Fear, Hope and Love – Trump The Manipulator-In-Chief

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Manipulating People With False Fear, False Hope and False Love

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As they are manipulated, many people are limiting their lives to be compliant workers, compulsive consumers and entertainment seekers. In order to keep enriching themselves at the population expense, the elites want them to remain passive.  Whether in front of a TV, a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, people are only receiving passive distractions allowing them either to escape from their actual world (reality shows, social networks, etc…) or to be insidiously infiltrated by fears (commercials, politics etc…). With the control over finances, governments, politicians, medias and marketers, the elites are perpetuating people’s domination by scaring them of losing their pseudo security. Until now.

Whether in politics or in marketing, branding is key. All opinion manipulators know that instilling fear of a false danger is the first step to control their audience. In the second step they will bring hope for a false solution to address the false fear they created. In the third step, they will appear as your life saviors inducing you with feelings of gratitude and love. Branding is all about false fear, false hope and false love. Why so many people are willing to sacrifice their true freedom in exchange of that false security … laziness, comfort, apathy, cowardice or ignorance? The real answer is fear.

There is always a moment in time when an adjustment must happen between predators and preys. There is an interesting analogy with the sharks and the sardines balance. When sharks are eating too many sardines, their food supply will become insufficient for their survival. When sardines multiply too fast,  sharks will be scared away and the sardines overpopulation will become overwhelming for their survival. Scientists have designed a mathematical curve defining the balance between the sharks and the sardines populations. The return to balance is always required to prevent the ruling specie extinction.

Today, we are at the crossroad of one of those turning points. Population (sardines) have an occasion to scare the elite (sharks) away. Brexit vote, Trump election and the Italian referendum are just the tip of the adjustment movement. More elections are coming this year in Holland, France and Germany and everything leads to anticipate that the correction trend will continue.

With his past experience in money, branding and reality show, Trump getting involved in politics was his natural next step. With his background so unique, the timing was perfect for Trump to capitalize on population fear as well as their longing for hope and love. Even today, there isn’t another politician that come even close to his unique profile and attitude. While manipulations are objectionable, any change to replace a political system that has become obsolete must be welcome.

With Trump major changes in 2017, my opinion is that there will be good news and bad news. Because the London City elite needs to first consolidate their recent gain of power over the US Establishment elite, the good news is that World War III will be off the table for now. Because there is not a person in the world, neither Trump nor anybody, who can correct the astronomical monetary and credit abuses accumulated over the last decades, the bad news is that there a financial crash has become unavoidable.

The only thing you can do in this uncertain world in transition is to keep your awareness alert. Reject false fear, false hope, false love and false security. Discard everything that is false in your life and open the door to the true freedom. Ask true questions and you will receive true answers. Your health, close ones and freedom are your most valuable assets and their integrity should be respected in all circumstances. Make the best of every day by cultivating your health, relationships and freedom with sincerity and humility. Luck, chance and hope are no life strategy by themselves but they surely help during a transition period. There are things you can’t control and others you can. As always, self-knowledge is a necessary start to make better life decisions on your path to true light and love.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard