Astro Tarology & Head-Heart Dilemmas

 Head and Heart Dilemmas

In our dilemmas, one part of us says one thing while another part says something else. Number of our inner dualities happen between our heart and our head. For instance on the issue of freedom and security, our heart may be moved by compassion (more freedom) while at the same time our head be moved by self-protection (more security).

Anyone who was not a liberal at 20 years of age had no heart, while anyone who was still a liberal at 40 had no head.
– Winston Churchill

One Personality Has Multiple Facets

Our inner life is a stage with a great number of characters in the play. Each characters has its own acting role and individual identity. Our personality has multiple facets. It is normal to show a different personality facet when we are talking to a love one (i.e. your mother) than to a stranger (i.e. a tax auditor). One should not confuse a personality multiple facets with a multiple personality disorder. The first is normal while the second is pathologic. Sun the ego, Mercury the head and Venus the heart are the three leading characters among our personality facets. Only the latter two will be analyzed in this post.

Mercury and Venus Complex Relations

Mercury and Venus are the only two planets orbiting between the sun and the earth. As a result, they are also the solar system fastest two planets. As closest to the sun, quick Mercury correlates to our fast mental abilities. As closest to the earth, magnetic Venus correlates to our attractive connecting abilities. This explains why Mercury and Venus are respectively associated with our head and our heart. Understanding Mercury and Venus roles in our psyche will help us understanding dilemmas between our head and our heart.

If acting as leading characters wasn’t enough for Mercury and Venus, they also happen to play two roles each: one terrestrial (earth) and one celestial (air). Venus and Mercury four archetypal roles are associated with the four zodiac signs they are ruling upon. They are (1) Venus earth = Taurus, (2) Mercury air = Gemini, (3) Mercury earth = Virgo and (4) Venus air = Libra. All theater characters interact with each other, and our inner play is not different. Leading characters have complex interactions and so do Venus and Mercury in our inner life.

As the plot builds on harmonious and tense relationships between characters, conflicts develop. Dilemmas intensity produce engaging scripts and so it does in our inner lives. The good news is that Mercury and Venus never reach the 90 and 180 degrees hard angles. As a result, it is possible to hold them both without having to necessarily make a choice. Not having to choose between our head and our heart may lead to find a third way, a growing step in our personal identity that Carl Jung calls the road to individuation.

By analogy, the cast of characters relates to all planets, signs, houses and aspects in a natal chart. Their relations can become complicated. For now, only Venus and Mercury leading roles will be analyzed. An image being worth 1000 words, visual illustrations of those inner characters would help. This is where the Symbolon deck of cards is becoming in. It includes 78 astrologically related cards. All are associated with our inner characters and designed in scenes with people. Their historic settings draw our unconscious to the past and help some old memories to surface. Not only the cards artworks are superb, but each one will resonate deeply in the forgotten, repressed or hidden unconscious part of our psyche.

Relations between Venus the heart and Mercury the head can be linked to no less than ten correlations represented by ten Symbolon cards as organized in the following spread.

Head-Heart – Mercury-Venus – Symbolon – Click to enlarge

Let’s imagine an horizontal and a vertical line crossing in the center, they will divide the spread in four quadrants. Above the horizontal line (horizon) is the sky and below the earth. To the left of the vertical line is the side dominated by Venus and to the right by Mercury.

The four zodiac signs ruled by Venus and Mercury

The rulers of the 12 zodiac signs represent the 12 basic archetypal characters and to each correspond one Symbolon card. Then each of the remaining cards (78-12=66) will be associated with all possible 66 different pairs of signs (12×11/2=66). Below are the four Venus and Mercury corresponding zodiac signs and cards.

(1) TAURUS (Earth sign ruled by Venus) – Card “The Lover”
      Love – SENSUAL LIFE –Sensation
(2) GEMINI (Air sign ruled by Mercury) – Card “The Mediator”
      Intelligence – SPIRITUAL LIFE – Thinking
(3) VIRGO (Earth sign ruled by Mercury) – Card “The Assistant”
      Help – PRACTICAL LIFE –Feeling
(4) LIBRA (Air sign ruled by Venus) – Card “The Partner”
      Beauty – SENTIMENTAL LIFE – Intuition

Note that those four signs correspond also to Carl Jung four functions: two Venus “Perception” (Sensation and Intuition) and two Mercury “Judgment” (Thinking and Feeling).

