Dreams Analysis For A Better Life – A True Case Story

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Dreams Analysis Can Change Your Life

480x480-carl-jungThe dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul, opening into that cosmic night which was psyche long before there was any ego-consciousness.
– Carl Jung

1000x1000-sigmund-freudDreams completely satisfy wishes excited during the day which remain unrealized. They are simply and undisguisedly realizations of wishes.
-Sigmund Freud

Greater wellbeing and making better life decisions originates in better self-knowledge, which always consists in bringing hidden unconscious parts to consciousness. The unconscious concept founders were Sigmund Freud (more rational) and Carl Jung (more mystical). While Freud’s dreams analysis is more appropriate to reveal things of childhood, Jung’s approach is more to explore the meaning of life. Both Freud and Jung use symbols interpretation.

From Low Self-Esteem To Its Resolution: Rebecca Real Story

The Dreamcatcher

Rebecca (not her real name neither her in the picture) is a 40-year old part time aerobic teacher woman. Her husband is an executive in a large corporation. Three years before starting our work, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The cancer was surgically removed and eradicated with chemotherapy. Rebecca stated that she was living in a permanent state of depression and sadness, could not sleep without over-the-counter sleeping pills and was suffering from recurrent colds. Moreover she expressed her lifetime low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy as she said she was “pathologically shy”, “terrified to death with school”, and “always feeling stupid.”

Rebecca was born in a middle-class family and has an older sister with whom she is very close. While the family looked perfect on the surface, the two daughters had to adjust to their autocratic father and submissive mother. Unlike her sister who reacted as a placater with her father, Rebecca felt unable to satisfy his high and emotionless expectations. Because her father admired her pleasing sister, Rebecca perceived her as superior and withdrew into herself at an early age.

School has been a traumatic experience for Rebecca. In her early school days, she was terrified to leave her mother. At age nine she was petrified by her teacher whom she described as a mean and cold witch. From that time Rebecca began to feel stupid. She would hate tests, especially math and oral tests, because she would perceive them as a proof of her stupidity. Rebecca still hates that teacher and avoids any academic activities because of her test anxiety.

Reaching 14 was another unhappy year for Rebecca. She was totally demotivated, hated everything about school and had terrible grades. She tried to quit school as she felt that she was not as good as the others. She smoked marijuana occasionally and ran away with a friend for one day. Finally when she was 16 she frequently skipped school and her school nightmare would end when she got pregnant. She then married her high school sweetheart and finally quit from school. Rebecca and her husband raised their son who would become a responsible adult man.

A major couple crisis happened several years ago when her husband left for another woman during his mid-life crisis. Rebecca was desperate and suicidal thoughts crossed her mind. After six months, her husband eventually returned home and they have remained united since.

Rebecca Grew Up Pretending To Be a Boy

The father is the cornerstone of the family myth. Everyone had to adjust to his rational tyranny and be in the service of his “strong family leader” role. His wife chose to be submissive and his two daughters had to also sacrifice their true identities to adjust. Repressing her emotions, Rebecca’s sister acted according the father’s model and became his favorite daughter. Hearing her father always praising her sister, Rebecca perceived her as superior. At a very early age she gave up any hope of meeting her father’s expectations which resulted in her withdrawal into herself, the repression of her emotions and developing a strong feeling of inferiority.

The Magical Revelation of a Dream

Rebecca once told me a very revealing dream. She was rinsing pasta in a kitchen sink in the house of her childhood. Pasta was spiraled and every single one had a penis shape. This dream was about her conception: the spiraled pasta was symbolizing an all-male sperm in the sink-vagina of her parents alchemical kitchen. Her father was expecting the birth of a boy. To be her father’s boy was an expectation Rebecca could never meet, although she tried as she always wanted to be a boy. She was faced with this impossible challenge from the first second of her life. Coincidentally, Rebecca indicated that between her sister birth and hers, her mother miscarried a boy.

When becoming a teenager and her breasts beginning to show, Rebecca could no longer pretend to be a boy to her father. It is exactly at that time that she was driven to break the communication with her father.

With her sporty appearance and her childish look, Rebecca looks much younger than her age; almost as if her development was blocked at an early stage. Rebecca reminded me of Peter Pan eternal youth, which she  completely agreed to when we discussed this metaphor.

Rebecca Now Smiles And Gained Self-Confidence

Thanks to her dream revelation, Rebecca would gain the awareness that she was not born as a boy and that she could progressively unveil the woman she was meant to be. Rebecca became motivated in changing her self-image sustained by new spiritual and professional aspirations. As she was entering her mid-life crisis, her life changes took positive directions. Rebecca unveiled her true self, gained a stronger self-image and felt more adequate.

