Astro Tarology and Birth Time

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What To Do When The Birth Time is Unknown?

The birth time is critical to calculate the native Ascendant, the Midheaven and the 10 other houses zodiac signs. When the birth time is unknown, astrologers would use a time rectification approach based on the native past life events. This approach was as good as it would get and results would vary with each astrologer. Until now.

Astro Tarology has a unique and simple approach when the birth time is unknown. The best person to consult with is the native her/himself. There are 12 possible Ascendant zodiac signs, to which correspond 12 key archetypal Symbolon cards. Before designing the natal chart, the native will have to select one the 12 cards he/she feels the most in tune with.

The Ascendant defines the native life issue. Together the Astro Tarologer and the native will explore the Ascendant options. There is no substitute for a dialog between the two. To assist in the process, here is the Astro Tarology recommended simple approach.

Symbolon 12 basic archetypal cards
Symbolon 12 basic archetypal cards

For the native and the Astro Tarologer

(1) Look at the above image together and pause for a little.
(2) Is there one card that jump into the native’s mind? This may already be the one.
(3) There are 4 columns. The native should select the one he/she feels more in tune with. The four columns correspond to the four elements: fire, earth, air and water.
(4) Then from the three possible cards in the selected column, the native should select her/his favorite. That card is then the native’s Ascendant sign best guess. The three rows correspond to the three qualities: cardinal, fixed and mutable.

For the Astro Tarologer

Calculate the natal chart by bringing the Ascendant at 15º of that just revealed Ascendant sign. Then proceed as usual.

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