The two pairs of Venus and Mercury with themselves

Yes, there is only one planet Venus and one planet Mercury in the solar system, but as rulers of the zodiac signs, Venus and Mercury are appearing twice.

(5) TAURUS-LIBRA (Venus Earth-Venus Air) – Card “The Gilded Cage”
      Jealousy – CONJUGAL LIFE
(6) GEMINI-VIRGO (Mercury Air-Mercury Earth) – Card “The Strategist”
      Strategy – MENTAL LIFE

The two pairs of Venus and Mercury with the same elements

(7) TAURUS-VIRGO (Venus Earth-Mercury Earth) – Card “Clinging”
      Greed – MATERIAL LIFE
(8) LIBRA-GEMINI (Venus Air-Mercury Air) – Card “Vanity fair”
      Appearance – SOCIAL LIFE

The two pairs of Venus and Mercury with opposite elements

(9) TAURUS-GEMINI (Venus earth-Mercury Air) – Card “The Golden Girl”
Insecurity – PERSONAL LIFE
(10) LIBRA-VIRGO (Venus Air-Mercury Earth) – Card “Everyday in the Relationship”- Dullness – REAL LIFE

Would we not be limited by this post scope, each card would receive an in-depth analysis. Nevertheless, there may already be one card or more which is questioning your inner self. Observe that card in all its details, keep it in the back of your mind and wait for old memories to surface. Sometimes they may come as painful revelations, but the character role awareness will always bring some relief. The corresponding unconscious blocking will no longer affect your conscious actions.

Astro Tarology “Flower of Life” and Symbolon Cards

On one end, the Astro tarology “Flower of Life” is an original organization of the Tarot 22 Major Arcana. On the other, the Symbolon deck 78 cards is an astrological imagery representing the 12 zodiac signs rulers and 66 planets pairs. There is a predictable imperfect correlation between the Tarot 22 Major Arcana and the 22 selected Symbolon cards. The following illustration results from overlaying the 22 Symbolon cards over the Astro Tarology “Flower of Life” 22 Tarot Arcana. As they are based on totally different sets of assumptions, trying to force the two systems to coincide would have required one or both system mutilations, which would have been inappropriate. The mechanically created illustration though, produced a meaningful self-contained new representation. By analogy, it is like taking a song (A) and then assembling a newly created music (A1) and newly created lyrics (A2) of that song (A) into a new song (B=A1+A2) !!

Astro Tarology "Flower of Life" - Major Tarot Arcana - Symbolon Cards - Click to enlarge
Astro Tarology “Flower of Life” – Major Tarot Arcana – Symbolon Cards – Click to enlarge

Donald, Bernie, Ben And The Others

When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right.
– Victor Hugo (1802-1885)

Political Abuses And Outsiders Rise

What is happening in US politics today is nothing less than a revolution. Agreeing or not with any of the outsiders programs is secondary to the fact that we are in the middle of an ongoing political, financial and social paradigm change.

The following illustration about the capitalist system pyramid was created in 1912. One century later, nothing has changed. It shows the same trickle down societal powers and could very well have been designed today. Revolutions start when abuses from the top become unbearable to the bottom. Some revolutions are violent some are more democratic, but none are ever peaceful.


During electoral campaigns, politicians have always taken money from the rich to buy votes from the poor promising the ones to protect them from the others. After being elected they had to lie to the people in order to explain why they were unable to deliver on their promises. This was working as long as lies could distract the population from the growing class gap and keep politicians pseudo credibility alive.

Things are changing when the class gap is becoming so important that nobody believe the lies anymore. When this happens, a significant majority suffers from a total disconnection with political leaders. When a large part of the population feels angry and abandoned by the system, they turn to outsiders who are their only hope for financial and existential security as well as national identity and freedom. This is what is happening today in the US, where this feeling of abandonment explains the rise of new presidential candidates such as Trump to the right, Sanders to the left and Carson (now siding with Trump) to the middle.

The last sixteen years of US disastrous domestic and foreign policies not only destroyed the country economy and image as a superpower, but also enriched the top 1% and impoverished the other 99%. These people have reached their tolerance limit and are now seeking new hopeful voices. This explains the rise of Donald, Bernie and Ben whose combined supporters represents their party majority opposed to the abusive political cronyism.

