The Path From Insecurity To Self-Confidence

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The road to improve your self-confidence
Spoiler alert – There is no instant gratification in this article 😉

Self-confidence growth is about improving self-esteem, that originates in self-knowledge

In general, lifestyle magazines offer instant solutions for their readership daily concerns. They address symptoms, but rarely look deeper at the required work to deal with the root cause. They are mostly about outer appearance and rarely about inner awareness necessary for personal growth. Just for fun, here is how those magazines look like.

Testing your level of self-esteem in 12 questions

Answer by yes or no. Are you comfortable enough with your self-esteem level to (1) learn from others? (2) make decisions quickly? (3) admit your mistakes? (4) take risks? (5) show your flaws? (6) give compliments? (7) spend time with others? (8) be responsible for your actions? (9) accept others differences? (10) laugh about yourself? (11) give to others? (12) keep learning and growing?

Your  self-esteem may be good, not-so-good, correctly or falsely perceived. Whatever your self-scoring results, there is always room to improve your self-confidence, increase your self-knowledge  and make better life decisions.

Your path to self-confidence starts with the desire to change

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

— Albert Einstein

Everyone agrees with Einstein’s quote and sincerely wants to change what does not work in their life. The difficulty begins when realizing that the process will require to unblock certain habits and/or conditionings. Diving into the unknown can be scary and will take courage to defeat the inherent fear.

Let’s now take a look at the same 12 questions from the opposite lighting.

Again answer by yes or no. Are you blocking your self-confidence growth by (1) being a know-it-all? (2) deferring decisions? (3) blaming your mistakes on others? (4) staying in your comfort zone? (5) hiding your flaws? (6) seeking validation? (7) disliking others? (8) making excuses for your actions? (9) being judgmental? (10) worrying about what others will think of you? (11) taking from others? (12) staying stuck in old habits?

Two similar sets of  12 questions … the first one with only traits about self-confidence and the second one with their opposites traits about insecurity. Why is it that the first set made you feel good about yourself and the second didn’t? Your ego would validate a good self-image of yourself in the first set, while the second would require improvements of your insecurity feeling. While the passivity of the first set resulted from your ego manipulations, insecurity awareness would require action in the second set.

Your ego is asking “Why changing if I am happy the way I am?

If an adolescent would tell you “I don’t need puberty and can develop without it“, you would laugh. Well, whether they like it or not, adults are going through constant life changes such as marriage, family, mid-life transition as well as menopause, andropause, seniority. Since those changes will happen anyway, might as well gain their awareness and grow more consciously. Your ego knows how to manipulate your laziness and will tell you not to bother. Will you choose the path of least resistance by deluding yourself and remain passive? As the rude awakening will happen anyway, ignoring it now will make it much more painful later. Not a good deal.

How to gain a greater self-confidence with astro-tarology

Number of people are telling me “I don’t believe in astrology.” Then when asked what does astrology mean to them? In general, their answers are limited to fortune telling and horoscopes in magazines. Rare are those aware that there is a serious astrology, a 5000-year old discipline combining art and science. Astrology is the correlation between celestial and terrestrial events, such as (1) the Moon cycles and the ocean tides or (2) the Sun cycles and the day and night alternance, etc… Those are scientific facts, that do not belong at all to belief matters. Based on the fact that self-esteem originates from self-knowledge, Astro-tarology can help you on your path to greater self-confidence. To get more info about how astro-tarology can work for you, just click here.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard

Elite, Billionaire, Rich, Modest, Poor And You

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The Gap Between Rich And Poor Has Never Been Wider

As the World Economic Forum is holding its annual meeting in Davos this week, the Oxfam is publishing a report stating that just the eight men below own the same wealth as half the world

In other words, would these eight men transfer their wealth to the planet poorest half, each person of the 3.9 billion people would see its wealth doubled.

And if that wasn’t indecent enough, —with a conservative estimate of over $500 B— the Rothschild dynasty wealth would be larger than those eight men combined.

Details about the Rothschild Dynasty can be found in previous articles
Who are those secretive billionaires ruling the world and our lives?
Cracking the Rothschild Code for the world in 2017 in Planet Trump

What does this mean for the rest of us?

Relying on fake news, deceitful politicians and governants, we have been living in a collective delusion for decades. Astronomical amounts of money and credit were created out of thin air, well beyond any critical mass. All Ponzi schemes are mathematically incapable to be sustained forever, and the day of reckoning is getting closer. While having had no political part in the problem, Trump will be blamed for the financial disaster that will happen under his watch and may not even be able to finish his presidency mandate.

Coming back to reality will impose major corrections, that will affect everybody’s life. Prepare yourself for a major Madoff moment. Here are three practical life changes you can start right away: (1) Increase your self-awareness and build your inner wealth. Your survival might depend on it, (2) Use your talents in services that robots can not perform, anything where helping others is central, and (3) Transmit your knowledge to others without expecting anything in return. Be like the rose who is giving its perfume to all, even to those who don’t like flowers.