Rebecca has come a long way. Now with rare, short and mild depressive episodes, Rebecca smiles and has gained self-confidence. Her recurrent colds have become occasional. However, she still has difficulty sleeping without sleeping pills. Her attitude towards cancer has improved substantially, as she learned to cope with the womanhood loss resulting from her surgery.

The Unconscious And Your Wellbeing

As it changed Rebecca’s life, dream analysis can transform yours. If you are not doing so already, write all the dreams you can remember of within the 10-minute period after you wake up. Start tomorrow morning. You will need them to build your personal dictionary of symbols. On a limited budget, Astro-tarology is a quick approach to reveal your repressed, hidden or forgotten unconscious parts. Dream interpretation would go in more depth but would require recurrent sessions. In any case an Astro-Tarology session is always recommended as an excellent start.

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In light and love, Serge Bernard

The Meaning of Your Life – 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

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Know thyself and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the universe.


Approaching Our Existential Questions

Sometimes we are facing questions about personal issues such as health, love or money as well as today’s world uncertainties or existential quests. The unknown is always worrisome. Reinsuring answers are subjective by nature. Most of the time we have no clue from where to start. There must be a better way to use our imagination than worrying. As we will become who we are, any life issue will always start by knowing who we are. Our inner life is like a theater play. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could use our imagination to access its script?

Exploring Our True Identity First

Today, we are brainwashed by ongoing politicians and medias lies. We are living in a collective delusion and seeing the truth has become more and more challenging. It is critical to get our head out of the sand.


For any issue in general and for the meaning of your life in particular, there are 7 practical questions to ask: who? what? why? when? where? how? how much?

Ask Yourself The 7 Key Questions About The Meaning of Your life

(1) Who are you in your (a) own sphere, (b) mirror and (c) inner world?
(2) What is the purpose of your life, your mission on this planet?
(3) Why your perception is as critical as your judgment, maybe more?
(4) When was your last important dilemma, is it still unresolved today?
(5) Where do you rank money among health, family and experience?
(6) How do you portray yourself in the outer world, and inside of you?
(7) How much does your inner life as well as outer life matter for you?

Giving sincere answers to those apparently simple questions is much deeper than appears in a quick glance. It is very complicated to be simple. As said before, the truth of the matter is that we become who we are. If you can clearly answer those 7 questions, you don’t need to read this post any further. You know yourself inside out and master your destiny very well. Otherwise, keep reading until the end.

Looking for Self-knowledge Tools

There are many self-knowledge tools: psychology personality tests, astrological charts, tarot cards, dreams analysis, I Ching hexagrams, etc… They all require professional knowledge and experience.


This is where Astro Tarology is coming in to provide you with a road map to your inner life, to which you will relate instantly. Based on an astro-tarologic deck of cards (Symbolon), Astro Tarology will convert any astrologic charts to easy to relate symbolic images. It is the most cutting-edge self-knowledge tool existing today. I call it a GPS for your soul.

The cards will bring your hidden, forgotten and repressed emotions from your unconscious to your consciousness . Astro Tarology took the best from astrology and combined it with the best in tarology to create an innovative psychological discipline. Unlike traditional tarot reading, the cards are selected directly by your birth sky and not randomly by the reader.


Astro Tarology is neither psychotherapy nor traditional astrology or tarology consulting. In psychotherapy the patient talks and the therapist listens, in astrology or tarology the client listens and the interpreter talks. During an Astro Tarology consultation, the querent and the astro tarologer use the querent birth cards as soul mirrors to communicate. Both talk and listen.

With Astro Tarology you will become more confident about your strengths and limitations. They will give you personalized images that will lead you to make better life decisions. You will discover how to connect with your true identity and gain a clearer perspective regarding the 7 questions about the meaning of your life. And the best part of it is that you don’t need to have any prior technical knowledge.

After over 40 years of practice with many self-knowledge tools, I am ranking Astro Tarology at the very top for true identity instant and effective access.

In light and love, Serge Bernard
One-on-one consultation (English)
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I have been doing work with Serge via Skype … using his Astrology Tarot method and it has been a really incredible eye opener for me about me. This is very different from getting your map read. It really identifies the main characters inside you. I’m really enjoying it and feel much more empowered since knowing my characters.

– DRG 2016, São Paulo, Brazil

Le Zodiaque et Vous En Une Seule Image

English Version

Astro Tarology, Signes du Zodiaque and Cartes Symbolon

L’image ci-après inclut (1) les 12 signes du zodiaque avec (2) leurs planètes maîtresses associées et (3) les 12 cartes Symbolon avec leurs noms respectifs. Basé sur votre signe solaire, focalisez sur la carte Symbolon qui lui correspond et (a) découvrez les mots-clé de votre personnalité ainsi que (b) savoir si votre type est plutôt extraverti ou plutôt introverti. Amusez-vous bien !!

