What Would An Astro Tarologer Tell Donald Trump After His Iowa Defeat?

Despite all polls announcing Trump as the Iowa Caucus winner, he was forced to accept the runner-up position. Going from gold to silver must have hurt his arrogant ego and his political strategy big time. Read the detailed story about Trump personality from the Astro Tarology perspective written before the Iowa Caucus. Let’s now understand Trump’s inner traits presiding to his judgment errors and resulting lessons for his future campaigns. The first four tarot arcana natural sequence will give us the clues. They are (1) the “Magician“, (2) the “High Priestess“, (3) the “Empress” and (4) the “Emperor“.


To go naturally from the “Magician” (“I. Le Bateleur”) to the “Emperor” (“IIII. L’Empereur”), one has to spent some time with the “High Priestess” (“II. La Papesse”) and the “Empress” (“III. L’Impératrice”). What do those symbolic four sequential archetypes mean for Trump?

Our recent article established why Trump is a natural “Magician” (evidenced by his performances as a businessman, TV shows and name branding), but was questioning his abilities to be an “Emperor” (US President). So far Trump has ignored the “High Priestess” and the “Empress” whom cannot be by-passed and for which he is paying the price in his Iowa defeat.

The “High Priestess” symbolic meaning will be detailed in the next post. She represents the pregnancy time needed to learn and plan a new action, followed by the  “Empress” the charming newborn full of inexperience with endless seductive potentials. Practically, the “High Priestess” evokes the time needed to learn and plan a new action, while the “Empress” needs to establish confidence in her new seduction power.

Trump denied his inexperience as a politician to himself, and his monumental ego blinded his needs (1) to learn and plan politics as an insider and (2) to build his political seduction to charm his followers.

Trump dived enthusiastically in the political arena with neither preparation nor political experience like “The Fool“. If he intends to become President (“The Emperor“), Trump the showman (“The Magician“) must learn right away to plan ahead (“The High Priestess“) and seduce his audience (“The Empress“). With those objectives in mind, he needs to hire immediately (1) a professional team of political and technical experts (“The High Priestess“) as well as (2) political image building consultants (“The Empress“).

No longer on the diving board, Trump is already swimming and learning time is short. He better hire this new team right away and be a quick learner to act and look like a President.


Monday: Trump looses Iowa. Tuesday: Our above post is published. Friday: CNN reports For all of his usual bombast and confidence, Trump has shown moments of introspection post-Iowa, both about himself and his campaign operations. The candidate who has openly boasted about running a non-traditional campaign admitted Tuesday that he “didn’t have much of a ground game” in Iowa, and that he is attempting to be more “understated and statesman-like.”

Almost like if someone had read our post and advised Trump accordingly!!

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