After the storm, the sky will be blue again and a new society will be built on sound foundations. Be actively involved, rebuilding the world will be exciting. Start preparing yourself now.

May 2017 be the year for the long overdue true hope.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard

La Seule Chose Que Nous Devons Espérer Est … L’Espoir Lui-même

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L’Espoir D’une Nouvelle Harmonie Mondiale
Est Devenue Notre Principale Préoccupation

La peur politique bat de l’aile et un nouvel espoir populaire émerge. Le titre de cet article est inspiré par le célèbre message inaugural de Franklin D. Roosevelt en 1933: “La seule chose que nous devons craindre est … la peur elle-même.” Les récents plébiscites populaires du Brexit (en anglais), de Trump et de l’Italie ne sont que le début de voix révolutionnaires exprimant leur désir de changements politiques radicaux. On peut s’attendre à des expressions populaires similaires lors des élections de 2017 en Hollande, en France et en Allemagne. Un changement de paradigme de société est en train de basculer juste devant nos yeux. L’environnement sociopolitique d’aujourd’hui évolue très rapidement, apportant avec lui l’espoir d’un monde plus uni et plus humain. Comme nous le verrons plus loin, notre monde se dirige vers l’harmonie de l’Âge du Verseau, attendue depuis bien longtemps.


Actuellement, le fossé social entre les riches et les pauvres est plus large que jamais. Pour les populations aussi bien que pour les riches, le spectre de Marie-Antoinette et de la guillotine sont des rappels présents de ce qui pourrait éventuellement se reproduire aujourd’hui. À cause de l’Internet, une révolution populaire ne serait plus centrée dans un seul pays mais impliquerait la planète entière. Cela ne s’est jamais produit auparavant dans l’histoire.

Tout le monde est concerné et ce à juste titre. Des révoltes massives dans la rue auraient inévitablement le dessus sur la richesse et la puissance répressive des 1%. Les oligarques sont conscients de leur vulnérabilité et sont maintenant effrayés à mort. En conséquence, leurs stratégies de puissance mondiale passeront du court au long terme. En attendant, ils n’auront pas d’autre option de survie que de se présenter en première ligne en faisant semblant d’être de bien gentilles personnes. L’escalade des conflits pourrait dégénérer dans un suicide collectif, et éviter les guerres nucléaires à tout prix en est bien évidemment la première priorité. Les renouveaux arrivent toujours après le chaos. Dans notre description de la période mondiale 2010-2025, résumée dans l’image ci-dessous, l’année 2017 conclut un long chapitre de dénégation, de colère et de trouble. Les années suivantes verront désormais l’acceptation de la perte d’un certain passé et l’espoir d’un nouvel avenir meilleur.


La meilleure stratégie pour notre survie globale consiste à jouer la carte de la médiation. Le meilleur plan réside dans la médiation de toutes les oppositions entre adversaires, y compris celles des différentes factions oligarchiques. L’espoir d’une nouvelle harmonie mondiale est devenue notre motivation principale, tant dans nos actions personnelles que collectives.

L’Ère Électronique Est Née De La Révolution Culturelle
Des Années Soixante

Regarder vers les années 60 va aider à comprendre ce qui se passe aujourd’hui. Un demi-siècle et deux générations plus tard, nous vivons maintenant la première crise de croissance résultant de ce qui a commencé à l’époque. Sous le vocable “Sexe, drogue et rock-and-roll”, la révolution et la liberté des années soixante sont venues avec violence, mais aussi avec des moments d’exubérance et d’expressions créatives. Si l’on pouvait comparer un cycle historique à celui de la vie humaine, on pourrait dire que l’ère électronique née dans les années 60 entre maintenant dans son stade adulte. L’insouciance de la jeunesse va disparaître pour faire place aux responsabilités de la vie d’adulte. Pour les décennies à venir, les réalités de la vie vont remplacer les hallucinations collectives du passé. Bienvenue sur la planète Terre.

Avec les années 60, la révolution sexuelle est apparue. Les théories de Freud sur la liberté sexuelle furent popularisées. La pilule contraceptive a été inventée et les femmes ont gagné le contrôle de leurs grossesses, ce qui malheureusement a conduit les pays occidentaux à des pertes critiques de leurs taux de natalité avec des implications complexes sur les immigrations qui ont suivies. Avec la révolution sexuelle sont également apparus les mouvements de libération des femmes, qui les ont conduit à rejoindre les hommes sur le marché du travail. Avec les deux parents travaillant, personne n’était à la maison pour s’occuper des enfants. Ce mode de vie qui a commencé dans les années 60 est encore marquant dans notre société d’aujourd’hui et se continuera dans les années à venir. Parmi les nombreuses avancées technologiques, les années soixante ont également vu le premier mini-ordinateur ainsi qu’un homme envoyé sur la lune. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara ont porté la conscience humaine à un nouveau niveau. Hippies, drogues psychédéliques, Woodstock devinrent des expressions sociales de la contre-culture. Les Beatles, les Rolling Stones et Elvis Presley, pour ne citer que quelques-uns, ont été révélés à cette époque. Pendant les années soixante, l’amour était un thème prévalent, comme dans la comédie musicale culte “Hair” sur l’Âge du Verseau, qui pourrait être utilisé aujourd’hui comme une métaphore pour notre monde à venir.

