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The Gap Between Rich And Poor Has Never Been Wider

As the World Economic Forum is holding its annual meeting in Davos this week, the Oxfam is publishing a report stating that just the eight men below own the same wealth as half the world

In other words, would these eight men transfer their wealth to the planet poorest half, each person of the 3.9 billion people would see its wealth doubled.

And if that wasn’t indecent enough, —with a conservative estimate of over $500 B— the Rothschild dynasty wealth would be larger than those eight men combined.

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What does this mean for the rest of us?

Relying on fake news, deceitful politicians and governants, we have been living in a collective delusion for decades. Astronomical amounts of money and credit were created out of thin air, well beyond any critical mass. All Ponzi schemes are mathematically incapable to be sustained forever, and the day of reckoning is getting closer. While having had no political part in the problem, Trump will be blamed for the financial disaster that will happen under his watch and may not even be able to finish his presidency mandate.

Coming back to reality will impose major corrections, that will affect everybody’s life. Prepare yourself for a major Madoff moment. Here are three practical life changes you can start right away: (1) Increase your self-awareness and build your inner wealth. Your survival might depend on it, (2) Use your talents in services that robots can not perform, anything where helping others is central, and (3) Transmit your knowledge to others without expecting anything in return. Be like the rose who is giving its perfume to all, even to those who don’t like flowers.

After the storm, the sky will be blue again and a new society will be built on sound foundations. Be actively involved, rebuilding the world will be exciting. Start preparing yourself now.

May 2017 be the year for the long overdue true hope.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard

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