Le Guerrier, Mars, Bélier La Maîtresse, Vénus, Taureau Le Médiateur, Mercure, Gémeaux La Mère, Lune, Cancer L’Ego, Soleil, Lion La Servante, Mercure, Vierge Le Partenaire, Vénus, Balance Le Séducteur, Pluton, Scorpion Le Prêtre, Jupiter, Sagittaire Le Maître, Saturne, Capricorne Le Joker, Uranus, Verseau L’Ange, Neptune, Poissons

Signes du Zodiaque, Extraversion, Introversion et Vous

Bélier (21 mars – 19 avril)

BÉLIER: Commencement, Impulsion, Création Personnalité: Énergétique, entreprenant, impulsif, plein d’enthousiasme et d’impulsions Extraverti: Regarde à l’extérieur, conquérant du monde matériel et spatial Introverti: Regarde à l’intérieur, conquérant du monde spirituel et intellectuel

Taureau (20 avril – 20 mai)

TAUREAU: Réceptivité, Talent, Créativité Personnalité: Énorme capacité de travail, persévérance, entêtement, lent au démarrage Extraverti: Le taureau combatif, expansif, confiant, hypermotivé, actif, optimiste Introverti: Le taureau pacifique, personne lente qui anticipe, phlegmatique, taciturne

Gémeaux (21 mai – 20 juin)

GÉMEAUX: Dualité, Mobilité, Instinct Personnalité: Impulsif, spontané, réponses rapides, immédiat, actions irréfléchies Extraverti: Type Pollux, suractif, sans âme, sous émotif, animé, curieux, ironique Introverti: Type Castor, sous actif, instable, émotionnel, excitable, mobilité sans fin

Cancer (21 juin – 22 juillet)

CANCER: Naissance, Mère, Passé Personnalité: Importance de l’hérédité, de la famille, enfance, pays, tradition religieuse Extraverti: Excitable, lunatique, capricieux, nomade émotionnel, infidèle, sens de l’humour Introverti: Sentimental, réflexions morales, auto-torture, méditation profonde, souvenirs

Lion (23 juillet – 22 août)

LION: Ego, Rayonnement, Sexe Personnalité: Désir des choses matérielles, égoïste, instincts primaires, lumière unique Extraverti: Type Helios, réaliste, combatif, matérialiste, recherche une grande influence Introverti: Type Apollon, idéaliste, champion de l’honneur, recherche beauté et perfection

Vierge (23 août – 22 septembre)

VIERGE: Vierge, Féminine, Servante Personnalité: Pouvoir de compréhension, Vierge Marie, servante de la connaissance universelle Extraverti: Anal-expulsif, instinctif, indiscipliné, rebelle, désorganisé, sadique Introverti: Anal-rétentif, rétracté en soi, réservé, timide, obsédé par les détails

Balance (23 septembre – 22 octobre)

BALANCE: Équilibre, Sentiment, Bon goût Personnalité: Pèse, mesure, compare comme une balance, équilibre yin et yang, pré-rationnel Extraverti: Type sentimental, rayonne de la chaleur, agréable, fait facilement des amis Introverti: Type sentimental intérieur, renfermé, réservé, silencieux, calme, anxieux

Scorpion (23 octobre – 21 novembre)

SCORPION: Mort, Renaissance, Mystère Personnalité: Explorateurs de l’occulte, fort ressenti des énergies du monde invisible Extraverti: Investigue et révèle les mystères de l’invisible, lucidité et jugement critique Introverti: Maître de ses démons intérieurs,il devient alchimiste, clairvoyant, medium, sage

Sagittaire (22 novembre – 21 décembre)

SAGITTAIRE: Lien, Attachement, Aspiration Personnalité: Relations, vise le niveau de l’ absolu, pour atteindre les plus hautes cibles Extraverti: Conformiste, aime la bonne vie, euphorique, aime le prestige et les honneurs Introverti: Rebelle, profondément indépendant, audacieux, vit à travers de multiples crises

Capricorne (22 décembre – 19 janvier)

CAPRICORNE: Ascension, Infini, Purification Personnalité: Constante réflection, ascension vers des buts infinis et en pure évolution Extraverti: L’ambitieux, cherche à atteindre pouvoir et domination,lucide, aspire au succès Introverti: Le détaché, choisit la voie de la privation, ascension morale et spirituelle

Verseau (20 janvier – 18 février)

