Joyeuse St Valentin 2017!!!

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Que l’amour illumine votre coeur, la vérité votre tête, le bien-être votre corps, la beauté votre âme et la lumière votre esprit

Joyeuse St Valentin aujourd’hui et tous les autres jours de l’année.

Toujours en harmonie, Serge




Marquez La Date: Le 3 mars 2017 – Save The Date: March 3, 2017


Serge Bernard présentera sa méthode originale d’astro-tarologie, qui sera suivie de mini-interprétations individuelles de 15 minutes incluses dans une donation de 10,00 € /par personne pour la soirée. Aucune connaissance technique préalable n’est requise.

Vendredi 3 mars 2017 de  à 
Hôtel des Augustins, 3 rue de la Masse, Aix-en-Provence


Serge Bernard will present his original method of astro-tarology, which will be followed by individual mini-interpretations of 15 minutes, included in the donation of  10,00 € / per person for the evening. No prior technical knowledge is required.

Friday March 3 2017 de 7:00 PM to 8:
Hôtel des Augustins, 3 rue de la Masse, Aix-en-Provence

L’hôtel est un couvent avec sa chapelle, son vitrail et ses vieilles pierres du XVème entièrement rénové. La présentation se fera dans une salle privée.

Une meilleure connaissance de soi se révèle toujours être le point de départ de meilleures décisions dans la vie de tous les jours.

À bientôt. Dans la lumière et l’harmonie, Serge Bernard


The hotel is a convent with its chapel, stained glass windows and old stones of the 15th century completely renovated. The presentation will be in a private room.

A better self-knowledge always turns out to be the starting point for better decisions in everyday life.

See you soon. In light and harmony, Serge Bernard


Fear, Hope and Love – Trump The Manipulator-In-Chief

Version française

Manipulating People With False Fear, False Hope and False Love

This post is an extension of the following previous articles
2017 -2018 – Hope, freedom and you in today’s world
The only thing we have to hope is … hope itself
Cracking the Rothschild code – The world in 2017 in planet Trump
Who are those secretive billionaires ruling the world and our lives?
2010-2025 – Our world in transition

As they are manipulated, many people are limiting their lives to be compliant workers, compulsive consumers and entertainment seekers. In order to keep enriching themselves at the population expense, the elites want them to remain passive.  Whether in front of a TV, a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, people are only receiving passive distractions allowing them either to escape from their actual world (reality shows, social networks, etc…) or to be insidiously infiltrated by fears (commercials, politics etc…). With the control over finances, governments, politicians, medias and marketers, the elites are perpetuating people’s domination by scaring them of losing their pseudo security. Until now.

Whether in politics or in marketing, branding is key. All opinion manipulators know that instilling fear of a false danger is the first step to control their audience. In the second step they will bring hope for a false solution to address the false fear they created. In the third step, they will appear as your life saviors inducing you with feelings of gratitude and love. Branding is all about false fear, false hope and false love. Why so many people are willing to sacrifice their true freedom in exchange of that false security … laziness, comfort, apathy, cowardice or ignorance? The real answer is fear.

There is always a moment in time when an adjustment must happen between predators and preys. There is an interesting analogy with the sharks and the sardines balance. When sharks are eating too many sardines, their food supply will become insufficient for their survival. When sardines multiply too fast,  sharks will be scared away and the sardines overpopulation will become overwhelming for their survival. Scientists have designed a mathematical curve defining the balance between the sharks and the sardines populations. The return to balance is always required to prevent the ruling specie extinction.

Today, we are at the crossroad of one of those turning points. Population (sardines) have an occasion to scare the elite (sharks) away. Brexit vote, Trump election and the Italian referendum are just the tip of the adjustment movement. More elections are coming this year in Holland, France and Germany and everything leads to anticipate that the correction trend will continue.

With his past experience in money, branding and reality show, Trump getting involved in politics was his natural next step. With his background so unique, the timing was perfect for Trump to capitalize on population fear as well as their longing for hope and love. Even today, there isn’t another politician that come even close to his unique profile and attitude. While manipulations are objectionable, any change to replace a political system that has become obsolete must be welcome.

