Sun in Leo – Moon in Sagittarius

A GPS For Your Soul
From Thursday August 11, 1:24 PM
To Sunday August 14, 12:11 AM
Sun in Leo – Moon in Sagittarius


Symbolon Card “Fortuna”

You may feel like your ego has lost contact with reality. You are born under a lucky star that is blessing you with a cheerful life, an enthusiastic heart and a lively mind. Your ego is taking credit for what is actually coming from the sky outside its control. This is leaving some vacuum in your soul that is triggering a loss of self-confidence. Not a good deal. Like there are good and bad cholesterol, there are also good and bad ego sides. The bad ego is the side of you that inflates unrealistically your narcissistic self-image and the good ego is the side that guides you to a higher consciousness. Thus, the answer is to cultivate the good ego potentials and develop your awareness about the bad ego. The solution lies in bringing more humility and sincerity in your life by observing your true inner identity without judgment. Your helpful sky will assist you in deflating your bad ego naturally leading you to regain a balanced self-confidence. And that is a better deal. Here is what Confucius had to say: “Humility is the foundation of all virtues.” Today’s keyword is “Humility” !!!

When relating this horoscope to your life, always ask yourself: “What is the question for which the card is the answer?”

In light and harmony. Always, Serge

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