Supermoons – Delusion, Reality And The US Elections

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November 14, 2016 – The Largest Supermoon Since 1948


A Supermoon is a full moon happening when the moon is very close to the earth. This 2016 last quarter is showing 3 supermoons: on October 16, November 14 and December 14. The November 14 will be an Extra Supermoon as its perceived size and brightness will be the largest in almost one century. Its size will be 14% larger and its brightness will increase by 30%. The last time such an extra supermoon happened was in January 1948 and the next one will be in September 2034.

Small moon v/ extra supermoon – Size and brightness

Collective Delusion and Dangerous Reality

The anecdote of the boiling frog

If a living frog is thrown in boiling water, it will jump instantly out. But if it will be thrown in cold water brought to a slow boil, it will not perceived the danger until it will be too late to react. This story is a metaphor for the people’s apathy when faced by threats rising gradually.

Like the boiling frog, people today are living in a collective delusion. Serving global high finance interests, governments and medias have betrayed their people and are still doing so more than ever. Unwilling to see the gradual dangers and looking for their immediate comfort, the victims sought to believe in false security promisses. Little by little, they consented to exchange pieces of true freedom for pieces of false security. As a result, today most Western countries are experiencing less freedom AND less security.

I decided to live in theory, because in theory everything is fine!!

People will always believed lies for hope instead of truths for adjustments. This will last until they reach their tolerance limit. Unlike the frog, let’s hope the awareness doesn’t come too late!!


You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. – Abraham Lincoln

The sun is associated with consciousness (the day) and the moon with the unconscious (the night). As they reflect more light to the earth, supermoons are also bringing more light to the inconvenient truths. it doesn’t matter whether they are repressed, hidden or forgotten.

More outrageous than ever, today’s lies have become endemic. Corrupt politicians and main street medias have no alternative other than following blindly orders from the financial elite at the fatal cost of their own credibility. The truth always ends up to come out and the vacuum left open by the medias is now filled by hackers leaks.

November 2016 Extra Supermoon And Us

On Novembre 2016, the extra supermoon will be exact at 1:52 PM London time

The clear area in the above map shows the world night places where the extra supermoon will be visible. The frontier line between night and day represents the moon setting and rising on the horizon. That line passes through the Middle-East, Ukraine and inside the US and Canada. It will be interesting to check what unusual event, if any, will happen along that line on November 14 at 1:52 London time. In any case the triple supermoons of 2016 Q4 is affecting our world for months, as already evidenced by the Wikileaks recent revelations span.

When the moon is closest to the earth, its gravitational pull is at its peak and brings higher tides. Hurricanes will likely become worse than usual. Our body elements have the same composition and proportions as the ocean water. In general full moons see an increase in baby deliveries, police activities and admissions in mental institutions. The November 14 extra supermoon could announce even higher increases.

2016 Quarter Supermoons, Astro-Tarology And US Elections

November 14, 2016 extra supermoon – Moon in Taurus (“The Two Faces of Eve”) is opposed to the Sun in Scorpio (“The Magician”)

Supermoons bring more light to the earth, and with it a greater illumination over darkness as well as a greater unearthing of truths. The above astro-tarological cards represent (1) a woman facing her own duality (maternity and seduction) who is opposed to (2) a magician and his secretive dissimulations. It is likely that the Taurus extra supermoon (woman’s reality) will want to demystify the Scorpio sun (magician’s illusions).

As the woman (hackers and truths) and the magician (politicians/medias and lies) are in opposition, it may take some time to find out who will prevail. Sometimes forces for changes will be tilting in favor of the woman and sometimes forces for the status quo will be tilting in favor of the magician. This dialectic is especially important in today US elections, of which the chronology is planned as follows.

November 8, 2016: Election day
November 14, 2016: Extra supermoon
December 14, 2016: Supermoon with a meteor shower
December 19, 2016: Electoral College will formally elect the President
January 6, 2017: Congress will announce the election results
January 20, 2017: Inauguration

Bottom line, I am anticipating that unexpected events are likely to happen between now, the inauguration and even after. New key revelations have a high probability to be brought to light. All along this US election has been unconventional and so its outcome is to be expected too. We are living confusing times, more critical truths are likely to come out and more surprising events are to be anticipated. I am leaving to your imagination what those future events might be.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard

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