2017-2018 – Hope, Freedom And You In Today’s World

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 2017-2018 – An Unique Opportunity To Improve Your Life

How are you coping with today’s rapid world changes? With the socio-political tables being turned upside down, new opportunities are arising. As you will have to adapt anyway to the changes, might as well seize the chance to start improving your life right now. There will not be a better time to take advantage of the ongoing major transformations. Hope and freedom are the two indispensable  strengths to adapt during the 2017-2018 period. Hope is your feeling of trust in the future. Freedom is your ability to make decisions about yourself without having to ask anyone’s permission. Hope and freedom are subjective feelings inside of you, not outside. As nobody but yourself can induce such feelings, governments, politicians or anybody else can only dupe you with illusions. Gaining actively a greater awareness of your inner strengths is the key for a more sustainable transition and a more gratifying life. Resist the impostors influences and never give anyone the permission to manipulate you.

The World And Your Life For 2017-2018

Anticipated changes in this article are based on our anticipations for the period 2010-2025, the cracking of the Rothschild code for 2017 and  our hope for a better world,

On one hand, populations are now expressing their fears and angers with a new voice as indicated recently by the Brexit vote, Donald Trump election and Italy referendum. On the other hand, world oligarchs are now in a major power struggle as indicated by the City of London new gains over the American Establishment.

Woe to him on whom the door of a prison is closed and who has no inner life, who will not be able to create one! Unless he is a simple brute, all sufferings will fall upon him and multiply forever. For him, neither refuge nor truce. Will he even have access to this inexhaustible resource: the recourse to memory? – Jean Zay, Minister of National Education and Fine Arts, from 1936 until 1939 under the Popular Front regime in France.

We are only at the beginning of a world movement that will snowball into a societal transformation of historic proportion. The oligarchs are fighting among themselves for a totalitarian world domination. The populist opposition has a rare opportunity to resist the anticipated tyranny and the salvation can only come from them. Now is the time to act. Not everybody is an activist, but all can live in tune with their sense of humanism, justice and harmony. This starts by tuning in with your own inner awareness for hope and freedom. While remaining passive is a guaranty for hopelessness and enslavement, becoming actively involved inside and later outside will result in a better life for you, your loved ones and your community.

Left/Right Is Out – Top/ Bottom Is In

Political life is no longer divided between the left and the right parties, but between the dominated at the bottom of the social pyramid and the dominators at the top, within all political parties. Beyond radical geopolitical implications, socio-political transformations will affect everybody’s economic life. More important though, the changes will generate major modifications at the level of our personal and collective consciousness. Unless becoming aware right now that they may completely lose hope and freedom, Western populations will become enslaved for generations. The choice is about false security and true freedom. Doing nothing in the illusion of an eternal material comfort is a totally suicidal option. The first thing to do consists in becoming aware of your identity and integrity by gaining inner clarity with sincerity and humility. As passivity would be self-destructive, searching the light within yourself is the key source of hope for survival. The consciousness awakening process starts right now.

2017-2018 – A Celestial View Of The Consciousness Modification

Astrologically, collective meaningful changes are marked by the planet Uranus. Sudden and major changes happen especially when Uranus enters in a new zodiac sign. Next such event will happen during the Spring of 2018 when Uranus leaves the sign of Aries to enter in the sign of Taurus where it will mark the following seven years (2018-2023). The astro-tarologic representation is as follows.

Planet Uranus in Zodiac Signs – Aries (2010-2018 “The Troublemaker”), Taurus (2018-2025 “Farewell”) and Gemini (2025-2032 “Dreaming Johnny”)

The 2010-2032 shift of consciousness goes through three phases, associated with the three essential life development functions: to act (physical), to love (emotional) and to think (mental). They are represented by the three following astro-tarologic Symbolon cards.

2010-2018 – The Troublemaker

Uranus entered the sign of Aries in 2010 where it would stay until entering the sign of Taurus in Spring 2018. That period covers the socio-political upheaval from 2011 Occupy Wall Street until 2018 Trump disruptive US presidency. The real shifts in consciousness will happen in 2018, but the seeds need to be planted right now as they require some time to germinate and flourish.  You will know that you have reached a real level of freedom when your opinion about yourself will no longer be dependent of others. In 2018, everything that was fake so far will have to go through a major cleansing. Only after that, a better new world will emerge. Though the changes answers healing needs, they are likely to be painful unless you prepare yourself right now to adapt.

2018-2025 – Farewell

The ingress of Uranus in the sign of Taurus in 2018 will mark the end of the troubled period (2010-2018) and bring hope for real change. Everyone will have to let go of certain habits and conditionings, including maybe possible material losses, geographical moves or some people separations. An honest awareness preparation will assist you in that passage to freedom.  The 2018-2025 transition towards the new world consciousness will now lead you to the light.

2025-2032 – Dreaming Johnny

With the societal renewal 2025-2032 will be an exciting period, but with little experience in that new world, dreams and insouciance will prevail. Unconventional actions may be creative but reckless, as enthusiastic rushes to actions will lead to skip some needed processing steps. Like a baby, this a the beginning of a new era with excitements of discoveries and potential growth. Welcome to the coming “Age of Aquarius”, a more humane, more united and more just world.

What Does All That Mean Practically For Your Life Today?

Major global changes are affecting everybody’s life. As they are happening anyway, might as well choose to adapt. At the end of the tunnel there is the light. In the transition you only have two options. Either you remain passive in the dark or your adapt yourself actively towards the light. If you are an activist and you trust your inner strengths, be involved in advocating your beliefs. Otherwise start by cultivating your inner hope and freedom. Do not expect anything from your government, politicians or medias. To the contrary. Other than yourself, nobody else can do that inner work for you. Here are simple and practical ways to start: (1) surround yourself with inspiring people, (2) bring back life memories and keep a book of your dreams, (3) unplug your TV, (4) live a healthy life and (5) cultivate your passions. Creating your inner strengths is all about bringing some hidden parts of your unconscious to your consciousness. This require a disciplined effort, but it will assuage unbearable transitional pain later. There are no shortcuts and no time left for procrastination. Remember, hope and freedom are inside of you. Only after consolidating your inner strengths will you be ready for your outer actions. Start your consciousness awakening journey now. You will thank me later.

Merry Christmas

In light and harmony,

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