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Problem = Dealing With Life Uncertainties

Analyze any daily complex problem – Attract love, money and well-being – Find the true meaning of your life

Solution = Revealing The Unknown About You

Clarify your expectations and options – Unlock your special inner strengths – Uncover your own golden path

Our inner life is like a theater play

Act 1: At birth we receive a genetic physical and a psychological DNA. Together they define a core existential issue that will mark our entire life.
Act 2: As we grow we gain experience and judgement. Together they define our conscious way of living that is marking our everyday life existence.
Act 3: As we mature we are developing wisdom and awareness. Together they define the resolution of our life issue handed over in Act 1.

Astro Tarology will transform your life forever

Our natal chart provides informations about the core issue of our theater play as well as our inner actor in charge to manage it. In Act 1, this character will play the leading role as well as interact with supporting actors.

Symbolon Cards Sample
Symbolon Cards Sample – Click to enlarge

A playful game to visualize your theater play is needed. This is where the easy to understand Symbolon cards become handy. Neither tarot nor oracle cards, the Symbolon deck is offering very rich astrological illustrations. Those cards are translators of natal charts (glyphs, circles, lines, numbers) abstract by nature into powerful symbolic images.

Those cards will help anyone without any astrology knowledge gaining access to their inner life. Each card design always includes people, which makes it very easy to relate to. Moreover, the characters are dressed in costumes from out of our time and space, which induce automatic analogies and remembrances.

While a combination of astrology and tarot, Astro Tarology is much more powerful than the sum of its parts. Compared to traditional astrology and tarology, Astro Tarology additional benefits for querents are threefold: (1) an amazing visual experience of their natal chart, (2) the cards are selected by the sky and not at random by the reader, and (3) the cards interpretation becomes an ongoing easy exchange between the querent, the reader and the natal sky.


Bring unconscious issues to your consciousness

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With 12 different scenes, 12 key characters and 66 relations among them, the script of your theater play is unique to you. No two persons have the same. Bringing your characters dark, hidden or repressed sides to light will help addressing your relationship, financial or wellness life issues. It will also help you seeking the meaning of your life. As you will reach new level of consciousness, psychological blocks will dissolve by themselves and release new vital energy. Your life will never be the same again.

You deserve happiness

As an astro-tarologer, I helped countless patients resolving personal issues, making better life decision as well as finding the meaning of their lives. I also used my knowledge to develop a revolutionary approach to the ancient practice of astrology and tarology based upon contemporary psychological constructs.

My life missions have been to help others and transmit my knowledge. Whatever the task, I brings my whole self to it, with passion, dedication and commitment. I have a uniquely broad view of life meaning utilizing archetypal images of the past to advocate for a hopeful future.

Using original practical solution-centered techniques, I take the commitment to assist my clients with any life challenge they may be experiencing. Wherever they are, I will help them achieve their life expectations with compassion and intellect. With today’s easy online options (Skype,..), we will work together to seek your true identity.

320x320-lets-talkAstro Tarology is a GPS for your soul. Number of past querents were happy to uncover sides of themselves they had never heard before. Self-knowledge is the most precious gift of your life. Be happier!! One-on-one private Astro Tarology consultations with Serge Bernard are available. A preliminary 15-minute meeting is always free. To request an appointment just contact him by email at Please indicate your birth day, place and time.

I look forward to hearing from you.
In light and harmony, Serge Bernard


I have been doing work with Serge via Skype … using his Astrology Tarot method and it has been a really incredible eye opener for me about me. This is very different from getting your map read. It really identifies the main characters inside you. I’m really enjoying it and feel much more empowered since knowing my characters.

– DRG 2016, São Paulo, Brazil

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