Sun in Cancer – Moon in Pisces

A GPS For Your Soul
From Friday July 22, 4:35 AM
To Friday July 22, 5:30 AM
Sun in Cancer – Moon in Pisces


Symbolon Card “Sleeping Beauty Slumber”

You may feel like enduring a withdrawal from the outer world. You are dreaming for the Prince/Princess who will come and rescue you. Your passive wait will be in vain until you start looking inside of yourself. First try to figure out your solitude cause. Did anyone hurt you and like a wounded animal you need some withdrawal time to heal? Did you feel like retiring to regroup your energy, to learn something new or else? Only after understanding your inner cause, will you be able to decide whether to remain alone or want a change. Then you will define your best next moves. In any case you will come out of the withdrawal as a different person, enriched with the elixir of the learned lesson. Your outer world may remain unchanged, but for the renewed person in you, life will never be the same. Reflect on French Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre quote: “If you are lonely when you’re alone, you are in bad company.” Today’s keyword is “Solitude” !!

When relating this horoscope to your life, always ask yourself: “What is the question for which the card is the answer?”

In light and harmony. Always, Serge

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