A Fable About Money – Une Fable A Propos De l’Argent

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The Three Forgers – Les Trois Faux-Monnayeurs

Uncle Richie, Uncle Bernie and Uncle Sammy - Click to enlarge
Forger Richie, Forger Bernie and Forger Sammy – Click to enlarge

Speculation with fake money works … until it doesn’t.

When only backed by belief, money is just ink on paper. Let’s meet three forgers: Forger Richie (the local), Forger Bernie (the national) and Forger Sammy (the world). By listening to them, we may question our money system and draw practical lessons for our daily lives.

Forger Richie a/k/a Mr Monopoly a/k/a The Banker
Astro Tarology Card “The Devilish Seducer” (Pluto)

Symbolon Card “The Seducer”

Forger Richie prints fake money but he looks like a good guy because (1) he gives everyone the same capital to start the real estate speculation game, (2) that capital is a gift and not a loan, and (3) he has no expectations at the end of the game whether from millionaires or bankrupts. Non of this would actually happen in real life.
The Monopoly money devilish side. Good Forger Richie has also an evil side as he encourages all players (1) to try to become the single entity to control the real estate market and (2) to rejoice in driving the other players into bankruptcy. Hurting family and friends feelings is not worth material gains, even in a game.
Forger Richie lesson. Monopoly money is fake but family and friends are real. What if all world money was fake? Money can’t buy love. One day, the ink on money may evaporate and we should be prepared to stick together when that happens. Lesson #1: Loved ones are more important than money. Family unity is priceless. Cultivate your friendships old and new. They are irreplaceable. Be there for them.

Forger Bernie a/k/a Mr Ponzi a/k/a The Stock Broker
Astro Tarology Card “The False Magician” (Sun-Pluto)

Symbolon Card “The Magician”

Before the Monopoly game starts, Forger Richie is the ultimate monopolist as he owns all the money and all the properties. Nobody knows how he got in that position and nobody is asking him to prove it. Unlike Forger Richie, Forger Bernie was facing the major challenge to make believe that his fake debts were backed by real assets. Forger Bernie started as a respected stockbroker who even became Nasdaq Chairman. Later he gained the reputation of a magician as he would produce superior financial results regardless of the market volatility. In order to live up to his reputation, new money would be used to pay ongoing unusual returns rather than buying backing assets. At a certain point, Forger Bernie had reached a thriving business with no assets at all. Master in manipulation, he would only accept new clients when sponsored by existing ones. This talented staging would last for decades until the tragic day when there was not enough new money to keep the snowball rolling.
Forger Bernie lesson. In the Monopoly game there is a card to get out of jail, but not in real life for Forger Bernie. Clients, friends and charitable organizations lost a lot of money and family tragedies followed Forger Bernie downfall. Instead of creating misery to everyone, Forger Bernie could have used his natural talents for good, such as becoming another David Copperfield. What if all the world debt was fake? Money can’t buy you talents. One day, the ink on money may evaporate and your talents may save your life when that happens.  Lesson #2: Talents are more important than money. Cultivate your own gifts, what you do better than others. Not only you will enjoy it, but who knows it may help you one day reinventing yourself if needed.

Forger Sammy a/k/a Mr USA a/k/a The Central Bank
Astro Tarology Card “The Global Deceiver” (Mercury-Neptune)

Symbolon Card "Deception"
Symbolon Card “Deception”

Backed by commodities, Forger Sammy has printed paper dollars forever. In 1944, the dollar would become the world reserve and Forger Sammy would guarantee its convertibility to gold. In 1971 he decided unilaterally to terminate the gold convertibility (the Nixon shock) and dollars would continued to be printed at infinitum ever since without any backing other than their beholders beliefs. To be ironic about the global deception, one could say: “We will pay the world debt as soon as we find money on another planet …
Forger Sammy lesson. Like for Forger Bernie, Forger Sammy has passed the critical mass where there is no more possible pause and control. Here is what Voltaire had to say in 1729: “Paper money, based on the sole trust in its printing government, eventually returns to its intrinsic value, which is zero.” Instead of wasting his monetary power in unnecessary wars and useless goods, Forger Sammy could have used his experience more wisely. What if all the world debt was fake? Money can’t buy you experience. One day, the ink on money may evaporate and your experience may save your life when that happens. Lesson #3: Experience is more important than money. Never stop learning from your life events, especially when things don’t go your way. We learn nothing from our successes, only from overcoming hardship. Good judgement comes from experience, which often comes from bad judgement!!

The Moral of “Three Forgers” Fable

Loved ones, talent and experience are more important than money, but would be useless without health. What good is it to waste an entire life making money only to pay the doctor at the end? Here is the final ranking of values: (1) Health, (2) Loved Ones, (3) Experience, (4) Talent and (5) Money. Money can’t buy (1), (2), (3) and (4). For most people money is number one, a priority worth revisiting.

