Astro-Selfie – The Gift Of Self-Knowledge

Astro-Selfie – The Gift of Self-Knowledge


Your Astro-Selfie is a luxury 30-page pdf-book based on the planets positions on the day of your birth. It includes your personalized zodiac chart, a detailed analysis as well as a remarkably accurate 12-chapter study of your inner self. Your Astro-Selfie is unique to you; no two are alike. Knowing oneself is one of the most precious gifts in life, yet one of the most difficult to cultivate. Astro-Selfie offers you an entertaining new way to expand your own self-awareness.

Combining innovating computer technology with esoteric wisdom of the ages, it can give you an exceptionally nuanced and insightful interpretation of your personality. As you will enjoy reading your Astro-Selfie in accurate details, you will gain new insights into your inner self. With your Astro-Selfie, you will understand what horoscopes only hint at. To start, please fill the birth data below.

When birth time is known

Your priceless 30-page Astro-Selfie luxury pdf-book can be yours for only $19.95. Please make a payment using our secure and convenient online payment system.



When birth time is unknown

A shorter 20-page Astro-Selfie luxury pdf-book is available and can be yours for only $14.95. Please make a payment using our secure and convenient online payment system.



Self-knowledge is the ultimate gift. Surprise yourself or someone you love. An Astro-Selfie also makes a special birthday gift for a person who has everything.