This Monday November 14, 2016 – The Extra-SuperMoon and You

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 November 14, 2016 – The Largest SuperMoon Since 1948


Monday extra-supermoon is a rare event taking place only once in a lifetime. The last one happened in 1948 and the next will be in 2034. More details can be found in our recent article titled “Supermoons – Delusion, Reality And The US Elections“.

This Monday Extra-SuperMoon and You

It is during an extra-supermoon that the Moon is reflecting the greatest amount of the Sun light to our planet Earth. More visible light will reveal more hidden truths. From this Sunday until Tuesday, the Sun is in the sign of Scorpio and the Moon in the sign of Taurus. Your soli-lunar horoscope will be marked by the astro-tarology card titled “The Marionette”.

Symbolon Card "The Marionette"
Symbolon Card “The Marionette”

With such celestial configuration you may feel like you are acting your life instead of living it. Click here for the entire horoscope to find the suggestion for making the best of this extra-supermoon day.

The Painful Path From Darkness to Light

600x600-hopefull-lightFor decades, the Western world economy has progressively deteriorated. Debts and unemployment grew exponentially and got out of hands. Central banks, the banking system and countries have all become insolvent. Instead of addressing those painful issues in their early stages, the irresponsible financial, political and media world chose to use strategies to defer the suffering giving the illusion that everything was fine while it was not. What could have been cured on time has now become unmanageable. There is no more road to kick the can on. There are no more tricks available to fool everyone and the feeling of security can no longer be faked. Escaping from reality is no longer an option. Nobody in the world can solve the situation without first landing to reality, which unfortunately will not be soft. It looks like capitalism, as we have been knowing it, is at the end of the rope. Though, as always, after the storm the sky will be blue again.

Trump Will Have To Address The Painful Reality

1200x1200-donald-trump-profileTrump wanted to win and not becoming President, but the establishment elites decided otherwise. Click here for a recent article titled “Unveiling the Secret Behind Donald Trump Unexpected Victory”. Delusion is no longer an option and someone must deal with the ingrate mission to inflict the reality pain to a capitalist world in torment. In his dealing with organized crime and bankruptcy, Trump casinos days will become of help. He was chosen for today’s rough mission to manage the coming storm. His name will forever be associated to one of the most painful presidency. Without being aware of it, Trump may very well be the Gorbachev of capitalism. The current extra-supermoon may very well be the trigger of that new direction towards the light. After the pain and the lessons learned from failure, the Phoenix will reborn from its ashes. Let’s hope that a glorious new era with more humanism and justice will emerge!!!

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