

This description is obviously pretty generic. With this key though, anyone without any prior astrologic knowledge would already make a few sentences in less than 60 seconds.

Stage 2 – Donald Trump detailed interpretations using a computer-generated portrait and learning more about astrological symbols.

763x991-donald-trump-astro-selfie-coverThe 30-page pdf-book about Donald Trump astrologic portrait (Astro-Selfie) can be downloaded by clicking here. It includes 2 parts: (1) An introduction about astrological symbols and (2) a detailed interpretations of Donald Trump personality. The natal chart design and astrological description are more detailed than in Stage 1. Custom-designed Astr0-Selfie pdf-books are also available in our gift store (see also menu above).

Stage 3 – Donald Trump and the Magician tarot arcana

The Magician archetype is the Greek God Hermes. His mobility and communication abilities made him a great messenger trusted by all other gods. Hermes was the god of the magicians, but also of the merchants and the thieves. Trump’s name branding is a good example of how the magician in him turned his inflated ego into actual financial benefit.

Mercury was to the Romans what Hermes was to the Greeks. Mercury is also the name of the closest planet to the Sun. Its full orbit is only 88 days long. Seen from the earth, Mercury appears to move quickly back and forth around the Sun. Quicksilver mercury is also the liquid metal given name. No surprise that Mercury symbolizes physical and psychological mobility. Sometimes in the sky Mercury appears retrograde, which symbolizes difficulties in communications on earth.

The zodiac sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury. In Trump natal chart we find the powerful conjunction Sun-Uranus in Gemini. This indicates a ruling mental mobility with unpredictable attacks to provoke and win arguments. The Magician strength is a very useful asset in business negotiations and political debates. Winning an election is one thing and governing when elected is another. According to the tarot archetypes  the Magician (arcana 1) helps the first and the Emperor (arcana 4) the latter. 

We will study the Emperor arcana in a few weeks. Stay tuned to find out if Magician Trump meets the Emperor archetype requirements for President. To be notified of the publication date, just join our email list.


Stage 4 – Now, let’s describe Donald Trump personality the Astro Tarology way by humanizing the above into a more narrative story.

His Inflated Ego


When we are born, the sun is positioned somewhere in the sky on the zodiac ring. Even astrology skeptics know their sun sign. During daytime the sun is visible while during the night it isn’t. The sun yearly cycle also defines each day light length as well as the four seasons. The sun position in one natal chart will symbolize that person unreachable life ideal. Born around eleven in the morning, Trump’s Sun was very visible in the sky (house 10) making him a person seeking social visibility, recognition and success.

In a natal chart, the ascendent (AS) is the Eastern horizon direction. When extended to the celestial sphere that horizon direction will fall in one of the twelve zodiac sign. That direction is also where any planet becomes visible where it passes from the night darkness to the day light. Therefore, one native AS sign will symbolize how a person will appear to others. Trump’s AS is in Leo the animal king, giving him an appearance of royal importance.

Now, each sign is also ruled by a planet. This topic will be developed in the future, but for now let’s look at Leo. By analogy, it is easy to understand why king Leo’s ruler is the Sun (the center of the solar system). By the way, King Louis XIV of France was known as the “Sun King”. As a result, Trump’s royal appearance (sun ruling AS Leo) is ruled by his aim to success (sun in 10). The above photo of Trump’s home interior confirms exactly his over-the-top flamboyant and flashy personality.

Prometheus was the Greek Titan who brought the light of God to humans. As Prometheus, the planet Uranus symbolizes freedom, independence and originality. At birth, Trump’s Sun and Uranus were aligned (conjunction in house 10) explaining his public independent, unpredictable and original behavior.

The combination of the above descriptions qualifies Trump as an egomaniac. Psychologically, egomania is an obsessive preoccupation with one’s self. Usually, egomaniacs feel a lack of appreciation, follow their uncontrolled impulses and are delusional about their own greatness. 

