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480x480-carl-jungAstrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.
– Carl Jung

We are born with a body and a personality

Our birth photo shows our body. It is the first image of our physical life movie. Our natal chart shows our personality. It is the first page of our psychological life book. It all begins with our first breath. When does life start? Reincarnation believers think that our life already existed in another incarnated form before our conception. Traditional Christians believed that life starts at birth and modern “pro-life” Christians believe it starts at conception. Some like to make fun of the issue by stating that life really starts when kids are graduating in college!! Each of us has an opinion about the beginning of life. We believe that before our parents ever knew of each other, there was a spiritual energy that made them meet to be incarnated. Whether that energy was the re-incarnation of a past life or not is left to anyone’s opinion.


When we are born we inherit a body and physical DNA

On one hand we receive a body to which witch is attached a physical DNA and upon which we have zero conscious control. While our DNA will remain the same over our life, our body appearance will change. Pictures of our appearance made for each moment of our entire life are not random. A photo made at our birth is our physical life movie’s first image.

And we also inherit a personality and a psychological DNA


On another hand, we believe that with our birth we are also receiving a personality to which is attached a psychological DNA and upon which we also have zero conscious control. Like our body, our personality will be transformed over our life but our psychological DNA will not. We are discarding for now future potential physical and psychological DNA manipulations. Our personality narrative at birth is the first page of our psychological life book. As above so below. This is what the planets are all about.


Astro Tarology “Flower Of Life”

As we progress in our awakening journey, we will learn more about each planet. Below is Astro Tarology mandala


The Traveling Fool is the first tarot arcana and links planet Earth with the Moon. Click here to learn more about the Traveling Fool.

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