L’Âge Du Verseau Suit L’Âge Des Poissons

Un peu d’astronomie aidera à comprendre les âges historiques. L’axe de rotation de la terre n’est pas fixe dans l’espace et décrit un cône durant son cycle complet. L’image ci-dessous illustre le phénomène que les astronomes appellent la précession de l’équinoxe.


En conséquence, le début du printemps durant une année donnée ne tombe pas exactement sur le même point sphère céleste que l’année précédente. La différence est très minime car un cycle complet prend 25920 années pour être terminé. Les astrologues ont ensuite divisé le zodiaque en 12 âges historiques, pas nécessairement de longueur égale, mais d’une moyenne de 2160 années chacun. Leurs associations symboliques peuvent être résumées comme suit.

Âge du Lion: le réchauffement climatique après la période glaciaire
Âge du Cancer: l’inondation biblique
Age des Gémeaux: l’invention de l’écriture
Âge du Bélier: l’invention du fer
Âge des Poissons: le christianisme (Voir le Code Rothschild)
Âge du Verseau: les 2000 années suivantes

La transition entre deux âges consécutifs de 2160 ans chacun peut durer plusieurs siècles. C’est un peu comme la fonte du beurre qui n’est plus totalement solide mais pas encore totalement liquide. Nous vivons actuellement dans la transition entre l’Âge des Poissons et l’Âge du Verseau. Le changement de mi-chemin se passe pour le moment, le beurre est semi-solide semi-liquide. Comme le symbolisme du Verseau est associé au mythe révolutionnaire de Prométhée, qui a apporté la lumière de Dieu à l’humanité, l’Âge du Verseau est marqué par des révolutions. Par analogie, on peut dire que la transition actuelle a probablement débuté aux alentours de la Révolution française de 1789, et qui inclut l’ère de la révolution industrielle et maintenant l’ère de la révolution électronique.

Le nouveau monde plein d’espoir est basé sur le symbolisme de l’Âge du Verseau. En examinant notre nouveau paradigme, nous devons envisager les prochaines décennies du cycle de l’ère électronique de 140 ans qui a débuté dans les années soixante, incluse dans la transition de l’Âge du Verseau d’une durée de 2160 ans qui a commencé au 18e siècle. C’est maintenant le tournant historique, à la fois comme le début de la deuxième phase de l’ère électronique et le mi-point de transition entre l’Âge des Poissons et l’Âge du Verseau …

Détendez-Vous Et Suivez-Moi Vers Une Île Imaginaire Paradisiaque …


Fermez les yeux … c’est le printemps … par une belle journée ensoleillée … sur la plage … le ciel est d’un bleu pur … vous êtes couché dans un hamac … attaché entre deux palmiers … vous donnant une ombre apaisante … la température est parfaite … votre main tient un chapeau de paille … une brise douce balance votre hamac … vous écoutez les vagues … et laissez vos pensées vagabonder … vous rêvez éveillé … prêt pour quelques brins d’imagination créative … avec votre baguette magique dans l’autre main … vous changez tous les maux du monde … vers leurs opposés … vos peurs se sont dissoutes … vos espoirs sont forts … les pouvoirs abusifs sont remplacés par l’amour inconditionnel … la cupidité matérielle est remplacée par la conscience spirituelle … l’arrogance et la tromperie sont remplacées par l’humilité et la sincérité … les divisions sont remplacées par les unions … l’esclavage est remplacé par la liberté … le terrorisme est remplacé par le respect de la vie humaine … le fossé des classes sociales s’est dissous … la faim dans le monde est remplacée par la nourriture pour tous …

Faites L’Amour Et Non La Guerre … Bienvenue À L’Âge Du Verseau …


Dans la lumière et l’harmonie, Serge Bernard

The Only Thing We Have To Hope Is … Hope Itself

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Hope For A New World Harmony Became Our Main Concern

As political fear is losing steam, popular hope is gaining. This article title is inspired by Franklin D. Roosevelt famous inaugural address in 1933: “The only thing we have to fear is … fear itself.” Recent Brexit, Trump and Italy popular plebiscites are just the beginning of revolutionary voices expressing their desire for radical political changes. Similar popular expressions are to be expected in Holland, France and Germany 2017 elections. A society paradigm shift is just tilting in front of our eyes. Today’s socio-political environment is changing very fast, bringing hope for a more united and more humane world. As will be detailed further, our world is heading towards the long-time anticipated harmonious Age of Aquarius.