Imperialism Collapse And Establishment Dissolution

Empires have fallen before and it never was the end of the world. The UK lost its world superpower role in 1950 and is still around today as a meaningful nation. Written in 1838 by Victor Hugo, “Ruy Blas” story takes place in 17th century Spain during Charles II reign. Below is an excerpt about the monarchy collapse and its nobility dissolution. History repeats itself. That story could have been written today and reflects what is happening now. All powers collapse are following similar patterns.

Original “Ruy Blas” page in French written in 1838 Click to enlarge

… At the time when a monarchy is about to collapse, several phenomena can be observed. At first the nobility tends to dissolve. By dissolving it divides, here’s how:
The kingdom falters, the dynasty dies out, the law falls into ruins; the political unity crumbles to the plot agony; the top of society bastardizes and degenerates; a fatal weakness is felt as much outside as within; great things of the state fell, only small are standing, sad public spectacle; no more police, no more military, no more finances, each guesses the end is coming. Hence, in all minds there is yesterday’s trouble, tomorrow’s fear, distrust of all men, discouragement in all things, profound disgust. As the state disease is coming from the top, the nobility in the front line is the first to be attacked. What becomes of it then?
Part of the gentlemen, the least honest and least generous, remains in the royal court. Everything will be swallowed up, time is short, one must haste, one must enrich, expand, and take advantage of circumstances. One only think for oneself. Each, without any pity for the country, is making a small private fortune at the cost of the great public misfortune.
One is a courtier, one is a minister, one hurries to be happy and powerful. One has wit, one becomes depraved, and one succeeds. The state’s orders, dignities, places, money, one takes everything, one wants everything, one plunders everything. One only lives by ambition and greed

Not much has changed. Hugo’s nobility is today’s establishment. Their actions are causing reactions, giving rise to anti-establishment leaders. This is normal and has happened in other times or other countries. For instance in France, yesterday’s Leon Blum (“Popular Front”) could be compared to Bernie Sanders and today’s Marine Le Pen (“National Front”) to Donald Trump. Revolutionaries are needed to bring the light of hope. However, as they are unable to heal the nation advanced deterioration, their power usually erode fast. This was true historically yesterday and will likely be true today.

Established politicians will fight toes and nails to remain in power, as for them losing their political clout would mean the end of their self-serving abuses. For them, political fall would be equal to death.

Over the last decades, the Western Empire collapsing life was artificially extended. Today it has reached the end of the rope. Lies are no longer believed and the harsh reality is claiming its rights. All tricks were used to defer the day of reckoning and there is very little road left to kick the can on. Yesterday is gone forever and tomorrow’s new normality is not there yet. The revolutionaries are providing hope to a population in disarray, which is critical for survival during desperate times.

The Love Of Power And The Power Of Love

600x600-lovers-chariotFrom a tarot perspective, the Feeling LOVERS arcanum (6) and its sequentially next Conquering CHARIOT arcanum (7) reflects the dialectic between the power of love and the love of power.

From the Astro Tarology perspective, the Feeling LOVERS arcanum corresponds to the link between the Moon (unconscious) and the Heart, and the Conquering CHARIOT to the link between the Moon (unconscious) and Mercury (the head). In a nutshell, there is an inner conflict between compassion and self-protection, between the heart and the head. Jung’s road to individuation suggests to hold both heart and head without making choices. The analysis of the LOVERS (6) and CHARIOT (7) arcana will be detailed in the Astro Tarology course Module 2 (arcana 6 to 10). In the meantime, we wish you good work with Module 1 (arcana 0 to 5) available in its totality online for free. Click to see the course program.

When an imperial cycle ends, a new one will follow. It never happens differently in nature. A good storm clears the air and the weather always restart with a new blue sky after. Donald, Bernie and Ben are today’s revolutionaries. We may not like any of their programs, but they deserve our thanks for turning the US political table over. This has long been overdue. Victor Hugo gave us a glimpse as to what will happen to the nobility. Regardless of the US presidential race outcome, the political establishment power has already been seriously defied. The US political scene will never be the same and that is an excellent news!!