With Trump major changes in 2017, my opinion is that there will be good news and bad news. Because the London City elite needs to first consolidate their recent gain of power over the US Establishment elite, the good news is that World War III will be off the table for now. Because there is not a person in the world, neither Trump nor anybody, who can correct the astronomical monetary and credit abuses accumulated over the last decades, the bad news is that there a financial crash has become unavoidable.

The only thing you can do in this uncertain world in transition is to keep your awareness alert. Reject false fear, false hope, false love and false security. Discard everything that is false in your life and open the door to the true freedom. Ask true questions and you will receive true answers. Your health, close ones and freedom are your most valuable assets and their integrity should be respected in all circumstances. Make the best of every day by cultivating your health, relationships and freedom with sincerity and humility. Luck, chance and hope are no life strategy by themselves but they surely help during a transition period. There are things you can’t control and others you can. As always, self-knowledge is a necessary start to make better life decisions on your path to true light and love.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard

2017 – 10 Wishes Money Can’t Buy – 10 Voeux Que L’argent Ne Peut Pas Acheter

10 Wishes Money Can’t Buy

Joy in your heart
Love in your soul
Light in your mind
Health in your body
Intuition in your spirit
Wisdom in your journey
Strength in your passions
Experience in your activities
Harmony in your relationships
Hope in a more just and humane world

In joy, love, light, health, intuition, wisdom, strength,
experience, harmony and hope. Always, Serge Bernard

10 Voeux Que L’argent Ne Peut Pas Acheter

De la joie dans votre coeur
De l’amour dans votre âme
De la santé dans votre corps
De la lumière dans votre tête
De la force dans vos passions
De l’intuition dans votre esprit
De l’harmonie dans vos relations
De l’expérience dans vos activités
De la sagesse dans votre cheminement
De l’espoir dans un monde plus juste et humain

Dans la joie, l’amour, la santé, la lumière, la force, l’intuition,
l’harmonie, l’expérience, la sagesse et l’espoir. Serge Bernard

2017-2018 – Hope, Freedom And You In Today’s World

Version française

 2017-2018 – An Unique Opportunity To Improve Your Life

How are you coping with today’s rapid world changes? With the socio-political tables being turned upside down, new opportunities are arising. As you will have to adapt anyway to the changes, might as well seize the chance to start improving your life right now. There will not be a better time to take advantage of the ongoing major transformations. Hope and freedom are the two indispensable  strengths to adapt during the 2017-2018 period. Hope is your feeling of trust in the future. Freedom is your ability to make decisions about yourself without having to ask anyone’s permission. Hope and freedom are subjective feelings inside of you, not outside. As nobody but yourself can induce such feelings, governments, politicians or anybody else can only dupe you with illusions. Gaining actively a greater awareness of your inner strengths is the key for a more sustainable transition and a more gratifying life. Resist the impostors influences and never give anyone the permission to manipulate you.

The World And Your Life For 2017-2018

Anticipated changes in this article are based on our anticipations for the period 2010-2025, the cracking of the Rothschild code for 2017 and  our hope for a better world,

On one hand, populations are now expressing their fears and angers with a new voice as indicated recently by the Brexit vote, Donald Trump election and Italy referendum. On the other hand, world oligarchs are now in a major power struggle as indicated by the City of London new gains over the American Establishment.

Woe to him on whom the door of a prison is closed and who has no inner life, who will not be able to create one! Unless he is a simple brute, all sufferings will fall upon him and multiply forever. For him, neither refuge nor truce. Will he even have access to this inexhaustible resource: the recourse to memory? – Jean Zay, Minister of National Education and Fine Arts, from 1936 until 1939 under the Popular Front regime in France.

We are only at the beginning of a world movement that will snowball into a societal transformation of historic proportion. The oligarchs are fighting among themselves for a totalitarian world domination. The populist opposition has a rare opportunity to resist the anticipated tyranny and the salvation can only come from them. Now is the time to act. Not everybody is an activist, but all can live in tune with their sense of humanism, justice and harmony. This starts by tuning in with your own inner awareness for hope and freedom. While remaining passive is a guaranty for hopelessness and enslavement, becoming actively involved inside and later outside will result in a better life for you, your loved ones and your community.

