The Only Thing We Have To Hope Is … Hope Itself

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Hope For A New World Harmony Became Our Main Concern

As political fear is losing steam, popular hope is gaining. This article title is inspired by Franklin D. Roosevelt famous inaugural address in 1933: “The only thing we have to fear is … fear itself.” Recent Brexit, Trump and Italy popular plebiscites are just the beginning of revolutionary voices expressing their desire for radical political changes. Similar popular expressions are to be expected in Holland, France and Germany 2017 elections. A society paradigm shift is just tilting in front of our eyes. Today’s socio-political environment is changing very fast, bringing hope for a more united and more humane world. As will be detailed further, our world is heading towards the long-time anticipated harmonious Age of Aquarius.


Today’s social gap between the rich and the poor is wider than ever. For both the wealthy and the population, the Marie-Antoinette and guillotine scepter is a vivid reminder of what could possibly happen again. Because of the internet, a popular revolution would no longer be centered just in one country but would involve the entire planet. This never happened in history before. Everyone is concerned and rightly so. Massive street revolts could overwhelm the top 1%, regardless of their wealth and repressive power. Oligarchs are aware of their vulnerability and are now scared to death. As a result, their world power strategies will move from the short to the long-term. In the meantime, they will have no other survival option than showing up in the front line pretending to be nice guys. Escalating conflicts could degenerate in a collective suicide, and preventing nuclear wars at any cost is obviously the main priority. Renewals always happen after chaos. In our description of the 2010-2025 world period, summarized in the image below, the year 2017 concludes a long chapter of denial, anger and trouble. Following years will see the acceptance of the lost past and hope for a better future.


The best strategy for our global survival consists in playing the mediation card. The best plan lies in mediating all adversaries opposites, including those of the different oligarchs factions. Hope for a new world harmony became our main motivation, both in our personal and collective actions.

The Electronic Era Originated From The Sixties Cultural Revolution

Looking to the 60’s helps understanding what is happening today. Half a century and two generations later we are now experiencing the first coming-of-age crisis resulting from what was seeded back then. Remembered as the “Sex, drugs and rock-and-roll” revolution, the Sixties newfound freedom came with violence, but also with exuberance and creative expressions. If one could parallel an historical life cycle to a human life cycle, one would say that the electronic era born in the 60’s is now entering in its adulthood stage. Youth recklessness will be out and a sense of responsibilities will be in. For the coming decades, life realities will replace past collective hallucinations. Welcome to planet earth.

With the 60’s came the sexual revolution. Freud theories about sexual freedom were popularized. The birth control pill was invented and women gained control of their pregnancies, which unfortunately resulted in Western countries critical natality rate losses with complex resulting immigration implications. With the sexual revolution also came the women liberation movements resulting in them joining men in the work force. With both parents working, nobody was home to take care of the kids. This lifestyle that started in the 60’s is still marking our society today and will continue to do so in the years to come. Among many technological advances, the Sixties was also the decade that saw the first mini-computer and a man sent to the moon. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara brought human consciousness to a new level. Hippies, psychedelic drugs, Woodstock became social expressions of the counterculture. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley, only to name a few, were revealed back then. During the Sixties love was a prevalent theme, as in the cult musical “Hair” about the emerging “Age of Aquarius”, that could be used today as a metaphor for our world to come.

The Age Of Aquarius Is Following The Age Of Pisces

A little bit of astronomy will help to understand the historical ages. The earth rotation axis is not fixed in space and describes a cone in its full cycle. The image below illustrates the phenomena that astronomers call the equinox precession.


As a result, the beginning of Spring on any given year doesn’t fall exactly on the same celestial sphere point than the year before. The difference is very minimal as a full circle takes 25,920 years to complete. Astrologers have then divided the zodiac in 12 historical ages, not necessary of equal length but averaging 2,160 years each. Their symbolic associations can be summarized as follows.

Age of Leo: the global warming after the ice period
Age of Cancer: the biblical flood
Age of Gemini: the invention of writing
Age of Aries: the invention of iron
Age of Pisces: the Christianity (see the Rothschild Code)
Age of Aquarius: the following 2000 years

The transition between two consecutive ages of 2,160 years each can lasts several centuries. It acts a little bit like melting butter that is no longer totally solid but not totally liquid yet. We are currently living in the transition between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. The mid-point change is happening right now, the butter is half solid half liquid.  As Aquarius symbolism is associated with the revolutionary myth of Prometheus who brought God’s light to mankind, the Age of Aquarius is marked by revolutions. By analogy, one can say that the current transition is likely to have started around the 1789 French Revolution, that already included the industrial revolution era and now the electronic revolution era.

The hopeful new world is based on the Age of Aquarius symbolism. When looking at our new paradigm, we have to envision the coming decades of the 140-year electronic era cycle that started in the Sixties, within the 2,160-year Age of Aquarius that started in the 18th century. Now is the historic turning point, both as the beginning of the second phase of the electronic era and at the mid-point transition between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius …

Relax And Follow Me To An Imaginary Paradise Island …


Close your eyes … it is springtime … on a beautiful sunny day … on the beach … the sky is pure blue … you are laying in a hammock … attached between two palm trees … giving you a soothing shade … the temperature is perfect … your hand holds a straw hat … a gentle breeze moves your hammock … you listen to the waves … and let your thoughts wander … you are daydreaming awake … ready for some creative figments of imagination … with your magic wand in the other hand … you are changing all world wrongs … to their opposites … your fears have dissolved … your hopes are strong … abusive powers are replaced by unconditional love … material greed is replaced by spiritual awareness … arrogance and deception are replaced by humility and sincerity … divisions are replaced by unions … enslaving is replaced by freedom … terrorism is replaced by respect for human live … social class gap has dissolved … world hunger is replaced by food for all …

Make Love Not War … Welcome To The Age of Aquarius …


In light and love. Always, Serge Bernard

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