VERSEAU: Expansion, Connaissance, Liberté Personnalité: Ressent être un étranger sur la terre, en exil il s’interroge sur sa mission Extraverti: L’aventurier, marginal, original, excentrique, indépendant, aime la révolution Introverti: Le sage, détaché des choses matérielles, libre pour des buts spirituels

Poissons (19 février – 20 mars)

POISSONS: Eternité, Synthèse, Cosmos Personnalité: Conscience éclairée, fusion avec l’universel, ressent la divinité cosmique Extraverti: Type extérieur, oblatif, généreux, bonté, humanité, oubli de soi Introverti: Type intérieur, métaphysique, mystique, communication avec l’esprit divin

PERCEPTION – Things Are Not What We Believe They Are

Serge’s two cents about PERCEPTION AND REALITY

A Full Moon Night On The Beach

The photo below shows a woman standing on the seashore facing the moon. The moon light is reflected on the ocean in the camera direction. The woman, the moon, the moon light and the camera are aligned.

The woman then decides to walk along the water for about an hour. To her delight she observes that the light reflection is following her. For the camera, the reflected moon light hasn’t changed. HOW COME THAT THE OCEAN SURFACE BETWEEN THE CAMERA AND THE WOMAN IS NOT ALL WHITE?

A Full Month Night On The Beach
A Full Moon Night On The Beach

What is happening?

The woman is perceiving the moon light. Thus that light can only be visualized if there is an observer. The next question is: WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THE OCEAN SURFACE WHEN THERE ARE NO OBSERVER?

The ocean surface on a full moon night must be different than on a zero moon night. The moon light activates some energy waves on the ocean surface that the observer’s eyes captures and transmits to the brain who will decode them into images. The reality of the moon light consists of visual waves. THUS THE IMAGE OF THE MOON LIGHT IS NOT ON THE OCEAN BUT IN THE OBSERVER’S BRAIN.

Visual perception is all about the conversion of the visual waves reality to images in the observer’s brain. In the same way, the camera produces a photo (visual waves of energy) that is perceived by an observer. The next question is: DOES THIS NOTION OF VISUAL PERCEPTION WORKS THE SAME WAY FOR SOUNDS?

The Tree In The Forest

A classical question asks: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”. Well the answer is no. The approach is the same as visual waves reality and image perception. When the tree falls, it creates a shockwave that can only be decoded as a sound by an observer’s brain. Thus the percussion of the fallen tree (reality) only becomes a sound in the observer head (perception). The brain functions like a radio that converts waves into sounds. The next question is: WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER SENSES?

The Five Senses And The Five Extra-Sensorial Senses

Sights and hearing realities are energy waves perceived as images and sounds in the observer’s brain. The same approach would also apply to touch, smell and taste. When we touch a table or move our hand in the surrounding air, we perceive either solidity or lightness. The reality lies touching waves of different density. The perception is the touch sense in the brain’s observer. The approach is the same for smell and taste. Thus all five senses proceed by receiving sensorial real waves that are decoded in the brain. The next question is: WHAT ABOUT THE EXTRA-SENSORIAL SENSES?

There is no reason why the approach for the five senses could not be extended to the five extra-sensorial senses: emotions, intuition, imagination, inspiration and consciousness. This confirm the assumption that our entire life is about perception. The ten different senses reality are energy waves whose representations are in our brain perception. Life is all about perception. No two persons have the same real waves perceptions and are subjective by nature. To address a conflict, two subjective parties should always start by healing their own perception.

The Observer And The Observed

Our life is all about perception that happens in our brain. The things, people  and the world (the observed) that we perceive are all in our brain (the observer). Everything the observer observes lies in his brain. THUS THE OBSERVER AND THE OBSERVED ARE PARTS OF THE SAME PERSON. THUS THE OBSERVER AND THE OBSERVED ARE THE SAME.

Illustration Of A Perception Conflict

The image below shows a hugging couple. Some people would perceive that the man is sitting while others would find it is the woman? Look again. Both are right as both are valid perceptions. The practical lesson about conflicts is that it is possible that opposite perceptions can both be right at the same time about the same issue.

Who hugs who?
Who hugs who? Who is sitting and who is standing?

Astro Tarology and Birth Time

Version française

What To Do When The Birth Time is Unknown?

The birth time is critical to calculate the native Ascendant, the Midheaven and the 10 other houses zodiac signs. When the birth time is unknown, astrologers would use a time rectification approach based on the native past life events. This approach was as good as it would get and results would vary with each astrologer. Until now.

Astro Tarology has a unique and simple approach when the birth time is unknown. The best person to consult with is the native her/himself. There are 12 possible Ascendant zodiac signs, to which correspond 12 key archetypal Symbolon cards. Before designing the natal chart, the native will have to select one the 12 cards he/she feels the most in tune with.

