Major Cards List – Summary


The Traveling FOOL Symbolism  – The FOOL Exercises

To reach a higher awareness level the Fool needs to (1) open his heart to the celestial level in all four life spheres (material, emotional, creative, intellectual), (2) rely on his purity and innocence in order to trade security for freedom, (3) trust his animal instincts and follow his intuitive impulses and (4) free itself from habits in order to tap in its limitless potentials. In a nutshell, your inner Fool recommends that you follow your instincts and move on with a fresh beginning.

The Initiating MAGICIAN – The MAGICIAN Exercises


To reach a higher awareness level, the Magician needs to (1) prepare his initiation journey by tapping energy from his infinite reserve, (2) always direct his life journey with a spiritual objective in mind, (3) make the  choice of his life direction and (4) find his way by holding opposites. In a nutshell, your inner Magician recommends that you make a choice of your life direction and build a new reality.

The Incubating HIGH PRIESTESS Symbolism – The HIGH PRIESTESS Exercises


To reach a higher awareness level, the High Priestess needs to (1) take the time to accumulate inner knowledge before acting in the world, (2) set love, beauty and truth as key priorities, (3) hold both light and darkness unconscious energies and (4) be open to past memories, personal truth and soulful insights. In a nutshell, your inner High Priestess recommends that you plan any new action and prepare patiently before implementation.

The Seducing EMPRESS Symbolism – The EMPRESS Exercises


To reach a higher awareness level, the Empress needs to (1) experience her seduction power and build self-confidence, (2) be inspired by nature abundance of love, beauty and fertility, (3) connect with nature and enjoy its simple pleasures and (4) enjoy the power of seduction, love and beauty in earthy pleasures. In a nutshell, your inner Empress recommends that you manifest freely your natural power of seduction with love and beauty.

The Commanding EMPEROR Symbolism – The EMPEROR Exercises


To reach a higher awareness level, the Emperor needs to (1) be ready to act in the world with strength, authority and self-confidence, (2) be a leader who provides his realm with protection, stability and security, (3) embody the father figure of legal, moral, ethical and spiritual integrity and (4) express his identity and live his own life regardless of others’ opinion. In a nutshell, your inner Emperor recommends that you show strength and integrity in your commanding leadership.

The Mediating HIGH PRIEST Symbolism – The HIGH PRIEST Exercises


To reach a higher awareness level, the High Priest needs to (1) bridge material and spiritual worlds, (2) mediate opposites such as known and unknown, (3) be seriously committed to seek the meaning of life and (4) be the inner therapist searching the soul with an open heart. In a nutshell, your inner High Priest recommends that you mediate the material and the spiritual.