Left/Right Is Out – Top/ Bottom Is In

Political life is no longer divided between the left and the right parties, but between the dominated at the bottom of the social pyramid and the dominators at the top, within all political parties. Beyond radical geopolitical implications, socio-political transformations will affect everybody’s economic life. More important though, the changes will generate major modifications at the level of our personal and collective consciousness. Unless becoming aware right now that they may completely lose hope and freedom, Western populations will become enslaved for generations. The choice is about false security and true freedom. Doing nothing in the illusion of an eternal material comfort is a totally suicidal option. The first thing to do consists in becoming aware of your identity and integrity by gaining inner clarity with sincerity and humility. As passivity would be self-destructive, searching the light within yourself is the key source of hope for survival. The consciousness awakening process starts right now.

2017-2018 – A Celestial View Of The Consciousness Modification

Astrologically, collective meaningful changes are marked by the planet Uranus. Sudden and major changes happen especially when Uranus enters in a new zodiac sign. Next such event will happen during the Spring of 2018 when Uranus leaves the sign of Aries to enter in the sign of Taurus where it will mark the following seven years (2018-2023). The astro-tarologic representation is as follows.

Planet Uranus in Zodiac Signs – Aries (2010-2018 “The Troublemaker”), Taurus (2018-2025 “Farewell”) and Gemini (2025-2032 “Dreaming Johnny”)

The 2010-2032 shift of consciousness goes through three phases, associated with the three essential life development functions: to act (physical), to love (emotional) and to think (mental). They are represented by the three following astro-tarologic Symbolon cards.

2010-2018 – The Troublemaker

Uranus entered the sign of Aries in 2010 where it would stay until entering the sign of Taurus in Spring 2018. That period covers the socio-political upheaval from 2011 Occupy Wall Street until 2018 Trump disruptive US presidency. The real shifts in consciousness will happen in 2018, but the seeds need to be planted right now as they require some time to germinate and flourish.  You will know that you have reached a real level of freedom when your opinion about yourself will no longer be dependent of others. In 2018, everything that was fake so far will have to go through a major cleansing. Only after that, a better new world will emerge. Though the changes answers healing needs, they are likely to be painful unless you prepare yourself right now to adapt.

2018-2025 – Farewell

The ingress of Uranus in the sign of Taurus in 2018 will mark the end of the troubled period (2010-2018) and bring hope for real change. Everyone will have to let go of certain habits and conditionings, including maybe possible material losses, geographical moves or some people separations. An honest awareness preparation will assist you in that passage to freedom.  The 2018-2025 transition towards the new world consciousness will now lead you to the light.

2025-2032 – Dreaming Johnny

With the societal renewal 2025-2032 will be an exciting period, but with little experience in that new world, dreams and insouciance will prevail. Unconventional actions may be creative but reckless, as enthusiastic rushes to actions will lead to skip some needed processing steps. Like a baby, this a the beginning of a new era with excitements of discoveries and potential growth. Welcome to the coming “Age of Aquarius”, a more humane, more united and more just world.

What Does All That Mean Practically For Your Life Today?

Major global changes are affecting everybody’s life. As they are happening anyway, might as well choose to adapt. At the end of the tunnel there is the light. In the transition you only have two options. Either you remain passive in the dark or your adapt yourself actively towards the light. If you are an activist and you trust your inner strengths, be involved in advocating your beliefs. Otherwise start by cultivating your inner hope and freedom. Do not expect anything from your government, politicians or medias. To the contrary. Other than yourself, nobody else can do that inner work for you. Here are simple and practical ways to start: (1) surround yourself with inspiring people, (2) bring back life memories and keep a book of your dreams, (3) unplug your TV, (4) live a healthy life and (5) cultivate your passions. Creating your inner strengths is all about bringing some hidden parts of your unconscious to your consciousness. This require a disciplined effort, but it will assuage unbearable transitional pain later. There are no shortcuts and no time left for procrastination. Remember, hope and freedom are inside of you. Only after consolidating your inner strengths will you be ready for your outer actions. Start your consciousness awakening journey now. You will thank me later.

Merry Christmas

In light and harmony,

December 25 – Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

Version en français

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

This year, December 25 offers two reasons to celebrate. Not only it is the day of Christmas, but also the first day of Hanukkah. The last time this overlapping happened was in 1959. Hanukkah lasts eight days and will thus cover each day  until January 1st. A rare festive 8-day period where Hanukkah is linking Christmas to New Year.

