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Based on astrology and tarot cards, Astro Tarology will reveal your true identity and awake your inner light. Astro Tarology is offering your soli-lunar horoscope as well as free tarot and astrology lessons. This alternative educational blog will awake your higher consciousness as well as make your life richer and happier.

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Acting like mirrors, each planet and each tarot card are revealing a facet of our inner self

Astro Tarology is an innovative psycho-spiritual discipline. The unlimited cosmos and the eternal set of tarot images are life richest symbols. Each planet and each tarot card is a mirror revealing a facet of your inner self. As your subjective mirror gets broader, your life becomes richer and happier. This blog will give you the road map to tap into this endless source of wisdom. Your newly revealed inner light will last forever and nobody will ever take it away from you.

An introduction to the right brain horoscope explains how it works

The Cutting-Edge Tool To Learn Tarot And Astrology

The “Flower of Life” is an original mandala of our awareness.

This page introduces a mandala that shows an original map of the awareness. We call this global representation the Flower of Life. The list that follows are links to each of its components details.

This blog is an organic work in progress that will be updated regularly during our awakening journey. Tarot arcana will be covered one-by-one and be presented in two parts: (1) their symbolism followed by (2) practical exercises.  Feel free to read this blog randomly, in sequence or where you left it during your last reading. Learn free tarot and astrology now. Click below to start your journey.

A Few Words About Happiness and Freedom – The Light at the End of the Tunnel – Astro Tarology & Planets – Astro Tarology & Tarot – Astro Tarology & Kabbalah – Astro Tarology & Yin-Yang CyclesHead-Heart Dilemmas – Truth, Beauty & Love – The Traveling FOOL – FOOL Practical Exercises – In The News: Cologne Attacks – The Initiating MAGICIANMAGICIAN Practical Exercises – In The News: Donald Trump – Trump After Iowa – Donald, Bernie & BenSolar New YearBrussels AttacksEaster, Death & Rebirth – The Incubating HIGH PRIESTESSHIGH PRIESTESS Practical Exercises – Happy Valentine – The Seducing EMPRESSEMPRESS Practical Exercises – The Commanding EMPERORThe EMPEROR Practical Exercises – The Mediating HIGH PRIEST – The HIGH PRIEST Practical Exercises – Course Program – Right Brain Horoscopes Introduction – Creative Passover – The Feeling LOVERSThe LOVERS Practical Exercises – Astro Tarology & Psychology – Donald Trump The Actor – Brexit and FreedomPerception and Reality – Birth Time Unknown – Longevity RecipeRecette de Longévité – Your Inner Theatre PlayVotre Pièce de Théâtre Intérieure – The Zodiac and YouLe Zodiaque et Vous – 2010-2025 Our World in Transition2010-2025 Notre Monde en Transition – Trump Secret PlanLe Plan Secret de Trump – A Fable About MoneyUne Fable Sur L’Argent – Zodiac and GastronomyLe Zodiaque et la Gastronomie – Albert Einstein Inner Life Theater PlayLa Pièce de Théâtre de la Vie Intérieure d’Albert Einstein – The Meaning of Your LifeLe Sens de Votre Vie – Supermoon US ElectionsÉlections USA et SuperluneLady Liberty Is CryingLady Liberty en PleursDonald Trump the PresidentDonald Trump le Président – Who Are The Billionaires Ruling The World?Qui Sont Les Milliardaires Qui Gouvernent le Monde? –   Cracking The Rothschild CodeDéchiffrer le Code de Rothschild – Dreams AnalysisL’Analyse Des Rêves – Christmas and HanukkahNoël et Hanoukka – The Age of AquariusL’Âge du VerseauHope, Freedom and YouEspoir, Liberté et Vous – Happy New Year 2017 – Bonne Année 2017 – Trump The Manipulator-In-ChiefTrump Le Manipulateur-En-Chief – Rich, Poor And YouRiche, Pauvre Et VousPath To Self-ConfidenceVers La Confiance En Soi – The 12 Heroes And YouLes 12 Héros Et Vous

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In light and love, Serge Bernard
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I have been doing work with Serge via Skype … using his Astrology Tarot method and it has been a really incredible eye opener for me about me. This is very different from getting your map read. It really identifies the main characters inside you. I’m really enjoying it and feel much more empowered since knowing my characters

– DRG 2016, São Paulo, Brazil


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