The Ascendant defines the native life issue. Together the Astro Tarologer and the native will explore the Ascendant options. There is no substitute for a dialog between the two. To assist in the process, here is the Astro Tarology recommended simple approach.

Symbolon 12 basic archetypal cards
Symbolon 12 basic archetypal cards

For the native and the Astro Tarologer

(1) Look at the above image together and pause for a little.
(2) Is there one card that jump into the native’s mind? This may already be the one.
(3) There are 4 columns. The native should select the one he/she feels more in tune with. The four columns correspond to the four elements: fire, earth, air and water.
(4) Then from the three possible cards in the selected column, the native should select her/his favorite. That card is then the native’s Ascendant sign best guess. The three rows correspond to the three qualities: cardinal, fixed and mutable.

For the Astro Tarologer

Calculate the natal chart by bringing the Ascendant at 15º of that just revealed Ascendant sign. Then proceed as usual.

Astro Tarology & Psychology

How do you feel today?

First click the image to enlarge. Pick one or two words that best describe your mood today. Then extend the color(s) to the archetypal card(s), relax and let your imagination wander.

Emotions, colors and Symbolon archetypal cards
Emotions, colors and Symbolon archetypal cards. Click to enlarge.

Need a mood booster?

Some days we need a little validation. Please take one compliment.


Have a wonderful day !!!

The Zodiac & You In One Single Image

Version Française

Astro Tarology, Zodiac Signs and Archetypal Cards

The following image includes (1) the 12 zodiac signs and their respective ruling planets, (2) the 12 corresponding archetypal cards and their respective names as well as (3) the 12 life houses in the center. Find your sun sign and focus on the corresponding card. Enjoy !!

The Warrior, Mars, Aries The Lover, Venus, Taurus The Mediator, Mercury, Gemini The Mother, Moon, Cancer The Ego, Sun, Leo The Servant, Mercury, Virgo The Partner, Venus, Libra The Seducer, Pluto, Scorpio The Preacher, Jupiter, Sagittarius The Master, Saturn, Capricorn The Jester, Uranus, Aquarius The Angel, Neptune, Pisces
The zodiac and you. Cards by Symbolon. Click to enlarge

The Zodiac Signs, Extraversion, Introversion and You

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

ARIES: Begining, Impulse, Creation Personality: Energetic, enterprising, impulsive, full of enthusiasm and impulses Extravert: Look outward, conqueror of the material and spacial world Introvert: Look inward, conqueror of the spiritual and intellectual world

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

TAURUS: Receptivity, Flair, Creativity Personality: Enormous capacity for work, perseverance, stubborness, slow starter Extravert: The fighting bull, expansive, confident, hypermotivated, active, optimistic Introvert: The peaceful bull, someone slow who thinks things over, phlegmatic, taciturn

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

GEMINI: Duality, Mobility, Instinct Personality: Impulsive, spontaneous, quick in response, immediate and unstudied actions Extravert: Pollux-type, overactive, soulless, under-emotional, animated, curious, ironic Introvert: Castor-type, under-active, unstable feelings, emotional, excitable, endless moves

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

CANCER: Birth, Mother, Past Personality: Importance of heredity, family, childhood, native country, religious tradition Extravert: Excitable, moody, capricious, emotional vagrant, unfaithful, humorous Introvert: Sentimental, moral considerations, self-torture, deep meditation, remembrances

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

LEO: Ego, Radiance, Sex Personality: Desire for material things, selfish, basic instincts, single light source Extravert: Helios-type, realistic, combative, materialist, seeks to exert great influence Introvert: Apollo-type, idealist, champion of honor, seeks beauty, perfection, inner sun

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

VIRGO: Virgin, Feminine, Servant Personality: Power of understanding, Virgin Mother, servant of universal knowledge Extravert: Anal-expulsive, instinctive, undisciplined,rebel, disorganised, sadistic Introvert: Anal-retentive, retract within oneself, reserved, shy, mania for details

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

LIBRA: Balance, Sentiment, Taste Personality: Weighs, measures, compares like a scale, balance the yin and yang, pre-rational Extravert: Sentimental-type, radiates warmth, pleasant, makes friends easily, congenial Introvert: Inner sentimental-type, withdrawn into oneself, reserved, silent, calm, anxious

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

SCORPIO: Death, Rebirth, Mystery Personality: Explorers of the occult, feels strongly energies from the invisible world Extravert: Investigate and reveal the unseen mysteries, lucidity and critical judgment Introvert: Master of his inner demons, becomes the wise man, alchemist, clairvoyant, medium