Jesus was born a Jew and his birthday coincidence with a Jewish holiday is a reminder of the common ancestral unity. Enjoy Christmas, Hanukkah or both and enter 2017 cheerfully with a deep sense of light, love, hope and harmony. The cards are holiday wishes for everyone, whether Christian, Jewish, Interfaith or any other faith.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge

The Rothschild Code – The World in 2017 – Planet Trump

Version française

The Tarot Cards On The Economist Cover About The World For 2017

The respectable English liberal magazine “The Economist” expresses world oligarchs financial and political views. It is owned 50% by the English branch of the Rothschild family and the Agnelli Family. The remaining 50% are owned by private investors, editors and staff members. Each year, the Economist publishes a special issue about the year to come –illustrated by its cryptic cover– that is always revealing of Rothschild world views. The issue about 2017 is no exception and is surprising as its cover is showing eight modified tarot cards, making hidden messages more accessible.


A Few Words About Rothschild Materialism and Spirituality

This article follows last week astro-tarologic article “Who Are Those Secretive Billionaires Ruling The World And Our Lives?” The tarot cards presence on the 2017 Economist cover indicate that the oligarchs who are materially mega-rich may start to realize that they are also spiritually mega-poor. While they look at the world for more material  power, they may become aware that human destruction will not bring them more happiness and freedom but less. Not a good deal. With the eight tarot cards analyzed one by one, Rothschild world vision will become clearer.

World Previsions According to Rothschild


The eight tarot cards need to be interpreted, literally and symbolically, from Rothschild perspective and not from the reader viewpoint. The cards don’t present events predictions, but Rothschild opinion about his world vision. This year messages are somewhat more open than in the past for who can understand the tarot cards literal and symbolic meanings. When talking about the future we must distinguish three possible approaches: (1) forecasting, (2) anticipation, and (3) opinion. (1) It is my belief that no one can predict future events, not even Rothschild. As evidence, the complete absence of Trump on the 2016 Economist cover. Events only exist after being produced. (2) However, it is possible to express anticipations of trends and potentials in the light of existing facts, such as for instance global events created or planned by the oligarchy, and (3) Anyone can express opinions about the future, which are only engaging their authors, whom then have the same right to error than meteorologists or doctors. In a nutshell, futurologists, whether oligarchs, economists or anyone, can’t make forecasts. They only reveal the present to those who are still stuck in the past. This applies to Rothschild visions as well.

The Eight Tarot Cards from the 2017 Economist Cover


Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.
J.P. Morgan

Targeted to an educated and influential readership, the Economist is a magazine representing issues from an economic, political and cultural liberalism point of view (free trade, globalisation and free immigration). That oligarchs are showing an interest for the esoteric world shouldn’t be a surprise. They are very lonely at the top and their spiritual vacuum is huge. The tarots cards on the Economist cover may represent a desire to reconcile the material world to the esoteric and spiritual world.

Here are some comments before analyzing the eight selected tarot cards: (1) they kept their original names and symbolic meanings, (2) they are modified to give some literal representations about Rothschild’s view of the world to come, (3) they all belong to the 22 major arcana in the 78-card deck, (4) they are presented in a sequence different than their natural order (which could be justified by the new narrative, but I believe is more for visual illustration reasons) and (5) two cards are tilted (which could be interpreted more obliquely, but I believe that this too is for visual illustration reasons). Therefore, I will analyze the eight tarot cards in their natural sequence and in vertical position.

01 – The Initiating MAGICIAN – INITIATION – To choose
Uncover the life direction and build a new reality

For more info about the Initiating Magician


The classical tarot card of The Magician is sometimes titled “Le Bateleur” meaning the Street Showman. The Economist Magician has many similarities with the Rider-Waite-Smith classical tarot Magician. (1) He is a standing showman (ready for action), (2) behind a table (ready for magical objects), (3) facing a future audience (his magic show), (4) his right hand (sign of activity as opposed to the left hand receptivity), (5) holding vertically (earth life is linked to the cosmos), (6) a magic wand (supernatural power), (7) his right arm is directed towards the sky and his left arm towards the earth (ability to link the material energy of the earth to the spiritual energy in the sky). (8) He is wearing a red cloak (life energy ready for practical action), (9) with yellow (gold = wealth) neck border and belt, and (10) he has a lemniscate over his head (infinite energy and stamina).