Today’s social gap between the rich and the poor is wider than ever. For both the wealthy and the population, the Marie-Antoinette and guillotine scepter is a vivid reminder of what could possibly happen again. Because of the internet, a popular revolution would no longer be centered just in one country but would involve the entire planet. This never happened in history before. Everyone is concerned and rightly so. Massive street revolts could overwhelm the top 1%, regardless of their wealth and repressive power. Oligarchs are aware of their vulnerability and are now scared to death. As a result, their world power strategies will move from the short to the long-term. In the meantime, they will have no other survival option than showing up in the front line pretending to be nice guys. Escalating conflicts could degenerate in a collective suicide, and preventing nuclear wars at any cost is obviously the main priority. Renewals always happen after chaos. In our description of the 2010-2025 world period, summarized in the image below, the year 2017 concludes a long chapter of denial, anger and trouble. Following years will see the acceptance of the lost past and hope for a better future.


The best strategy for our global survival consists in playing the mediation card. The best plan lies in mediating all adversaries opposites, including those of the different oligarchs factions. Hope for a new world harmony became our main motivation, both in our personal and collective actions.

The Electronic Era Originated From The Sixties Cultural Revolution

Looking to the 60’s helps understanding what is happening today. Half a century and two generations later we are now experiencing the first coming-of-age crisis resulting from what was seeded back then. Remembered as the “Sex, drugs and rock-and-roll” revolution, the Sixties newfound freedom came with violence, but also with exuberance and creative expressions. If one could parallel an historical life cycle to a human life cycle, one would say that the electronic era born in the 60’s is now entering in its adulthood stage. Youth recklessness will be out and a sense of responsibilities will be in. For the coming decades, life realities will replace past collective hallucinations. Welcome to planet earth.

With the 60’s came the sexual revolution. Freud theories about sexual freedom were popularized. The birth control pill was invented and women gained control of their pregnancies, which unfortunately resulted in Western countries critical natality rate losses with complex resulting immigration implications. With the sexual revolution also came the women liberation movements resulting in them joining men in the work force. With both parents working, nobody was home to take care of the kids. This lifestyle that started in the 60’s is still marking our society today and will continue to do so in the years to come. Among many technological advances, the Sixties was also the decade that saw the first mini-computer and a man sent to the moon. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara brought human consciousness to a new level. Hippies, psychedelic drugs, Woodstock became social expressions of the counterculture. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley, only to name a few, were revealed back then. During the Sixties love was a prevalent theme, as in the cult musical “Hair” about the emerging “Age of Aquarius”, that could be used today as a metaphor for our world to come.

The Age Of Aquarius Is Following The Age Of Pisces

A little bit of astronomy will help to understand the historical ages. The earth rotation axis is not fixed in space and describes a cone in its full cycle. The image below illustrates the phenomena that astronomers call the equinox precession.


As a result, the beginning of Spring on any given year doesn’t fall exactly on the same celestial sphere point than the year before. The difference is very minimal as a full circle takes 25,920 years to complete. Astrologers have then divided the zodiac in 12 historical ages, not necessary of equal length but averaging 2,160 years each. Their symbolic associations can be summarized as follows.

Age of Leo: the global warming after the ice period
Age of Cancer: the biblical flood
Age of Gemini: the invention of writing
Age of Aries: the invention of iron
Age of Pisces: the Christianity (see the Rothschild Code)
Age of Aquarius: the following 2000 years

The transition between two consecutive ages of 2,160 years each can lasts several centuries. It acts a little bit like melting butter that is no longer totally solid but not totally liquid yet. We are currently living in the transition between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. The mid-point change is happening right now, the butter is half solid half liquid.  As Aquarius symbolism is associated with the revolutionary myth of Prometheus who brought God’s light to mankind, the Age of Aquarius is marked by revolutions. By analogy, one can say that the current transition is likely to have started around the 1789 French Revolution, that already included the industrial revolution era and now the electronic revolution era.

The hopeful new world is based on the Age of Aquarius symbolism. When looking at our new paradigm, we have to envision the coming decades of the 140-year electronic era cycle that started in the Sixties, within the 2,160-year Age of Aquarius that started in the 18th century. Now is the historic turning point, both as the beginning of the second phase of the electronic era and at the mid-point transition between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius …

Relax And Follow Me To An Imaginary Paradise Island …


Close your eyes … it is springtime … on a beautiful sunny day … on the beach … the sky is pure blue … you are laying in a hammock … attached between two palm trees … giving you a soothing shade … the temperature is perfect … your hand holds a straw hat … a gentle breeze moves your hammock … you listen to the waves … and let your thoughts wander … you are daydreaming awake … ready for some creative figments of imagination … with your magic wand in the other hand … you are changing all world wrongs … to their opposites … your fears have dissolved … your hopes are strong … abusive powers are replaced by unconditional love … material greed is replaced by spiritual awareness … arrogance and deception are replaced by humility and sincerity … divisions are replaced by unions … enslaving is replaced by freedom … terrorism is replaced by respect for human live … social class gap has dissolved … world hunger is replaced by food for all …