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

SAGITTARIUS: Link, Attachment, Aspiration Personality: Relationships, aims at the level of absolute, to reach the greatest heights Extravert: Conformist, loves the good life, expansive, euphoric, loves prestige and honors Introvert: Rebellious,fiercely independent, audacious, lives through series of crises

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

CAPRICORN: Ascension, Infinite, Purification Personality: Perpetual reflection, ascension towards infinite goals and pure evolution Extravert: The ambitious, seeks to attain power and dominance, lucid, yearns to succeed Introvert: The detached, takes the road of privation, moral ambition, spiritual ascension

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

AQUARIUS: Expanse, Knowledge, Freedom Personality: Feels as if he is a stranger on Earth, in exile he wonders about his mission Extravert: The adventurer, misfit, original, eccentric, very independent, likes revolution Introvert: The wise, disengages from material things, frees himself towards spiritual goals

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

PISCES: Eternity, Synthesis, Cosmos Personality: Enlightened consciousness, fusion with the universal, feels the cosmic divinity Extravert: Outer-type, oblative, generous, goodness, humaneness, self-forgetfulness Introvert: Inner-type, mystical, metaphysical, seeks a communication with the divine spirit

Astro Tarology & Head-Heart Dilemmas

 Head and Heart Dilemmas

In our dilemmas, one part of us says one thing while another part says something else. Number of our inner dualities happen between our heart and our head. For instance on the issue of freedom and security, our heart may be moved by compassion (more freedom) while at the same time our head be moved by self-protection (more security).

Anyone who was not a liberal at 20 years of age had no heart, while anyone who was still a liberal at 40 had no head.
– Winston Churchill

One Personality Has Multiple Facets

Our inner life is a stage with a great number of characters in the play. Each characters has its own acting role and individual identity. Our personality has multiple facets. It is normal to show a different personality facet when we are talking to a love one (i.e. your mother) than to a stranger (i.e. a tax auditor). One should not confuse a personality multiple facets with a multiple personality disorder. The first is normal while the second is pathologic. Sun the ego, Mercury the head and Venus the heart are the three leading characters among our personality facets. Only the latter two will be analyzed in this post.

Mercury and Venus Complex Relations

Mercury and Venus are the only two planets orbiting between the sun and the earth. As a result, they are also the solar system fastest two planets. As closest to the sun, quick Mercury correlates to our fast mental abilities. As closest to the earth, magnetic Venus correlates to our attractive connecting abilities. This explains why Mercury and Venus are respectively associated with our head and our heart. Understanding Mercury and Venus roles in our psyche will help us understanding dilemmas between our head and our heart.

If acting as leading characters wasn’t enough for Mercury and Venus, they also happen to play two roles each: one terrestrial (earth) and one celestial (air). Venus and Mercury four archetypal roles are associated with the four zodiac signs they are ruling upon. They are (1) Venus earth = Taurus, (2) Mercury air = Gemini, (3) Mercury earth = Virgo and (4) Venus air = Libra. All theater characters interact with each other, and our inner play is not different. Leading characters have complex interactions and so do Venus and Mercury in our inner life.

As the plot builds on harmonious and tense relationships between characters, conflicts develop. Dilemmas intensity produce engaging scripts and so it does in our inner lives. The good news is that Mercury and Venus never reach the 90 and 180 degrees hard angles. As a result, it is possible to hold them both without having to necessarily make a choice. Not having to choose between our head and our heart may lead to find a third way, a growing step in our personal identity that Carl Jung calls the road to individuation.

By analogy, the cast of characters relates to all planets, signs, houses and aspects in a natal chart. Their relations can become complicated. For now, only Venus and Mercury leading roles will be analyzed. An image being worth 1000 words, visual illustrations of those inner characters would help. This is where the Symbolon deck of cards is becoming in. It includes 78 astrologically related cards. All are associated with our inner characters and designed in scenes with people. Their historic settings draw our unconscious to the past and help some old memories to surface. Not only the cards artworks are superb, but each one will resonate deeply in the forgotten, repressed or hidden unconscious part of our psyche.

Relations between Venus the heart and Mercury the head can be linked to no less than ten correlations represented by ten Symbolon cards as organized in the following spread.

Head-Heart – Mercury-Venus – Symbolon – Click to enlarge

Let’s imagine an horizontal and a vertical line crossing in the center, they will divide the spread in four quadrants. Above the horizontal line (horizon) is the sky and below the earth. To the left of the vertical line is the side dominated by Venus and to the right by Mercury.

