Brussels Attacks: Europe March 22 = USA September 11


First and before anything else, my heart goes to the innocent victims, their family and loved ones. Brussels is very close to my heart as it is the city where I grew up during the first three decades of my life. I have family and very close friends there. One day later, I am still in a state of shock as I am writing these lines. There is no defensible justification for terrorist attacks against innocent victims, the authorities lack of preparation and the ongoing insecurity. Worrying is a personality trait of mine, but for the first time last Sunday I experienced a feeling of fear. Sadly enough, two days later Tuesday attacks verified such a fateful premonition.

Symbolon Tarot Card

That Sunday, on this website, Google Plus and Facebook, I published the first of a new series of soli-lunar horoscopes. It was covering the period from Sunday 20 to Wednesday 23 and was illustrated by the adjacent tarot card. We see a warrior ready to attack and kill (death) the Unicorn (innocent victim) drinking the water (peacefully) from a flowing river (life). Coming from behind, the attacker is invisible from the Unicorn (unexpected vicious attack). The yellow and red color represents fire rising from the earth to the sky (airport bombing). The general dialectic is that of good and evil.

Brussels Attacks: Europe March 22 = USA September 11

For terrorists, killing is not an end in itself but a mean to instill psychologic fear and terror in people’s mind and heart. Charlie Hebdo, November in Paris and now Brussels. The airport and the subway station close to the European Community Headquarter are Europe very symbolic locations. The ensuing panic is a measure of terrorists victory, that will encourage more attacks. Terrorists price to pay being insignificant only announce more frequent and more lethal attacks.

We could analyze decades of political laxism, debate about security and liberty and blame the absence of preventive actions. The fight against terrorism is of unequal weapons: bombs on one side and laws on the other. Ridiculous!! Captured Paris attacks ringleader murdering 130 innocent victims, Sarah Abdeslam could likely have provided intelligence to abort Tuesday tragedy. Instead, he is given legal rights. Three days ago, he was planning to take legal action against a French prosecutor, accusing him of breaching the confidentiality of the investigation!!! Unbelievable!!!

Europeans, please come back to reality. The point is no longer how do you got there, but how to build strength from here. People needs to learn fast from world anti-terrorist experts in Israel and the US how to implement radical measures before, during and after attacks. For instance, (1) the public at strategic buildings such airports needs to be checked before they enter not only after, (2) every habitant needs to be actively involved in potential dangers vigilance and (3) everyone from the top down needs to be ready with strong reactions when attacked.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Wake up Europeans. It is time to act with strength before it is too late. Everyone is concerned. It is a matter of survival !!!

In light and harmony. Always, Serge

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  1. Strong, heartfelt response, Serge.
    We are in a very ugly time as a collective society. The struggle and challenge thrust upon us all as we confront the war between Uranus and Pluto asks that we bring faith
    To to this insidious, collective assault against the inhabitants of the globe.
    Sorry that it has touched you so personally and so deeply Serge…..
    Judith Harte
    Images of Soul – Reimagining Astrology
    Fitzgerald – Harte
    Amazon Books

    1. Thanks Judie for your supporting words and pertinent comments. Yes, we are living the square Pluto-Uranus revolution now in its finish line. A better life paradigm will emerge from the chaos.

  2. Read your comments with great interest my friend. We both grew up in Europe and over the last 70 years alone we have experienced various groups of terrorists committing acts of violence across the continent. And now, after a brief period of calm, we are faced with a new generation of terrorists. By now it has become so much easier to get a hold of military-grade weapons and explosives, and the level of hate and disrespect for life seems worse by several magnitudes.
    All open societies have to address of the most fundamental principles of their existence and functioning, namely how to balance the need to provide security for their citizens with the protection of free movement, access and privacy. Rather than entrusting the responsibility to find a solution to this problem to politicians and security experts, we all need to stand up for the values we cherish. That means, stop living in the bubble of TV based consumerism and get back to engage in our neighborhoods, the political process, and all other levels of society. If we fail, then the world we will pass on to our children will not only be deprived of the many environmental jewels but also of the very social fabric humanity needs to prosper.

    1. You are so right Stefan. From your mouth to God’s ear. Political leaders incapable to provide security to their people should be forced to resign and be replaced. Massive population protests in Belgium, France and other countries have done it before with results. I don’t want to believe that today’s people will continue to live like nothing happened. Life is better than death. Remaining apathetic and resigned is not an option.

  3. Dear Serge, always a pleasure to read your posts.
    Contrariwise to mainstream rationale, which says we should close borders and avoid receiving refugees of any kind, I think it might be worthwhile considering exactly the opposite, i.e.: opening the arms and gates to all fates/religions (the how is a matter for politicians). With this the Western world would be making a statement: we welcome everyone! We are all humans, black, yellow, white, religious or not. We include, we do not exclude.
    Best regards,


    1. Good to hear from you Pedro. Listening to our heart moves our compassion, listening to our head moves our sense of self-protection. Nobody forces us to choose between our heart and our head. When dealing with opposites, there is always a third way. Practically this means that we should welcome all humans with peace in their heart and block those who come with evil intents. Easier said than done, but a good guideline though. Cheers, Serge

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