Make Love Not War … Welcome To The Age of Aquarius …


In light and love. Always, Serge Bernard

Zodiac, Gastronomy And You – Le Zodiaque, La Gastronomie Et Vous


Les Signes Du Zodiaque Et La Gastronomie

Il existe des analogies symboliques entre chaque signe du zodiaque et la nourriture. Elles doivent être vues comme une approche épicurienne plus qu’une méthode de recherche. Chaque personne est évidemment bien plus que son signe solaire et à chacun selon ses goûts. Il n’y a pas mieux que la cuisine française pour illustrer ces correspondances. L’histoire d’amour de la France avec la nourriture repose sur une longue tradition. Que ce soit dans les restaurants, les marchés ou les épiceries, la cuisine française est toujours créative et d’un goût recherché. Plus que d’assembler des ingrédients de bonne qualité, les chefs français veulent avant tout que vous vous régaliez avec un repas délicieux. Les assiettes sont décorées avec art pour plaire à vos yeux autant qu’à vos papilles. Plus important que tout, la différence culinaire française vient de deux ingrédients absents des livres de cuisine: la joie de vivre et l’amour. Alors, que vous soyez attiré ou pas par le plat de votre signe, profitez de la beauté des images.

Zodiac Signs and Gastronomy

There are symbolic analogies between each zodiac sign and food. They must be seen more as an epicurean approach than as a research method. Each person is obviously much more than their sun sign and to each their own tastes. There is none better than French cooking to illustrate those correspondences. France’s love affair with food rests upon a long tradition. Whether in restaurants, farmers markets or grocery stores, French food is always creative and refined. More than assembling quality ingredients, French chefs want to treat you with a delicious meal experience. Dishes are artfully decorated to please your eyes as much as your tastebuds. More important than everything, the French culinary difference comes from two ingredients absent from cookbooks: the joie de vivre and love. So, whether you are attracted or not by the dish of your sign, enjoy the beauty of the images.

Aries: The Warrior – Bélier: Le Guerrier  (03/21 – 04/19)
Le gigot d’agneau ail et romarin – Leg of lamb garlic and rosemary

Aries -Bélier
Aries the first fire sign loves grilled meat –  Le Bélier premier signe de feu aime les grillades

Taurus: The Lover – Taureau: La Maîtresse  (04/20 – 05/20)
Le tagine de faisan aux légumes et raisins secs – Tajine of pheasant with vegetables and raisins

Taurus Taureau Click to enlarge
Taurus associates good cuisine with pleasure – Le taureau associe la bonne cuisine avec le plaisir

Gemini: The Mediator – Gémeaux: Le Médiateur  (05/21 – 06/20)
La salade César – Caesar Salad

Gemini: The Mediator - Gémeaux: Le Médiateur - Click to enlarge
Gemini loves sweet and salty  flavors combined – Le Gémeaux aime les goûts sucrés et salés réunis

Cancer: The Mother – Cancer: La Mère  (06/21 – 07/22)
Le gratin dauphinois – The Potato Gratin

Click to enlarge - Clickez pour agrandir
Cancer loves homemade comfort dishes – Le Cancer aime la cuisine réconfortante faite à la maison

Leo: The Ego – Lion: L’Ego  (07/23 – 08/22)
La fricassée aux morilles – Fricassee with morels

Click to enlarge - Clickez pour agrandir
Leo love rich and sumptuous meals – Le Lion aime les repas riches et somptueux

Virgo: The Servant – Vierge: La Servante  (08/23 – 09/22)
Les cailles aux coings – Quail with quince

Click to enlarge - Clickez pour agrandir
Virgo is health conscious about food ingredients – La Vierge est consciente de la santé des aliments

Libra: The Partner – Balance: Le Partenaire  (09/23 – 10/22)
La pêche Melba – The Peach Melba

Click to enlarge - Clickez pour agrandir
Libra has a sweet tooth for refined desserts – La Balance a une prédilection pour les desserts raffinés

Scorpio: The Seducer – Scorpion: Le Séducteur  (10/23 – 11/21)
Le crumble de saumon flambé au champagne – Salmon crumble flamed with champagne

Click to enlarge - Clickez pour agrandir
Scorpio is a lover of flambé dishes – Le Scorpion est un amoureux des plats flambés

Sagittarius: The Preacher – Sagittaire: Le Prêtre  (11/22 – 12/21)
Le homard grillé et salade de mangue au gingembre – Grilled lobster and ginger mango salad

Click to enlarge - Clickez pour agrandir
Sagittarius is jovial and likes good food – Le Sagittaire est un bon vivant qui aime bien manger

Capricorn: The Master – Capricorne: Le Maître  (12/22 – 01/19)
Le cassoulet – Cassoulet

