Trump Secret Plan: Not Becoming the Next President – Ne Pas Devenir le Prochain Président

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About Predictions and Futurologists in General

Nobody can predict future events. Personal, local, national or world events don’t exist before people make them to happen. Seasoned futurologists can only announce trends or potentials. Like doctors and meteorologists, they have the right to be wrong. In fact, futurologists don’t make previsions, they only reveal the present to people who are stuck in the past.

Yesterday Anticipations About Trump

In January 2016, there were still 17 candidates for the Republican Party nomination, including Jeb Bush with the entire establishment backing him financially and politically. Here is what I wrote in a January 25 post about Trump political future.

Trump becoming the Republican nominee is more likely than not. All his non-rational arguments based on people fear and anger to obtain that nomination will be used against him during the Presidential race. On the finish line, voters will have the choice between false international security (isolationism) and false prosperity hope (socialism). Survival prevailing, voters will choose the latter and Trump will loose the bid to the White House. Trump said that if he doesn’t become President, he will return to build buildings. For him loosing a battle is just another obstacle to overcome until winning the war. With a major lack of public funding, the new President will fail miserably in making good on electoral social promises. Trump will lead a very vocal opposition with his usual attacks, now capitalizing on people domestic fear and anger. The new President may even have to resign before term’s end and Trump will present himself as the Nation savior.

Today’s Anticipations About Trump


Today’s anticipations are not different than my four January points.

Point 1: Trump already became the Republican Party nominee.
Point 2: Week after week Trump has been sabotaging himself. Some believe that his limitless need for attention superseded his winning strategy. Unlike them, I don’t perceive him to be that stupid. Trump already knows that, unless a hacker revelation deal Hillary a fatal blow, he will not become the next President. He is then planning to win by NOT becoming the next President, appearing like a winner and staying as the key vocal opposition leader after the election. His ideal scenario would be to win the popular votes and lose the Presidency due to the delegates manipulation. If he doesn’t win the popular votes, he already staged the rigged electoral system to explain that he won regardless of the election results.
Point 3: With a popular support angrier than ever, Trump will attack ferociously the next President for whom he will require and successfully obtain its impeachment.
Point 4: After the impeachment, the population will plebiscite Trump as the nation savior.

Let’s check again after the November election.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard

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