Unlike the classical tarot Magician, the Economist Magician (1) has a yellow sun behind his head (royal ego), (2) with a virtual reality (VR) device over his eyes (virtual reality show), (4) and his left index (receptivity), (5) is over a 3D printer (modern technology), (6) touching the power button (easy activation), (7) producing unlimited housing units (abundant real estate production).

1200x1200-donald-trump-profileThe Economist Magician is a direct metaphor for none other than Donald Trump (“Planet Trump” is the subtitle on the cover). The Showman with a royal ego, a virtual reality show and a real estate  production machine are obvious literal symbols. Donald Trump has no previous political experience, he is like Mickey in Disney episode of “The Apprentice Sorcerer” in Fantasia. In his own reality TV show, Donald Trump was the Master of the “Apprentice”. Today, tables have turned and he is the Apprentice. His Master is Rothschild, who put him in the US President position.

In 2016, I wrote six astro-tarologic articles about Trump and always associated him with the Magician tarot card. I also considered him as an actor and questioned whether that would be enough to qualify him to be President. Yes, Ronald Reagan did it before him. Here are the links for the previous Trump articles: Donald Trump, The Egomaniac We Love To HateWhat Would An Astro Tarologer Tell Donald Trump After His Iowa Defeat? – Donald, Bernie, Ben And The Others – Can Donald Trump Fake It All The Way to The Presidency? – Trump Secret Plan: Not Becoming the Next President – Unveiling the Secret Behind Donald Trump Unexpected Victory

09 – The Enlightening HERMIT – ASCENT – To enlighten
Look inside and trust the unknown


The Rider-Waite-Smith classical tarot card of the Hermit shows an introspective (isolation) old man (wisdom) with a long beard (austerity) looking to the left (past) in a long vertical monastic (asceticism) dress (time mastery) standing straight (self-confidence) holding a stick (connection to material earth) in his left hand (receptive) and a lantern (search of light) in his right (active) hand.

4th Baron Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild

The Hermit of the Economist shows an identical old man, but occupying only a small portion of the image. The rest is mostly representing the hermit world mastery who (1) stands on a rock solid platform of a mountain top (dominating global panorama), (2) overlooking (in a power position), (3) marching groups of people (united in a single military march), (4) in the valley (lower level). (5) In the back there are four (stability) pyramidal mountain tops (esoteric elevation), (6) and several flowing mountains (potential flooding in the valley) (7) during a night sky (dreams), (8) showing the moon (unconscious), (9) and six (harmony) stars (small spotty lights). (10) Under the hermit mountain, there is a lightning (destruction by fire), (11) striking the United States (end of US supremacy). See more info about the US superpower cycle in the article 2010-2025: Our World In Transition. The marching people in the valley are carrying groups flags: (a) TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) blue flag, crossed, (b) TTP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) red flag, crossed, (c) EU (European Union) blue flag crossed, (d) STOP (attacks against the USA?) red on white flag, (e) NO (no other Brexit?) white on blue flag, (f) a small unreadable red flag, crossed, (g) a small unreadable blue flag, and (h) a very small unreadable red flag. It looks like f, g and h are not specific but only mean “more…”

With those symbols of world political mastery and anti-US Establishment supremacy (lighting over US as well as the three main flags a, b and c), the Hermit of the Economist is nobody else than Rothschild himself with his own world power vision.

10 – The Renewing WHEEL OF FORTUNE – RENEWAL – To accept
Go with the flow of life cycles and seek help of others if needed


The traditional Wheel of Fortune tarot card shows three animals turning head first in an anti-clockwise rotation. The card symbolizes life vicissitudes of successes and failures.

The Economist Wheel of Fortune shows three European political leaders rotating head first in a clockwise rotation. There are two ballot boxes in the bottom, where each contain a voting ticket with a letter “x”, indicating that the “x” can be rigged in favor of any candidate to be selected by whom is holding the handle to rotate the wheel. It is obvious  for Rothschild that the invisible handle decision maker is none other than himself.