Click to enlarge - Clickez pour agrandir
Capricorn is a fan of homemade local cuisine – Le Capricorne est un amateur de la cuisine du terroir

Aquarius: The Jester – Verseau: Le Joker  (01/20 – 02/18)
Le bavarois à la mangue et au chocolat blanc – Bavarian with mango and white chocolate

Click to enlarge - Clickez pour agrandir
Aquarius loves original and exotic food – Le Verseau aime la cuisine originale et exotique

Pisces: The Angel – Poissons: L’Ange  (02/19 – 03/20)
Le baba au rhum – Rum baba

Click to enlarge - Clickez pour agrandir
Pisces loves the slightly alcoholic desserts – Le Poisson aime les desserts légèrement alcoolisés

Sources: Symbolon Cards and “Femmes Actuelles”

A Fable About Money – Une Fable A Propos De l’Argent

Text in English – Vidéo en français

The Three Forgers – Les Trois Faux-Monnayeurs

Uncle Richie, Uncle Bernie and Uncle Sammy - Click to enlarge
Forger Richie, Forger Bernie and Forger Sammy – Click to enlarge

Speculation with fake money works … until it doesn’t.

When only backed by belief, money is just ink on paper. Let’s meet three forgers: Forger Richie (the local), Forger Bernie (the national) and Forger Sammy (the world). By listening to them, we may question our money system and draw practical lessons for our daily lives.

Forger Richie a/k/a Mr Monopoly a/k/a The Banker
Astro Tarology Card “The Devilish Seducer” (Pluto)

Symbolon Card “The Seducer”

Forger Richie prints fake money but he looks like a good guy because (1) he gives everyone the same capital to start the real estate speculation game, (2) that capital is a gift and not a loan, and (3) he has no expectations at the end of the game whether from millionaires or bankrupts. Non of this would actually happen in real life.
The Monopoly money devilish side. Good Forger Richie has also an evil side as he encourages all players (1) to try to become the single entity to control the real estate market and (2) to rejoice in driving the other players into bankruptcy. Hurting family and friends feelings is not worth material gains, even in a game.
Forger Richie lesson. Monopoly money is fake but family and friends are real. What if all world money was fake? Money can’t buy love. One day, the ink on money may evaporate and we should be prepared to stick together when that happens. Lesson #1: Loved ones are more important than money. Family unity is priceless. Cultivate your friendships old and new. They are irreplaceable. Be there for them.

Forger Bernie a/k/a Mr Ponzi a/k/a The Stock Broker
Astro Tarology Card “The False Magician” (Sun-Pluto)

Symbolon Card “The Magician”

Before the Monopoly game starts, Forger Richie is the ultimate monopolist as he owns all the money and all the properties. Nobody knows how he got in that position and nobody is asking him to prove it. Unlike Forger Richie, Forger Bernie was facing the major challenge to make believe that his fake debts were backed by real assets. Forger Bernie started as a respected stockbroker who even became Nasdaq Chairman. Later he gained the reputation of a magician as he would produce superior financial results regardless of the market volatility. In order to live up to his reputation, new money would be used to pay ongoing unusual returns rather than buying backing assets. At a certain point, Forger Bernie had reached a thriving business with no assets at all. Master in manipulation, he would only accept new clients when sponsored by existing ones. This talented staging would last for decades until the tragic day when there was not enough new money to keep the snowball rolling.
Forger Bernie lesson. In the Monopoly game there is a card to get out of jail, but not in real life for Forger Bernie. Clients, friends and charitable organizations lost a lot of money and family tragedies followed Forger Bernie downfall. Instead of creating misery to everyone, Forger Bernie could have used his natural talents for good, such as becoming another David Copperfield. What if all the world debt was fake? Money can’t buy you talents. One day, the ink on money may evaporate and your talents may save your life when that happens.  Lesson #2: Talents are more important than money. Cultivate your own gifts, what you do better than others. Not only you will enjoy it, but who knows it may help you one day reinventing yourself if needed.

Forger Sammy a/k/a Mr USA a/k/a The Central Bank
Astro Tarology Card “The Global Deceiver” (Mercury-Neptune)

Symbolon Card "Deception"
Symbolon Card “Deception”

Backed by commodities, Forger Sammy has printed paper dollars forever. In 1944, the dollar would become the world reserve and Forger Sammy would guarantee its convertibility to gold. In 1971 he decided unilaterally to terminate the gold convertibility (the Nixon shock) and dollars would continued to be printed at infinitum ever since without any backing other than their beholders beliefs. To be ironic about the global deception, one could say: “We will pay the world debt as soon as we find money on another planet …
Forger Sammy lesson. Like for Forger Bernie, Forger Sammy has passed the critical mass where there is no more possible pause and control. Here is what Voltaire had to say in 1729: “Paper money, based on the sole trust in its printing government, eventually returns to its intrinsic value, which is zero.” Instead of wasting his monetary power in unnecessary wars and useless goods, Forger Sammy could have used his experience more wisely. What if all the world debt was fake? Money can’t buy you experience. One day, the ink on money may evaporate and your experience may save your life when that happens. Lesson #3: Experience is more important than money. Never stop learning from your life events, especially when things don’t go your way. We learn nothing from our successes, only from overcoming hardship. Good judgement comes from experience, which often comes from bad judgement!!

