Unveiling the Secret Behind Donald Trump Unexpected Victory

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The 8 Steps of Trump Secret Campaign Plan

613x613-trump(1) Winning popular votes but not electoral votes.
(2) Claiming that the election was rigged.
(3) Leaving an ungovernable nation to Clinton.
(4) Using his popular support to poison her presidency.
(5) Staying in constant opposition to her.
(6) Blaming her inability to control street protest.
(7) Requiring and obtaining her impeachment for corruption and treason.
(8) Becoming President then with large national popular support.

Trump secret campaign plan failed and here is what happened.

The Election Results Surprised Everybody Including Trump Himself

Symbolon Card "The Marionette"
Symbolon Card “Marionette”

As Clinton benefited from the establishment financial and political support, the party complete operations as well as most medias and pollsters were blindly supporting her. Everyone believed, Clinton and Trump included, that the election would be rigged in favor of Clinton, who was almost certain to be elected. In fact, George Soros had installed rigged electronic voting machines in key locations that could transfer enough Trump votes to elect Clinton. Trump secret campaign plan failed!!!

Trump Secret Campaign Plan Failed By Giving Him the Victory!!!

Symbolon Card "The Actor"
Symbolon Card “The Actor”

Everything that Trump had planned for his rival is now boomeranging to him. The country is almost intrinsically ungovernable and with half the population violently against the new President elect, governing will be almost impossible. Trump is an actor and not a seasoned politician. The party nomination battle was his first role, the nominee fight his second and now the presidency his third, for which he and his huge ego are the less prepared. In the short term, Trump will enjoy his victory as a winner is always right. In the long term, Trump’s opposition will become stronger and stronger not only from Clinton supporters but also from his own as they will become frustrated with his empty promises. The situation may get out of hand. Now it is Trump who has to deal with the presidency poisonous gift and he may very well not finish his mandate.

The Establishment Elite Globalist Strategy

Symbolon Card "The Seducer"
Symbolon Card “The Seducer”

For decades, the elusive elite (Rockefeller, Rothschild and others) are controlling world finances, politics and medias. In the US, billionaire George Soros is transmitting the elite orders and funding support to their political puppets. Now, both Clinton and Trump were presenting problems for the elite. On one hand, with pending indictments for obstruction of justice, corruption and treason, Clinton had become more of a liability than an asset. On the other hand, unpredictable Trump is not the puppet they can totally control.

The Last Minute Elite Change in Strategy

Symbolon Card "Deception"
Symbolon Card “Deception”

Before election day, the elite decided to switch their choice for presidency from Clinton to Trump. They told Soros not to interfere with the rigging voting machines and to let the voters decide. Trump won and the rest is history. This was a smart move from the elite. They are avoiding to be contaminated by Clinton crimes and are expecting to eliminate Trump from politics for good in a not too distant future. Trump the manipulator has been manipulated!!!

The real winners of this election are the hackers. One may ask why did the truth come from them and not the medias? Had the latter avoided the fake news trap, they would not have lost their credibility and Trump would not have been elected.

3 Replies to “Unveiling the Secret Behind Donald Trump Unexpected Victory”

  1. There is no secret behind T victory and why being surprised. The electorate has grown increasingly more uneducated, many are outright stupid, more and more Americans don’t believe in basic scientific principles when they stand in opposition to their philosophical leanings, journalism has committed suicide a long time ago, and people live in a reality that is dominated by shallowness and adoration of celebrities. Hate went out to vote, Love stayed home. The great project of a liberal, modern America is dead.

    1. Thanks Stefan for your always pertinent insights. You are right, there is no mystery behind Trump being supported by half the population. However there is a surprise behind the elite 11th hour support reversal from Clinton to Trump presidency. I wonder what would have happened had Bernie Sanders been the nominee?

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