In light and harmony,
Serge Bernard

2010-2025: Our World In Transition – Notre Monde En Transition

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This Topic is of the Utmost Importance

Since the 2008 financial debacle, our world has been evolving in uncertainties and trouble. What is happening is something bigger than a typical recession. We are experiencing a paradigm shift of historical proportion. Nobody knows what events will happen next and neither does us. However, Astro Tarology can provide us with anticipations about trends and potentials. Below is an image summarizing the suggested paradigm shift covering the period 2010-2025. Each component will first be described and later detailed one by one.

The Paradigm Shift in One Single Image

2010-2025: Our World In Transition From an Astro Tarology Perspective

(1) The images in the top row show each year’s metaphoric meaning.
(2) The Symbolon cards in the second row show Pluto in zodiac signs.
(3) The Symbolon cards in the third row show Uranus in zodiac signs.
(4) The bottom left chart shows the square Uranus-Pluto in progress.
(5) The bottom right chart shows the US empire lifecycle.

Note about first publication dates
– The 2010-2019 portion of (1) + chart (4): November 2011
– The chart (5) + Sir John Glubb chart below (6): March 2015

From 859 BC to 1950 – The Empires Life Cycles

All empires in history went from conquest to affluence to collapse. Regardless of financial strength, political power and knowledge of previous history life cycles, no empire leader has ever been able to prevent its supremacy from collapsing. For instance, the successive Chinese dynasties would always rise, stay and fall regardless of lessons learned from the past. Empires life cycles would repeat over and over following a same cyclical pattern. In 1977, Sir John Glubb wrote an essay titled “The Fate of Empires” whose life periods are summarized below (6).

Life-cycles of Empires by Sir John Glubb
Empires Life Cycles by Sir John Glubb

We can see that during 3 millenaries the average superpowers duration period has been consistently of about 250 years. By the way, let’s note that the full 250-year cycle corresponds to about ten 25-year generations. This 250-year duration presents an unexpected consistency, especially if we consider all the major changes during the 3000 years in transportation speed and weapons sophistication, which has expanded territories conquests from local to global. Regardless of the historical period, the life cycle was always of about 250 years. Something bigger than their leaders was inclining empires to rise and also to fall. While we could seek a spiritual explanation of divine influence, we can also look at the sky from an astrologer perspective and find out that there are perfect correlations between the 250-year empires live cycles and Pluto’s 247-year orbital cycle. When a country is born, Pluto occupies a certain position in the sky, which eventually will return to the same position in about 247 years. That period corresponds to the entire superpower life cycle. In his essay, Sir John Glubb also revealed that all empires cycles in history have followed a same 8-phase pattern process: (1) outburst, (2) conquest, (3) commerce, (4) affluence, (5) intellect, (6) decadence, (7) decline and (8) collapse. While not necessarily of equal duration, each phase would last an average of about 41 years. A visual representation for the US empire life-cycle is represented in above chart (5) and described as follows.

From 1776 to 2023 – The US Empire Life Cycle Phases

The USA was born on July 4, 1776. That day Pluto was positioned at 27º33′ of Capricorn and will return to that same natal position during the years 2021-2023, which is about 246 years later as found with most of the historical empires life-cycles. During that orbital period, transiting Pluto covered all angles from 0º to 360º with natal Pluto. Angles multiple of 45 degrees are critical and correspond to tensions during each of the 8 phases transitions. Below is a rudimentary historical outline associating USA superpower life cycle with Pluto orbital cycle.

July 4 1776 – : USA Declaration of Independence is signed
1776-1806 – Outburst: George Washington
1806-1809 – 45º: The end of slaves trade
1809-1847 – Conquest: Wars and battles
1847-1851 – 90º: The gold rush begins
1851-1894 – Commerce: General Electric is born
1894-1898 – 135º: The income tax bill is passed
1898-1935 – Affluence: Roaring 30’s
1935-1938 – 180º: Orson Welles “War of the Worlds”
1938-1962 – Intellect: Disney movies
1962-1964 – 135º: John Kennedy is assassinated
1964-1981 – Decadence: Sex, drugs and rock & roll
1981-1983 – 90º: Bombing of the Beirut US Embassy
1983-2000 – Decline: The Lewinsky scandal
2000-2001 –45º: World Trade Center terrorist attack
2001-2021 – Collapse: System ineluctable implosion
2021-2023 – : Projected end of US supremacy

Human death is unavoidable regardless of the wisdom and knowledge about what happened to previous dead people, and so are empires that rise and live until their inexorable collapse. Superpowers life and death patterns will repeat themselves whether their leaders study past history cycles or not. Cosmic life is bigger than human life. USA last phase runs from Pluto semi-square in 2001 to Pluto return to its natal position in 2022. It is worth noting the year 2001 amazing synchronicity between Pluto semi-square (45º), the historic empire transition from decadence to collapse and the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Center Towers.

USA may win the battle against terrorism, but will lose the supremacy war against the rest of the world, where contenders such as China are already preparing themselves for the opportunity to fill the vacuum. This process started in 2001 and most USA power strategies miserably failed ever since. We are now seeing a growing world chaos until USA final supremacy collapse around 2022-2023. This will only mean the end of USA supremacy but not the end of the USA. As Britain continued to exist after its 1950 superpower collapse, so will the USA. By that time, China will still be in the early stage of its superpower cycle. A bi-polar world supremacy consensus USA-China will emerge for decades to follow.