His Patriarchal Family Role

Trump natal chart shows his Sun (10) opposed to his Moon (4). This means that he was born under a full moon. Though not any other full moon, Trump was born on the day of a Total Lunar Eclipse. Unlike the Sun, the Moon changes all the time: sometimes we see it, sometimes we don’t, sometimes it is crisp, sometimes it is blurred, sometimes it has a halo, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes we see it during the day, sometimes during the night, its shape and color are constantly changing, etc… A Lunar  Eclipse will intensify changes and a Total Lunar Eclipse even more. While full moon days are well known to increase police and hospital activities, a lunar eclipse adds more intensity to uncommon irrational behaviors.


Trump excessive self-centered personality impacts all his life aspects whether in family, business, branding and now politics. While House 10 was the domain of the career outside, House 4 (opposite to 10) represents the domain of the life inside, that of home and family. With the Moon in house 4, Trump would look at his home and family for support, encouragement and security in order to be productive. His third marriage seems to have given him his needed stability. As a patriarchal lion, he will protect all his family members from any outsider attack.

His Personal Wealth and Grandiose Buildings

Trump was the son of an already wealthy real estate developer, which gave him a strong preparation to enter the field. According to the most conservative estimates, Donald Trump multiplied over tenfold his father net worth. As doubling family wealth in one generation is already considered as a meaningful result, Trump accomplishment succeeded well beyond the norm.

1200x800-trump-towerWhen it comes to money, astrologers look at house 2. In Trump natal chart, we see that his house 2 is occupied by Jupiter (abundance) and Neptune (merger), which are in Libra (balance) and favorably aspected (blue lines) by other planets. This means that for Trump, dealing with money comes naturally.

Now, we see that the MC (career) is in the Taurus zodiac sign, the earth sign on which the Bull is solidly standing. There is no better sign than Taurus in 10 for a successful career in real estate development. Adding the conjunction Sun-Uranus in 10 and you get the realization of unusual real estate projects.

The weak economy and the Internet affected the gambling industry, giving a fatal blow to Atlantic City and its casinos forcing Trump to file for bankruptcy. As a savvy businessman, he negotiated the losses with his creditors to his advantage and the Magician turned a failure into a profit. Presented by his political opponents as a liability, this ability may in fact be an asset. Trump is the only candidate to have the experience in dealing favorably with big financial losses. America needs a magician like that, but is Trump really credible to deliver?

Every large real estate development requires a considerable amount of perseverance. Each project is like running a marathon. People who expressed their doubt about Trump political endurance were unaware of his unusual long-distance stamina as evidenced by his buildings production.

His Branding Business

trump-brandingOriginating from Trump egomania, his buildings, casinos, golf courses as well as “The Apprentice”, “Miss Universe”, airplanes and merchandisings are all bearing the Trump name. Capitalizing on instant name recognition for marketing purpose, he turned his name branding into a gold mine. As a true alchemist (the magician), he converted a personality flaw (egomania = lead) into a business opportunity (profit = gold).

What is Trump political future?

1600x700-trump-politicsIt is too early to consult the Astro Tarology symbolism to forecast Trump’s Presidential bid outcome. Unpredictable events can still exercise major impacts on the race, i.e. (1) former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg may be running and (2) Hillary Clinton unfinished email scandal may re-emerge. All this being said, here is my personal feeling. Trump becoming the Republican nominee is more likely than not. All his non-rational arguments based on people fear and anger to obtain that nomination will be used against him during the Presidential race. On the finish line, voters will have the choice between false international security (isolationism) and false prosperity hope (socialism). Survival prevailing, voters will choose the latter and Trump will loose the bid to the White House.

Trump said that if he doesn’t become President, he will return to build buildings. For him loosing a battle is just another obstacle to overcome until winning the war. With a major lack of public funding, the new President will fail miserably in making good on electoral social promises. Trump will lead a very vocal opposition with his usual attacks, now capitalizing on people domestic fear and anger. The new President may even have to resign before term’s end and Trump will present himself as the Nation savior.

No doubt that Trump is a great businessman, entertainer and salesman (Magician archetype). Those great talents are helpful in the business negotiations and election campaigning, but are they enough on the requirements list to become a great US President (Emperor archetype)?

It would make no sense to trust an airplane pilot whose only experience is being a great motivational speaker. Does Magician Trump meet the Emperor archetype requirements for President?

After this article was published, Trump didn’t win the Iowa Caucus. We followed up with a post about what an astro tarologer would tell Trump.