The four zodiac signs ruled by Venus and Mercury

The rulers of the 12 zodiac signs represent the 12 basic archetypal characters and to each correspond one Symbolon card. Then each of the remaining cards (78-12=66) will be associated with all possible 66 different pairs of signs (12×11/2=66). Below are the four Venus and Mercury corresponding zodiac signs and cards.

(1) TAURUS (Earth sign ruled by Venus) – Card “The Lover”
      Love – SENSUAL LIFE –Sensation
(2) GEMINI (Air sign ruled by Mercury) – Card “The Mediator”
      Intelligence – SPIRITUAL LIFE – Thinking
(3) VIRGO (Earth sign ruled by Mercury) – Card “The Assistant”
      Help – PRACTICAL LIFE –Feeling
(4) LIBRA (Air sign ruled by Venus) – Card “The Partner”
      Beauty – SENTIMENTAL LIFE – Intuition

Note that those four signs correspond also to Carl Jung four functions: two Venus “Perception” (Sensation and Intuition) and two Mercury “Judgment” (Thinking and Feeling).

The two pairs of Venus and Mercury with themselves

Yes, there is only one planet Venus and one planet Mercury in the solar system, but as rulers of the zodiac signs, Venus and Mercury are appearing twice.

(5) TAURUS-LIBRA (Venus Earth-Venus Air) – Card “The Gilded Cage”
      Jealousy – CONJUGAL LIFE
(6) GEMINI-VIRGO (Mercury Air-Mercury Earth) – Card “The Strategist”
      Strategy – MENTAL LIFE

The two pairs of Venus and Mercury with the same elements

(7) TAURUS-VIRGO (Venus Earth-Mercury Earth) – Card “Clinging”
      Greed – MATERIAL LIFE
(8) LIBRA-GEMINI (Venus Air-Mercury Air) – Card “Vanity fair”
      Appearance – SOCIAL LIFE

The two pairs of Venus and Mercury with opposite elements

(9) TAURUS-GEMINI (Venus earth-Mercury Air) – Card “The Golden Girl”
Insecurity – PERSONAL LIFE
(10) LIBRA-VIRGO (Venus Air-Mercury Earth) – Card “Everyday in the Relationship”- Dullness – REAL LIFE

Would we not be limited by this post scope, each card would receive an in-depth analysis. Nevertheless, there may already be one card or more which is questioning your inner self. Observe that card in all its details, keep it in the back of your mind and wait for old memories to surface. Sometimes they may come as painful revelations, but the character role awareness will always bring some relief. The corresponding unconscious blocking will no longer affect your conscious actions.

Astro Tarology “Flower of Life” and Symbolon Cards

On one end, the Astro tarology “Flower of Life” is an original organization of the Tarot 22 Major Arcana. On the other, the Symbolon deck 78 cards is an astrological imagery representing the 12 zodiac signs rulers and 66 planets pairs. There is a predictable imperfect correlation between the Tarot 22 Major Arcana and the 22 selected Symbolon cards. The following illustration results from overlaying the 22 Symbolon cards over the Astro Tarology “Flower of Life” 22 Tarot Arcana. As they are based on totally different sets of assumptions, trying to force the two systems to coincide would have required one or both system mutilations, which would have been inappropriate. The mechanically created illustration though, produced a meaningful self-contained new representation. By analogy, it is like taking a song (A) and then assembling a newly created music (A1) and newly created lyrics (A2) of that song (A) into a new song (B=A1+A2) !!

Astro Tarology "Flower of Life" - Major Tarot Arcana - Symbolon Cards - Click to enlarge
Astro Tarology “Flower of Life” – Major Tarot Arcana – Symbolon Cards – Click to enlarge

Astro Tarology, Yin-Yang, Lunar and Solar Cycles


Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.
– Buddha

Yin-Yang, Monthly Lunar and Diurnal Solar Cycles

Representing our entire life journey, the 22 tarot major arcana starts with the FOOL arcanum (#zero – Beginnings and Risks) to end with the WORLD arcanum (#21 – Success and Completion). In between, the remaining 20 arcana can be divided in two 1- arcana sets: SET 1 (lunar cycle – unconscious) and SET 2 (solar cycle – consciousness).

SET 1 – Lunar cycle – UNCONSCIOUS

The first set (arcana #1 to #10) follows a monthly lunar cycle as represented in the original Astro Tarology concept below. The lunar cycle itself can be subdivided in two 5-arcana subsets.

Subset 1 – From New Moon to Full Moon (Yang) – INCARNATION

(1) The Initiating MAGICIAN, (2) The Incubating HIGH PRIESTESS, (3) The Seducing EMPRESS, (4) The Commanding EMPEROR and (5) The Mediating HIGH PRIEST.

