About Easter, Death, Resurrection And Awakening


Easter Has A Special Meaning For All Of Us This Year

Yesterday was Good Friday and tomorrow will be Easter Sunday. This year Easter is grief-stricken by Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels. This year, whether for Christians or for those who are not, Easter is about awakening our inner light to bridge death and rebirth. Coincidentally, Belgian flag colors and recent events parallel Easter symbolic meaning.

Black = Physical Death = Crucifixion
Yellow = Mental Awareness = Spiritualization
Red = Life Renewal = Resurrection

As it did on September 11 for the US, March 22 in Europe will remain as the day that brought sudden awareness of vulnerability. Life will never be the same ever after, even for those who are trying to resume their lives as if nothing had happened. Hiding emotional shocks under the rug does not eliminate their existence. Instead of trying to hold to a dead past, the true positive attitude consists in adapting to new realities.

Black Is Associated With Yesterday’s Darkness

600x450-belgium-attackBlack is the color of a moonless night symbolizing the darkness, unconscious and dreams. For decades Europe has lived in a collective delusion, and so did the US. Anesthetized by political and media lies, people complacently accepted the existence of growing dangers for the sake of their daily comfort. Tuesday’s wake up call happened as a brutal reality shock, bringing our repressions to the open. Today is the time to start moving from darkness to light, from death to rebirth. Willful ignorance is no longer an option.

Yellow Is Associated With Today’s Light

650x650-happy-easterYellow is the color of a sunny day symbolizing the consciousness, light and ideals. Light does not exist without darkness. We cannot have one without the other. Days and nights cannot be separated from each other. We cannot hope for a conscious light modification without having to deal with its related unconscious darkness change. Transition from death to rebirth is not automatic. It requires awareness changes. The mind and heart sincerity is the key. We all have our own individual path to our inner light. Our happiness and survival depend on it. Denial of weaknesses is no longer an option.

Red Is Associated With Tomorrow’s Life

900x600-belgium-terrorismRed is the color of the flowing blood symbolizing life, struggle and warning. What can we do after observing sincerely our inner self and becoming aware of our attitude towards future life dangers? We are dealing with a barbaric enemy and need to act accordingly on the individual and collective level, locally, nationally and internationally. Time has come to awake unconditional demands for true existential security from our leaders based on preventive, dissuasive and offensive tangible actions plans. Life is about what we do, not what we say we will do. Life must always prevail over death. Period. Transiting to our survival awakening is the utmost serious matter. Doing nothing inside and outside of us is no longer an option.

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.
– Albert Einstein

Happy Easter !! In light and harmony. Always, Serge

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