01 The Initiating MAGICIAN


He succeeded because he didn’t know it was impossible.

-Jean Cocteau

The Magician is the second letter of the tarot alphabet


Of the 22 major arcana, the Fool was numberless and the Magician is actually the number one. Learning that letter will help you gaining a greater awareness of your inner Magician. For all exercises, it is recommended to indicate the date, location and mood. Beware of the Devil (Arcana 15), as he does not want you to gain a greater awareness. He will try to derail you from your positive intent. He knows how to tempt you away from the right path. Always be stronger. The most exciting journey of your life has just begun. Enjoy!!

Day 1 – Express your emotions (Inner child coloring)

Coloring calls your emotional power. Remember when you were a child, you would make designs without thinking. Let’s reconnect with that inner child. Click, download and print the full page TDM Magician (“Le Bateleur”) black and white image below.


Color the image using color pencils, markers, paints or digital tools if you are so inclined. There is no right or wrong coloring way, though validating your inner child expression has a positive therapeutic effect. When done, relax and take the time to answer the following questions.

(1) What is your design dominant color? (2) What feelings does that color evoke in you? (3) What feelings did each object in the Magician hands and on the table evoke in you? (4) Did Hermes myth resonated in you when you were coloring? (5) Do you perceive the Magician as helpful? (6) What life change do you wish to start? (7) What are the directions from which you will have to choose? (8) What are your potentials? (9) Can you trust your intuitions? (10) Is there anything in your life today that you can relate to the Magician symbolism? (11) Was the Magician evoking a solution or a problem in you?

Day 2 – Awaken your intuition (Observing more symbols)

(1) What new symbols did you observed when coloring (such as the Magician’s sixth finger, a woman pelvic area between his legs, the double belt, one foot has a double sock, the left arm is different than the right, etc…)? (2) What would they mean for you? (3) Would you have added to or subtracted symbols from the design?

Day 3 – Stimulate your inspiration (Internet browsing)

There is an endless source of information online about tarology and astrology. These days those disciplines have become of mainstream interest. We encourage you to navigate the web and seek information about the Magician. Astro Tarology is not interested in fortune tellers websites. Your intuition will help you sorting out the reliable websites with professional content from the weaker ones. Our purpose is to provide you with tools to gain true personal growth insights and increase your awareness. You will find other honest astrologers and tarologers online. Gain inspiration from their presentations to complement what you are learning here which is innovative in more ways than one.

(1) What inspiration did you gain from the browsing? (2) Was any finding useful? (3) In what way did it correlate to this blog content?

Day 4 – Invoke your active imagination (Carl Jung creative technique)

800x1407-disney-magicianSit or lay down comfortably, relax and take a deep breath. You are about to embark on a fantasy tour. Imagine Mickey as the Magician. Imagine that you are Mickey’s best friend. You are now standing next to him as he is about to make a choice to start his life journey.

(1) Imagine the conversation and record your impressions. (2) Do you remember the details? (3) Who started the conversation? (4) What was the first thing being said? (5) What was your message to him? (6) What was his reaction? (7) Which of the objects in his hand or on the table would you believed he should take with him? (8) Which would appeal the least? (9) In your conversation, did anything relate to your own life? (10) If yes, be specific.

By the way, do you remember your dreams (the royal road to your personal symbols dictionary)? If yes, do you keep a dream journal? If you don’t, it is like keeping a best friend letter unopened. Start tomorrow morning right after waking up.

Become more and more attuned with your inner Magician. For instance, you can ritualize the relationship in your daily life by visualizing your colored design in your mind at any time, carrying it with you, holding it against your heart or putting it under your pillow. You can do the same with the Magician card if you own a tarot deck.

Day 5 – Increase your level of consciousness (Personal memories and reflections)

(1) Are you facing a life choice now? (2) What happen when you face an important choice, do you decide easily or do you rather defer the decision? (3) Does the Magician evokes memories of previous important choices? (4) How do you see the options? (5) On what do you need to focus the most on your preferred option? (6) What is your inner voice telling you? (7) Can you picture the new reality waiting for you? (8) Which of the four life spheres (material, emotional, creative-sexual, intellectual) has a greater appeal for you now? (9) Be specific.

We recommend the reading of the post about Donald Trump, the egomaniac we love to hate.

When you are ready for a decision, listen to your inner Magician. He will hold your hand when you will be facing obstacles. Trust him on your path to unsuspected happiness and awareness levels.

Is everything you learned in this post clear in your head and heart? Do not hesitate to ask or make a comment in the reply box below. The next arcana will be about the Incubating High Priestess in you and will follow the same format. Between now and then practice regularly the above exercises to add more insights about the Magician in you. Similarly to becoming a talented musician, “practice, practice, practice” is key.

Click on 1 for the MAGICIAN Symbolism

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