Subset 2 – From Full Moon to New Moon (Yin) – PERCEPTION

(6) The Feeling LOVERS, (7) The Conquering CHARIOT, (8) The Balancing JUSTICE, (9) The Enlightening HERMIT and (10) The Renewing WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

SET 2 – Solar cycle – CONSCIOUSNESS

The second set (arcana #11 to #20) follows a daily solar cycle as represented in the original Astro Tarology concept below. The solar cycle itself can be subdivided in two 5-arcana subsets.

Subset 3 – From Midday to Midnight (Yin) – CREATION

(11) The Dominating STRENGTH, (12) The Sacrificing HANGED MAN, (13) The Rebirthing DEATH, (14) The Protecting TEMPERANCE and (15) The Tempting DEVIL.

Subset 4 – From Midnight to Midday (Yang) – INDIVIDUATION

(16) The Inspiring TOWER, (17) The Giving STAR, (18) The Imagining MOON, (19) The Brightening SUN and (20) The Transforming JUDGMENT

The Astro Tarology “Flower of Life”

The two above designs prefigured the Astro Tarology “Flower of Life” original concept as represented below.


Astro Tarology cutting-edge concepts will be detailed as we progress on the journey to our inner light.

Astro Tarology & Kabbalah


God created man and to thank him, man created God.
– Philippe Geluck

Kabbalah, astrology, tarot and the “Tree of Life”

The following image is a very detailed representation of the classic Kabbalah “Tree Of Life”. Besides showing the 11 sephirot (celestial bodies), it also includes their 22 links in correlation with the 22 tarot major arcana (Thoth Tarot), the 22 Hebrew alphabet letters and 22 astrological symbols.


Astro Tarology and the “Flower Of Life”


While both representations include similar 11 celestial bodies and their 22 tarot links, there are seven major differences between the modern Astro Tarology “Flower Of Life” and the classic Kabbalah “Tree Of Life”.

(1) Elimination of direct links between horizontal opposites. There are three occurrences in the “Tree Of Life” where a sephira on the left (pillar of severity) is opposed horizontally to a sephira on the right (pillar of mercy). Those sephiroth are linked either directly or via a middle sephira (pillar of balance). It is our belief that the direct link is unnecessary. Carl Jung explains that we need to hold opposites on our path to individuation. This implies to renounce choosing one of the two opposites. This frame of mind will then allow for a third way to appear. As we hold the opposites (left and right sephira), a third way in embryo (middle sephira) will instantly emerge. Let’s illustrate the point. At the same time, we can’t have a sunny side of the mountain without also a shady side. While both sides exist, a mountaineer can only see one side and never the other at the same time. Thus the direct link between sunny and shady is not possible. The only way to see both (left and right sephira) at the same time is from an airplane (middle sephira) above the mountain. The elimination of those three direct links makes the “Flower Of Life” cleaner and more practical.

(2) Both paths down to incarnation have different sequences. Both down paths to incarnation follow the same thunderbolt path. However, as a result of (1) above, their celestial bodies sequences are different.


(3) The up path for spiritualization proceeds via the tarot. The “Tree Of Life” down path for incarnation (from the cosmos to humans)  and up path for spiritualization (return of human spirit to the cosmos) are the same in reverse sequence. In the “Flower Of Life” round-trip, the paths are different. While the path down from the Cosmos to Earth proceeds via the 11 celestial bodies as in (2) above right, the path up from Earth proceeds via the 22 tarot arcana grid. We are coming down with a fast escalator to our birth (astrology) and climbing up to our spirit day-by-day by the stairs (tarology) !!!

(4) Tarot arcana sequence progresses from the earth to the sky. Unlike the “Tree Of Life” showing the tarot arcana sequence from the sky to the earth, the “Flower Of Life”mandala shows them from earth to sky. This makes more sense as once we are incarnated, we start our journey from planet earth.

(5) Representation of the four life worlds. While the four life words (material, emotional, creative and intellectual) appear in piling layers in the “Tree Of Life”, they are in a circular sequence (green, blue, red and yellow) in the “Flower Of Life” just like the pansy four petals.

(6) The links between circles have different astrological correlations. Most traditions consider that the links between circles and their associated tarot arcana are related to planets and zodiacal signs. In the modern “Flower Of Life” the links between the circles act like planetary aspects between pairs of celestial bodies.

(7) Analytical differences between the “Tree Of Life” and the “Flower Of Life”. As we progress in the arcana study, the “Flower Of Life” will show new interesting celestial bodies and tarot arcana combinations such as vertical pillars, horizontal levels, diagonal directions, clusters, lemniscate paths (infinite shape), arcana pair of opposites, etc…