Reveal Your Inner Hero And Let’s “Make Harmony Great Again”

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Heroes and villains in movies and real life

Frankly, I am getting tired with Donald Trump obsessive fascination. James Bond will always prevail against his nemesis who plans to dominate the world. In movies, the hero wins and the villain loses. For half the American people, Trump is their hero and for the other half he is the villain. The confrontation between the two has became more and more violent. Being worried about where this fight will lead to is legitimate. As we are not consulted about worlds affairs, being obsessed about it can become very toxic. Obsessive worries is a bad use of our imagination. We need to reframe the Trump effect. By focusing only on the outer world we are neglecting our inner world, that could help us keep things in perspective. We do not belong to the elite clubs and they couldn’t care less about you and me. However we can be there for our own club members. Helping and assisting our loved ones and all others within reach will enrich our soul. Harmony results from the balance between our inner and outer lives. Isn’t being united in greater harmony worth fighting for? Harmony existed before and can happen again. It all starts with every one of us awareness. Let’s Make Harmony Great Again and start with a playful approach for a change to access ours and others inner lives.

Let’s Make Harmony Great Again

The twelve inner heroes – Who’s yours?

By analogy with the twelve months in one year there are twelve archetypal heroes. The year can be divided in three sections: beginning (March 21 to July 21), culminating (July 21 to November 21) and changing (November 21 to March 21). Each of the three sections can then be divided in the four elements: fire, earth, air and water. Three year sections times four elements equals the twelve heroes.

The twelve heroes three sections keywords

Beginning: Initiate – Activity
Positive: enthusiastic, striving, pursuing, driven, outreaching
Negative: no finish, overactive, obligate, uncentered, dissatisfied
Heroes: The Warrior – The Master – The Partner – The Mother
Culminating: Stabilize – Security
Positive: stabilizing, conserving, focused, tenacious, sustaining
Negative: getting stuck, rigid, retentive, obstinate, unyielding
Heroes: The King – The Lover – The Jester -The Seducer
Changing: Adapt – Liberty
Positive: adaptable, mental, talkative, versatile, distributing
Negative: inconstant, nervous, unfocused, restless, scattered
Heroes: The Preacher – The Servitor – The Mediator – The Angel

The twelve heroes four elements keywords

Fire: Intuition – Sexual
Positive: creative, enthusiastic, assertive, optimistic, bold
Negative: willfull, fanatical, aggressive, unrealistic, reckless
Heroes: The Warrior – The King – The Preacher
Earth: Sensation – Material
Positive: practical, stable, reliable, persevering, substantial
Negative: conservative, rigid, perfectionist, stubborn, possessive
Heroes: The Master – The Lover – The Servitor
Air: Thinking – Mental
Positive: social, versatile, objective, clever, curious
Negative: spacey, indecisive, aloof, superficial, nosy
Heroes: The Partner – The Jester – The Mediator
Water: Feeling – Emotional
Positive: sensitive, intuitive, empathetic, caring, receptive
Negative: easily hurt, confused, insecure, clinging, powerless
Heroes: The Mother – The Seducer – The Angel

Finding our own inner hero among the twelve

The above 12 heroes descriptions can be consolidated in one single chart.

The twelve heroes – Click to enlarge

Who is your inner hero and those of your loved ones?

Super simple: (1) choose the image you like the most, (2) read the texts on its top and to its left and (3) those are your hero dominant traits. That’s all. Identify your hero inner patterns and conscious identity. Better self-knowledge infers better life decisions, less suffering and greater self-confidence. For a deeper drill into your inner life, click here.

Now, ask your loved ones, friends and colleagues to do the same simple exercise. You will then be able to observe any pair of heroes. How do they interrelate? Are they compatible? Can you see relationships improvements?

Forget divisions over things people have no control anyway and let’s Make Harmony Great Again.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard