The Path From Insecurity To Self-Confidence

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The road to improve your self-confidence
Spoiler alert – There is no instant gratification in this article 😉

Self-confidence growth is about improving self-esteem, that originates in self-knowledge

In general, lifestyle magazines offer instant solutions for their readership daily concerns. They address symptoms, but rarely look deeper at the required work to deal with the root cause. They are mostly about outer appearance and rarely about inner awareness necessary for personal growth. Just for fun, here is how those magazines look like.

Testing your level of self-esteem in 12 questions

Answer by yes or no. Are you comfortable enough with your self-esteem level to (1) learn from others? (2) make decisions quickly? (3) admit your mistakes? (4) take risks? (5) show your flaws? (6) give compliments? (7) spend time with others? (8) be responsible for your actions? (9) accept others differences? (10) laugh about yourself? (11) give to others? (12) keep learning and growing?

Your  self-esteem may be good, not-so-good, correctly or falsely perceived. Whatever your self-scoring results, there is always room to improve your self-confidence, increase your self-knowledge  and make better life decisions.

Your path to self-confidence starts with the desire to change

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

— Albert Einstein

Everyone agrees with Einstein’s quote and sincerely wants to change what does not work in their life. The difficulty begins when realizing that the process will require to unblock certain habits and/or conditionings. Diving into the unknown can be scary and will take courage to defeat the inherent fear.

Let’s now take a look at the same 12 questions from the opposite lighting.

Again answer by yes or no. Are you blocking your self-confidence growth by (1) being a know-it-all? (2) deferring decisions? (3) blaming your mistakes on others? (4) staying in your comfort zone? (5) hiding your flaws? (6) seeking validation? (7) disliking others? (8) making excuses for your actions? (9) being judgmental? (10) worrying about what others will think of you? (11) taking from others? (12) staying stuck in old habits?

Two similar sets of  12 questions … the first one with only traits about self-confidence and the second one with their opposites traits about insecurity. Why is it that the first set made you feel good about yourself and the second didn’t? Your ego would validate a good self-image of yourself in the first set, while the second would require improvements of your insecurity feeling. While the passivity of the first set resulted from your ego manipulations, insecurity awareness would require action in the second set.

Your ego is asking “Why changing if I am happy the way I am?

If an adolescent would tell you “I don’t need puberty and can develop without it“, you would laugh. Well, whether they like it or not, adults are going through constant life changes such as marriage, family, mid-life transition as well as menopause, andropause, seniority. Since those changes will happen anyway, might as well gain their awareness and grow more consciously. Your ego knows how to manipulate your laziness and will tell you not to bother. Will you choose the path of least resistance by deluding yourself and remain passive? As the rude awakening will happen anyway, ignoring it now will make it much more painful later. Not a good deal.

How to gain a greater self-confidence with astro-tarology

Number of people are telling me “I don’t believe in astrology.” Then when asked what does astrology mean to them? In general, their answers are limited to fortune telling and horoscopes in magazines. Rare are those aware that there is a serious astrology, a 5000-year old discipline combining art and science. Astrology is the correlation between celestial and terrestrial events, such as (1) the Moon cycles and the ocean tides or (2) the Sun cycles and the day and night alternance, etc… Those are scientific facts, that do not belong at all to belief matters. Based on the fact that self-esteem originates from self-knowledge, Astro-tarology can help you on your path to greater self-confidence. To get more info about how astro-tarology can work for you, just click here.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard

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