The Moral of “Three Forgers” Fable

Loved ones, talent and experience are more important than money, but would be useless without health. What good is it to waste an entire life making money only to pay the doctor at the end? Here is the final ranking of values: (1) Health, (2) Loved Ones, (3) Experience, (4) Talent and (5) Money. Money can’t buy (1), (2), (3) and (4). For most people money is number one, a priority worth revisiting.

In light and harmony,
Serge Bernard

Live Younger and Live Longer – Vivez Jeune et Vivez Longtemps

Text in English – Vidéo en Français

The Gayelord Hauser Healthy Diet

Gayelord Hauser
Gayelord Hauser

During the 1930’s in Los Angeles, Gayelord Hauser promoted something that didn’t exist before: a healthy food diet. It was not about losing weight as obesity wasn’t a concern back then. A genius in nutrition and marketing, he created a diet for living younger and longer. Gayelord Hauser diet was based on eating every day 5 ingredients which he claimed would add 5 years of life for each one of them. Those 5 “wonder food” were:  (1) yogurt, (2) brewers yeast, (3) powdered skim milk, (4) wheat germ, and (5) blackstrap molasses.

Gayelord Hauser wrote many nutritional books that were published worldwide in 12 languages. Adding business to his nutritional and marketing talents, he also produced those 5 ingredients under the “Gayelord Hauser” brand. Today, his name has faded and the 5 ingredients can be found in any grocery or health food stores.

For trivia buffs, Hauser was living in Hollywood, California, where he became popular among movie stars such as Adele Astaire (Fred Astaire elder sister), Marlene Dietrich, Paulette Goddard, Gloria Swanson, and, most famously, Greta Garbo with whom he may have been romantically involved.

Later, among those seeking his advice and guidance were Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergmann, Jeanne Moreau, and the Duchess of Windsor.

Visit Wikipedia for more info.

My daily nutritional plan is inspired by Gayelord Hauser. Please find my daily food plan and recipe below, which I have been following religiously for more than a decade. I am feeling great and so can you.


Delicious longevity breakfast – So easy to prepare

1. Stir the following 5 ingredients in a bowl

• 3 tablespoons of oatmeal
• 1 tablespoon of brewer yeast
• 1 tablespoon of wheat germ
• 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds
• 1 tablespoon of chia seeds

2. Add soy milk, stir again and heat for 2-3 minutes in the microwave

3. Add the following 3 ingredients

• 1 teaspoon of blackstrap mollasses
• cover with ground cinnamon
• add nuts and dried fruits


. 1 apple. Yes, the one that keeps the doctor away


• 1 bowl of soy yogurt
• spread some honey
• cover with ground cinnamon
• add nuts and dried fruits


Note that since Hauser days, many nutritionists recommend to replace dairy by similar soy product. This recommendation explains my substitution of hauser two dairy ingredients. “You are what you eat” says a popular cliché, but you also become who you are. Follow the plan above and enjoy a long healthy life!!!

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard

PERCEPTION – Things Are Not What We Believe They Are

Serge’s two cents about PERCEPTION AND REALITY

A Full Moon Night On The Beach

The photo below shows a woman standing on the seashore facing the moon. The moon light is reflected on the ocean in the camera direction. The woman, the moon, the moon light and the camera are aligned.

The woman then decides to walk along the water for about an hour. To her delight she observes that the light reflection is following her. For the camera, the reflected moon light hasn’t changed. HOW COME THAT THE OCEAN SURFACE BETWEEN THE CAMERA AND THE WOMAN IS NOT ALL WHITE?

A Full Month Night On The Beach
A Full Moon Night On The Beach

What is happening?

The woman is perceiving the moon light. Thus that light can only be visualized if there is an observer. The next question is: WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THE OCEAN SURFACE WHEN THERE ARE NO OBSERVER?

The ocean surface on a full moon night must be different than on a zero moon night. The moon light activates some energy waves on the ocean surface that the observer’s eyes captures and transmits to the brain who will decode them into images. The reality of the moon light consists of visual waves. THUS THE IMAGE OF THE MOON LIGHT IS NOT ON THE OCEAN BUT IN THE OBSERVER’S BRAIN.

Visual perception is all about the conversion of the visual waves reality to images in the observer’s brain. In the same way, the camera produces a photo (visual waves of energy) that is perceived by an observer. The next question is: DOES THIS NOTION OF VISUAL PERCEPTION WORKS THE SAME WAY FOR SOUNDS?

