Sun in Aquarius – Moon in Capricorn

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A GPS For Your Soul
From Tuesday January 24, 11:43 PM
To Friday January 27, 9:36 AM

Sun in Aquarius Moon in Capricorn
 Sun in Aquarius Moon in Sagittarius
Sun in Aquarius Moon in Aquarius ▶︎

Symbolon Card “Captivity”

You may feel like you could have freedom without responsibility. It isn’t working and you are losing your freedom little by little. You gave up a little bit of true freedom for a little bit of false responsibility and now you are becoming a prisoner. The more you are trying to get out, the more stressful the captivity becomes. You are wondering why you did end up in jail. You believed that you were always acting responsibly and avoiding outer manipulations. You were in denial. Like everyone you chose your comfort and made mistakes. Without noticing it, your freedom loss was self-inflicted and thus the cause is to be found inside of you. You may have believed that freedom was a capital granted for life and you are now realizing that you were using it without daily replenishment. Like to get out of an outer world jail, you have to redeem yourself to leave your inner prison. Review you failed responsibilities and rebuild your integrity little by little. Once your heart is pure again, you will realize that the prison only existed in your head and was an imposed challenge on your life path growth!! Here is what Mahatma Gandhi had to say: “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” Today’s keyword is “freedom”.

When relating this horoscope to your life, always ask yourself: “What is the question for which the card is the answer?”

In light and harmony. Always, Serge

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