The Economist Wheel of Fortune is in line with the Hermit EU crossed flag, meaning that Rothschild is planning to end the EU. The three persons on the Wheel of Fortune are Germany, France and Holland key candidates for the coming 2017 elections: (1) Angela Merkel the incombent candidate for Germany elections to be held somewhere between August 27 and October 22, (2) Marine Le Pen for France elections to be held between April 23 and May 7 and (3) Mark Rutte the incumbent candidate for Holland elections to be held on March 15. The Economist Wheel of Fortune indicates Rothshild plans: (1) Eliminate Angela Merkel (dark cloud with lightning and rotating head down) as the US Establishment candidate, (2) Support Marine Le Pen (sun in the sky and rotating head up), kind of a French Trump, in favor of a Frexit referendum and (3) Wait to see how the Dutch campaign enfolds (emerging new head) and decide between Mark Rutte continued country leadership or Geert Wilders the contested Dutch populist. Note that all three are bound to the Wheel of Fortune meaning that they have no freedom of action and are totally dependent of the decision maker power.

13 – The Rebirthing DEATHREVOLUTION – To eliminate
Destroy what is over and build anew


There is no resemblance of the Economist card of Death with any classical tarot card with the same name. So, let’s observe it from Rothschild perspective. The skeleton in a black (funeral) robe and holding a scythe is the symbol of death. The scenery is a nuclear apocalypse. Everything is dead except the horse with a red (life) harness and two blue flying insects. The fish in the dried out river is either dead or dying, and so are the three plants. The yellow (gold) sky is centered around a radiating red (life) sun while nine small yellow (gold) pieces are found scattered on the desolated land.

With the last minute replacement of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump for the US Presidency, the London City (lead by the Rothschild Dynasty) dethroned the US Establishment (lead by the Bush Dynasty) after a century of supremacy. The power change went from 51/49 to 49/51 and is still very volatile. It is certain that the US Establishment will not give up its centennial supremacy without a fight. They still have the strongest military force in the world and may consider using the nuclear option. With such a scenario there would only be losers. Everyone is very much aware of that and nobody wants a nuclear apocalypse. In this poker game, the winner may die too. I am more inclined to believe that for Rothschild the apocalypse image is a metaphor for the unavoidable world economic and financial collapse, which will be painful but will open the door for a better life on earth.

16 – The Inspiring TOWER – INSPIRATION – To celebrate
Return to solid ground and dance


In certain classical tarot decks, the Tower card is called “Maison-Dieu”, “God’s House”, which in the Economist Tower card is represented by a Christian cross above the door. Above the Tower, the sky has very dark clouds with a huge thunderstorm and powerful lightnings. The Tower explosion symbolizes the Christianity fate in a war of religions. The Tower is spliced in two parts with followers groups on each side. Christianity on the right (the Christ on the cross) and Leninist Communism (the red flag with hammer and sickle) on the left. As Communism was more of a Christianity adversary in the past, I believe that Communism is a politically correct metaphor for today’s Islamism. The Tower is accessed by an angular path (broken access) surrounded by yellow (gold) wavy land (Vatican wealth). There is a note on the door (Vatican City is closed) and some texts and stones (Christianity relics losses) are falling from the exploded Tower. Rothschild vision is that Christianity, as we knew it, will lose its two millenaries superpower.

17 – The Giving STAR – EXPRESSION – To give
Act upon the world and live completely


There is no resemblance of the Economist card of The Star with any classical tarot card with the same name. The image represents 14 big yellow 8-pointed (cardinal perfection) stars (fixed), 10 white small stars (the solar system) and one meteors (mobile shooting star) in a blue sky above a red soils with craters (new planet). Inside each big star, there is a picture of a young unidentified person (youth in general). The 10 white stars imply that the red celestial body is situated outside our solar system. We are in space where youth is shining. The meteor is representing a star in transformation. From Rothschild vision, human race apocalypse on earth will not be final. There will be new life in space after.

20 – The Transforming JUDGMENT – TRANSFORMATION – To be reborn
Welcome the irresistible call of your soul and prepare for a new level of consciousness


There is no resemblance of the Economist card of Judgment with any classical tarot card with the same name. With a crowned globe (world power) in his right hand (active) and a scepter (royal power) in his left hand (receptive), Donald Trump feels like the world Emperor (very much like the Emperor tarot card). However in traditional Emperor card, the Emperor holds the scepter in his right hand and the globe in the left. This indicates that Trump received the world power instead of conquering it. The Judgment card shows Trump dressed in black (funeral), sitting only on the United States and not the world. Hence his vulnerability. Rothschild vision is that Trump is blinded by his narcissistic power and seems to forget who put him there. Trump could be taken out of power if he does not obey Rothschild directions.