The Tree In The Forest

A classical question asks: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”. Well the answer is no. The approach is the same as visual waves reality and image perception. When the tree falls, it creates a shockwave that can only be decoded as a sound by an observer’s brain. Thus the percussion of the fallen tree (reality) only becomes a sound in the observer head (perception). The brain functions like a radio that converts waves into sounds. The next question is: WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER SENSES?

The Five Senses And The Five Extra-Sensorial Senses

Sights and hearing realities are energy waves perceived as images and sounds in the observer’s brain. The same approach would also apply to touch, smell and taste. When we touch a table or move our hand in the surrounding air, we perceive either solidity or lightness. The reality lies touching waves of different density. The perception is the touch sense in the brain’s observer. The approach is the same for smell and taste. Thus all five senses proceed by receiving sensorial real waves that are decoded in the brain. The next question is: WHAT ABOUT THE EXTRA-SENSORIAL SENSES?

There is no reason why the approach for the five senses could not be extended to the five extra-sensorial senses: emotions, intuition, imagination, inspiration and consciousness. This confirm the assumption that our entire life is about perception. The ten different senses reality are energy waves whose representations are in our brain perception. Life is all about perception. No two persons have the same real waves perceptions and are subjective by nature. To address a conflict, two subjective parties should always start by healing their own perception.

The Observer And The Observed

Our life is all about perception that happens in our brain. The things, people  and the world (the observed) that we perceive are all in our brain (the observer). Everything the observer observes lies in his brain. THUS THE OBSERVER AND THE OBSERVED ARE PARTS OF THE SAME PERSON. THUS THE OBSERVER AND THE OBSERVED ARE THE SAME.

Illustration Of A Perception Conflict

The image below shows a hugging couple. Some people would perceive that the man is sitting while others would find it is the woman? Look again. Both are right as both are valid perceptions. The practical lesson about conflicts is that it is possible that opposite perceptions can both be right at the same time about the same issue.

Who hugs who?
Who hugs who? Who is sitting and who is standing?

BREXIT – Victory Of True Freedom Over False Security

Serge’s two cents about BREXIT

Joy and Pain After Populism Prevailed in the UK

Ongoing socio-economic problems in the UK and in the world existed before the Brexit and will continue after. The key differences now are that the people voice has been heard and that the UK can be in charge of its own destiny. Yes there will be monetary and financial duress, but freedom and national identity are priceless values.

The Social and Economic Inequality

This decade insurgency started with the Mediterranean Arab Spring and the global Occupy Movement to develop into today’s sizable populist revolts about social and economic inequality. The recently empowered 99% have now credible options to oppose power abuses by the 1%. Anger and fear have reached intolerable limits and opened the door for new populist leaders such as Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage in the UK, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in the US, Marine Le Pen in France, Geert Wilders in Holland, Pablo Iglesias in Spain and many others everywhere. Those political movements are not without parallels with Leon Blum and his 1936 “Front Populaire” in France that brought the freedom and social justice joy but could not prevent the financial pain amidst the then world depression.

The Astro Tarology Perspective

Over the last five years, I wrote several articles about the square Uranus-Pluto and its mark on the current decade and announcement of a major societal paradigm shift. The symbolic meaning of that planetary aspect can be summarized as follows.

   URANUS = Revolution  Freedom  Originality  Humanism
   SQUARE = Tension  Conflict  Stress  Struggle
   PLUTO = Destruction  Power  Change  Renewal

Here is the visual Astro Tarology representation of the Uranus-Pluto dialectic

Symbolon Cards "The Jester", "The Seducer" and "The Phoenix"
Symbolon Cards “The Jester”, “The Seducer” and “The Phoenix”

The sum of “The Jester” (Uranus) and “The Seducer” (Pluto) equals “The Phoenix” (Uranus-Pluto).

The Uranus card —associated with the zodiac sign of Aquarius— shows a colorful Jester walking happily towards a revolutionary thunderbolt. Uranus requires impulse and determination to embark on his life journey new beginning. The path leads to a small isolated village which can be associated to the emerging Age of Aquarius. That new historical era is expected to be marked by the unity of science and art as well as a more humane life paradigm.

The Pluto card —associated with the zodiac sign of Scorpio— shows a tempting Seducer offering a flower while wrapped in hellish flames coming out of an underground well. As Pluto requires others energy for its own survival, he will say anything in exchange for people souls. Needless to say that the devilish Seducer only deceives others and never delivers on his promises. Pluto embodies the corrupted evil as opposed to Uranus the autonomous good.

The Phoenix card is the combination of Uranus/The Jester and Pluto/The Seducer, the good and the evil. The mythic colorful bird represents its beautiful rebirth from its own ashes. Yesterday is dead and tomorrow will come with a newborn excitement. The past must decay and any resistances are doomed to fail. Uranus the Good will triumph over Pluto the Evil. The doors of the jailed souls will open to a new freedom. The coming age of Aquarius is around the corner!!!