Happy 2016 Summertime !!

Happy Summer Break

Hamac and nature

Once in awhile, we all need some time off. Leave your brain on a hanger and take a walk in nature, travel to a new city or do whatever flushes your head. Seneca once said: “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” May this Summer bring you many delightful Seneca moments.
In light and love. Always, Serge

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Astro Tarology & Psychology

How do you feel today?

First click the image to enlarge. Pick one or two words that best describe your mood today. Then extend the color(s) to the archetypal card(s), relax and let your imagination wander.

Emotions, colors and Symbolon archetypal cards
Emotions, colors and Symbolon archetypal cards. Click to enlarge.

Need a mood booster?

Some days we need a little validation. Please take one compliment.


Have a wonderful day !!!