21 – The Awakening WORLD – AWAKENING – To triumph
You attained a soul awareness realization, enjoy your life to the utmost


There is no resemblance of the Economist card of The World with any classical tarot card with the same name. The yellow (gold) sun (king of the universe) radiates its rays to the yellow earth continents (material wealth) on which lay three sacred architectures (spiritual wealth): a Greek temple, a Roman temple and an Egyptian pyramid. They are symbolized by a red (life) book (knowledge), a framed artwork (art) and two masks (life as the theater of tragedy and comedy). All three in turn are summarized by a red (life) framed artwork (art) and an open book (science). According to Rothschild vision, the World card represents his philanthropist side in the art and science world.

A Few Closing Words

According to Rothschild views and anticipations of the 2017 world, we are heading towards a dark period of major radical world changes: world economic and financial collapse, end of Christianity and the European Union, in an unpredictable Trump Planet. The eight tarot cards symbolize a paradigm shift of historic proportion. I want to believe that from the destruction, a more just, more humane and more united world will emerge … the Age of Aquarius that anticipates the art and science unity, as it appears in Rothschild ultimate vision of the World card.

As the paradigm shift will happen anyway, here is my single suggestion for Rothschild. “As conflicts only create problems and solve none, why not try love, light and harmony for a change.

In love, light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard

Who Are Those Secretive Billionaires Ruling The World And Our Lives?

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The Fight For Global Supremacy Between Two Financial Groups Is Key To Understand The World Future

300x300-read-carefullyThis article is crucial for who wants to understand today’s world issues. There are two groups fighting for the global financial power and all their decisions are only function of their own camp interests, alliances and oppositions, regardless of the impact on populations. For instance, they will decide of war or peace in the world by manipulating politicians, medias, voters and voting machines. This article will give you the key to understand the backstage plots.

As I was seeking to understand the US elections last minute radical change in Trump favor, I found that not one but two financial groups were fighting for the world ruling. Like two mafia families, not only do they operate in the underground, but they are also at war with each other. Uncovering their secrets is far from obvious and figuring out how they affect our lives even more so. To understand what is happening at our local level requires to first grasp the global picture from the top down. The world financial war is happening regardless of people interests, political parties and national identities. Billionaires are divided in two main groups, “Establishment” and “Elites”, fighting for the world financial power and with many crossovers among them, such as the Federal Reserve ownership or the duplicitous George Soros. “Establishment” and “Elites” are denominations often mixed up or wrongly amalgamated. Who are the entities behind those words? We are living historical times. In the fight for world supremacy, the centennial US champion (World Establishment, US Deep State) was recently defeated (Brexit and Trump) by the challenger (World Elites, City of London). Though the following chart about those two groups outlines only the visible tip of the iceberg, it gives already some clarity about each respective powers. It explicits side-by-side leaderships, controls and strategies, helping to understand past issues as well as present and future alliances and oppositions.



World Bank
Réserve Fédérale
Single Currency World Reserve
US Dollar
Goldman Sachs

Unipolar World Ruler
World Globalist
European Union
Old Paradigm
Mainstream Media


Military War
Financial Peace



International Monetary Fund
Bank International Settlements
Special Drawing Rights
US-UK-Japan-China Currencies
JPMorgan Chase

Multipolar World Rulers
USA + UK + Russia + China
World Federalist
European Division, Brexit
New Paradigm
Alternative Media


Military Peace
Financial War

To make things even more complex, apart from those two world financial groups, there are also groups controlling religious power such as the Vatican City and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Our World Has Just Tilted From the Old to the New Paradigm

The image below shows the paradigm shift in its 2010-2025 context.

2010-2025: Our World In Transition (From an Astro Tarology perspective)
2010-2025: Our World In Transition (From an Astro Tarology perspective) – Click to enlarge

To find all explanations about this very important image, please read our previous article titled “2010-2025: Our World In Transition“. That 15-year period is divided in 3 phases. If nothing else, get a closer look on the key illustrated summary below.

