Women’s Rights In Peril After Cologne New Year’s Eve Attacks

600x600-simone-de-beauvoirNever forget that a political, economical or religious crisis will be enough to challenge women’s rights. These rights are never vested. You must remain vigilant your whole life.
– Simone de Beauvoir

The pill is the common root of the sexual liberation in the 1960s, today’s Western demographic debacle and mass attacks on Cologne women.


Western countries decline started in the mid-1960s bedrooms. Elementary math shows that to maintain a constant population in a nation, women need to give birth to an average of two children. 25 years later, those two adults will also need to have two new babies and so on from one generation to the next. To be accurate, the stable fertility rate raises from 2.0 to 2.1 to include the fertile women low mortality factor. Below an average fertility rate of 2.1 children per woman, a nation population will decrease.

It is easy to understand that when a country depopulates, its cultural identity, societal values and lifestyle quality will decline. To make bad things even worse, some people are forced to leave their own country to find a comparable life quality elsewhere. Without immigration filling the demographic vacuum, the country would reach a critical depopulation level that would threat its very existence.

The 1960s contraceptive pill introduction resulted in a rapid drop in the fertility rate to levels of 1.3 to 1.6 in the 1970s well below the stable 2.1 level. Immigration started from neighboring countries to reach farther and farther over time. Early emigrants emigrated for economical reasons that has evolved to today’s out-of-control political and religious motives. The pill is now 50 years old and two generations later Western nations are in chaos. Leaders are now left with the challenging task to save their nation’s identity while a fast growing number of radical emigrants are violently imposing their own.

Women in Cologne and elsewhere in the West are scared and rightly so.


Like hundreds of others, the woman above was sexually assaulted in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. She told the BBC News how she and her friends became surrounded by between 20 and 30 men, who were speaking a foreign language. “They grabbed our arms, pushed our clothes away, and tried to get between our legs.”  In those circumstances any woman or man would feel scared, powerless and traumatized.

The authorities were irrelevant during that night and are still looking the other way today. As medias were censured, true reports were very limited. When questioned about a women security advice, Henriette Reker the Mayor of Cologne answered: “Keep an arm length distance with people you don’t trust.” Yeah, now women in Cologne know what to do the next time they will be attacked by thousands of inebriated men threatening their lives !!!

These type of attacks in Cologne also happened at the same time in many other German cities and also in Sweden, Finland, Austria and Switzerland. This simultaneity indicates that all events were orchestrated in order to provoke an act of war declaration similar to November 13 in France. Paris was a mass murder perpetrated by outside criminals and Cologne is just the beginning of mass violence by locally imported terrorists gangs. To add insult to injury, German laws protect the criminals from expulsion. Such as after September 11 in the US, life in France, Germany and most other European countries will never be the same.

We are not consulted on world’s affairs, but we can take care of our own life and those of our loved ones. This post has not for object to analyze the economical or socio-political implications, but how to address Western women legitimate personal worries. Common sense and truthful awareness can help making meaningful decisions in the new unsafe context.

What can a Cologne woman do to face this new threat in her daily life?

What options does a worried woman currently living in Cologne have today? While most have no other choice than continuing to live in that unsafe city (group 1), some are already planning to move to a safer place (group 2) and others don’t know what to do (group 3).

For people in group 1, common sense recommends to minimize the risks. At least, they should avoid dangerous public places, carry a mace pepper spay at all time, attend self-defense classes, stick with friends, anticipate imminent danger, run away before it is too late, join a neighborhood watch group, etc… and anticipate a surprise reaction to buy time if confronted with an unexpected assault.

What can women in group 3 do to make a meaningful life decision?

Anticipating the growing threat of Nazi Germany, Einstein moved from Germany to the US in 1933. Similarly today, women in group 2 have decided to leave and rightly so. While women in group 3 are seeing the growing danger and have the means to leave to a safer destination, they are torn between two fears: the risk of local danger (status quo) and the risk of the unknown (change). Understanding the fears’ roots is the first step and where to go the second. Those two steps are subjective and will vary from one person to another.

How can the Fool help to gain awareness about the dilemma between status quo and change?

Each symbol in a tarot arcana will invoke endless number of subjective interpretations. In our learning so far, we only became acquainted with the Fool tarot arcana. Let’s use his symbolic meaning  to help with the fear awareness. Astrological techniques such as Astro-Locality or Astro-Carto-Graphy will then help about the future location. Below is how those two steps would unfold and how Astro Tarology will make their synthesis.

Let’s illustrate how the inner Traveling Fool works with an example. Erasmus (1466-1536) was a Dutch Renaissance humanist. During his life, a terrible pest epidemic occurred and he survived by traveling from one safe city to the next. Had he not listened to his inner Fool, the world might have lost prematurely a great thinker.

While the querent (in this case a worried woman in Cologne) has always the option to consult with a professional Astrologer or Tarologer, Astro Tarology primary teaching is about gaining self-awareness by learning our subjective inner language. So, a self-enquiring querent consulting her inner Fool would first read about the Fool symbolism and then train her five extra-sensorial senses (emotion, intuition, inspiration, imagination and consciousness) with the Fool awareness exercises over and over. Not only those fun and easy exercises will relieve the tension but also will help clarifying the inner dilemma.


Like the familiar powerful Joker, the inner Fool holds endless life potentials. Always ready for changes, he will advise you to overcome your fears by offering you an actual protection of mythological dimension. Trusting your inner Fool is trusting Dionysos. Following the Fool’s advice is the opposite of a rational decision. You must give priority to your inner voice and make a leap of faith. Changes will bring opportunities worth much more than the status quo. Your life will become happier and more meaningful.

The Cologne woman inner and outer lives are unique. Her subjective inner Fool revelations will have to be considered in her tangible life context (money, health, family, work, friends, etc…). Her inner subjective perception and outer practical decision will be hers only.

Astro-Carto-Graphy map to address the relocation destination

Below is how an Astro-Carto-Graphy map looks like based on one’s person birth data.








Each person has a natal chart (not presented) based on the place and time of birth. However, if that person was born at the same time in another world location, the same planetary positions would have been oriented differently as they would relate to a different horizon.

The above curves refer to the meaningful planets angular positions for every possible world locations at the same birth time. In future posts, we will detail more about practical interpretations, but for now the following summary chart will hint to what kind of life the native will find by moving to a certain planetary line location. Practically, this tool is used in reverse as querents will rather seek where to move in order to find the kind of life they are looking for.1275x1650-planetary-directionsQuerents subjective insights, their outer life context and planetary destinations will be combined in individual synthesis. This is what Astro Tarology is all about.