2010-2025 Our World In Transition
2010-2025 Our World In Transition – Click to enlarge

How The New Paradigm Will Affect Our Lives

In future articles I will be more specific about changes affecting our daily lives, but for now let’s limit our view to the big picture. The good news is that the spectre of a nuclear World War III has become less likely. The bad news is that it will be impossible to defer the world financial day of reckoning forever. Trump will be the scapegoat for the very painful economic collapse that will happen under his watch, even if its deterioration developed over several decades before his presidency. With a rough landing to planet earth, the year 2017 will come with both pain and relief. The year 2018 will set the opening for new great potentials. Those able to free themselves from the obsolete past to the stimulating new future will live exciting and challenging years ahead. All others, whether resisting the change or not, will have no other choice but to also adapt. Since adaptation is going to happen anyway, might as well assuage the pain and go with the flow during the transition. A new historical age is just born in front of our eyes. Let’s envision it as a unique opportunity to build a more just, more united and more humane world !!!

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard

Ce Lundi 14 Novembre 2016 – L’Extra-SuperLune et Vous

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 Le 14 Novembre 2016 – La Plus Grande SuperLune Depuis 1948


L’extra-superlune de lundi est un événement rare qui ne se produit qu’une seule fois dans une vie. La dernière fois c’était en 1948 et la prochaine sera en 2034. Plus de détails peuvent être trouvés dans notre article récent intitutilé “Superlunes – Délires, Réalité Et Les Élections Américaines“.

L’Extra-SuperLune De Lundi et Vous

C’est pendant une super-lune que la lune reflète la plus grande quantité de lumière du soleil sur notre planète terre. Plus de lumière visible révélera plus de vérités cachées. De ce dimanche à mardi, le soleil est dans le signe du scorpion et la lune dans celui du taureau. Votre horoscope soli-lunaire serait marqué par la carte astro-tarologique intitulée “La Marionnette”.

Symbolon Card "The Marionette"
Symbolon Card “The Marionette”

Avec une telle configuration céleste il se peut que vous vous sentiez come si vous jouez votre vie au lieu de la vivreCliquez ici pour votre horoscope complet et trouvez y la suggestion pour tirer le meilleur parti de cette journée d’extra-superlune.

Le Passage Douloureux de l’Obscurité à la Lumière


Pendant des décennies, l’économie mondiale occidentale s’est progressivement détériorée. Les dettes et le chômage ont augmenté de façon exponentielle et sont maintenant hors de contrôle. Les banques centrales, le système bancaire et les pays sont devenus insolvables. Au lieu d’aborder ces questions douloureuses à leurs débuts, l’irresponsable monde financier, politique et médiatique a choisi d’utiliser des stratégies pour différer la souffrance en donnant l’illusion que tout allait bien, alors qu’il ne ce n’était pas le cas. Ce qui aurait pu être guéri à temps est maintenant devenu ingérable. Il n’y a plus de route pour y lancer la cannette plus loin. Il n’y a plus de trucs disponibles pour tromper tout le monde et le sentiment de sécurité ne peut plus être falsifié. Échapper à la réalité n’est plus une option. Personne dans le monde ne peut résoudre la situation sans d’abord revenir sur terre, qui malheureusement ne se fera pas douceur. On dirait que le capitalisme, comme nous l’avons connu, est au bout du rouleau. Toutefois, comme toujours, après la tempête le ciel redeviendra bleu.

Trump Devra Gérer La Douloureuse Réalité


Trump voulait gagner sans toutefois devenir président, mais les élites en ont décidé autrement. Cliquez ici pour un article récent intitulé “Dévoiler le Secret Derrière la Victoire Inattendue de Donald Trump”. L’illusion n’est plus une option et quelqu’un devra faire face à la mission ingrate d’infliger la douleur de la réalité à un monde capitaliste dans le tourment. En traitant avec le crime organisé et la faillite, les jours de casino de Trump viendront l’aider. Il a été choisi pour la rude mission d’aujourd’hui de gérer la tempête à venir. Son nom sera toujours associé à l’une des présidences la plus douloureuse. Sans en être conscient, Trump peut très bien être le Gorbatchev du capitalisme. La super-lune actuelle peut très bien être le déclencheur de cette nouvelle direction vers la lumière. Après la douleur et les leçons tirées de l’échec, le Phoenix renaîtra de ses cendres. Espérons qu’une nouvelle ère glorieuse avec plus d’humanisme et de justice en émergera !!!