France revolution took place on July 14, 1789 which was 13 years after the 1776 US independence. It comes with no surprise to see September 11, 2001 World Trade terrorists attacks followed 13 years later by the Charlie Hebdo terrorists attacks in France. Analogical patterns would then lead to anticipate France supremacy (and Europe) to end about 13 years after the US, which would be around 2034-2036.

From 2011 to 2025 – The World Paradigm Shift

In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell

February 2011 – May 2018: Denial and Trouble


As indicated before, Pluto’s orbital cycle lasts about 247 years during which it is sweeping the 12 zodiac signs. Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn in 2008 where it will stay for 16 years until entering the sign of Aquarius in 2024. That period covers the 2008 financial collapse until the 2023 US supremacy collapse. The corresponding Astro Tarology (Symbolon) card for that period is titled “Depression”. That somber card is selected by the sky and not by the interpreter. It is also worth noting that the world loss of values parallels Elizabeth Kubler-Ross humans five loss phases: (1) denial, (2) anger, (3) bargain, (4) depression and (5) acceptance.

Planet Uranus orbital cycle lasts about 84 years during which it is sweeping the 12 zodiac signs. Uranus entered the sign of Aries in 2011 where it would stay for 7 years until entering the sign of Taurus in 2018. That period covers the political upheaval from 2011 Occupy Wall Street until 2018 Trump disruption. The corresponding dysfunctional Astro Tarology (Symbolon) card, again selected by the sky, is titled “The Troublemaker”.

If that was not enough, the 2011-2018 period is also marked by the square (90º) Uranus-Pluto meaning major tensions between the two planets. The square happened to be exact not less than seven times as seen in the top chart on the bottom left (4). In Greek mythology, Uranus is associated with Prometheus and Pluto with Hades. Thus, Uranus square Pluto would mean “Human Freedom conflicts with Machiavellian Power“.

May 2018 – December 2023: Acceptance and Hope


With Pluto’s darkness still in the background, the ingress of Uranus in the sign of Taurus in 2018 will mark the end of the troubled period bringing real change and hope. The corresponding Astro Tarology (Symbolon) changing card for Uranus in the sign of Taurus, again selected by the sky, is titled “Farewell”. The transition towards the new life paradigm may not be painless, but then we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

From January 2024 on: Rebirth and Renewal

The Phoenix
The Phoenix

We will have to wait until early 2024 when Pluto will enter the sign of Aquarius for the rebirth. The corresponding Astro Tarology (Symbolon) renewal card for Pluto in the sign of Aquarius, again selected by the sky, is titled “The Phoenix”. An exciting time where new societal birth will raise from its ashes: the coming “Age of Aquarius”, a more humane, united and just life paradigm.

Our world in transition, the Symbolon cards, their names, archetypes and symbols and the astrological cycles offer such an amazingly meaningful synchronicity. The image below shows a 2010-2025 summary overview of our world in transition.

2010-2025 Our World In Transition
2010-2025 Our World In Transition – Click to enlarge

Practically, take one week at the time until the blue sky will be back. In the meantime reflect on the following quote:

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” –Anonymous

Personal Notes
(1) About the past: I am not an historian and am very interested of anyone’s comments about historical correctness.
(2) About the future: I believe that nobody can predict future events. Personal, local, national or world events don’t exist before people produce them. Seasoned futurologists can only announce trends or potentials. Like doctors and meteorologists, they have the right to be wrong. Practically, futurologists don’t make previsions, they only reveal the present to people who are stuck in the past. Therefore, I would rather name their visions as anticipations instead of previsions.

Trump Secret Plan: Not Becoming the Next President – Ne Pas Devenir le Prochain Président

Texte et vidéo en français

Text in English – Vidéo en français

About Predictions and Futurologists in General

Nobody can predict future events. Personal, local, national or world events don’t exist before people make them to happen. Seasoned futurologists can only announce trends or potentials. Like doctors and meteorologists, they have the right to be wrong. In fact, futurologists don’t make previsions, they only reveal the present to people who are stuck in the past.

Yesterday Anticipations About Trump

In January 2016, there were still 17 candidates for the Republican Party nomination, including Jeb Bush with the entire establishment backing him financially and politically. Here is what I wrote in a January 25 post about Trump political future.

Trump becoming the Republican nominee is more likely than not. All his non-rational arguments based on people fear and anger to obtain that nomination will be used against him during the Presidential race. On the finish line, voters will have the choice between false international security (isolationism) and false prosperity hope (socialism). Survival prevailing, voters will choose the latter and Trump will loose the bid to the White House. Trump said that if he doesn’t become President, he will return to build buildings. For him loosing a battle is just another obstacle to overcome until winning the war. With a major lack of public funding, the new President will fail miserably in making good on electoral social promises. Trump will lead a very vocal opposition with his usual attacks, now capitalizing on people domestic fear and anger. The new President may even have to resign before term’s end and Trump will present himself as the Nation savior.

Today’s Anticipations About Trump


Today’s anticipations are not different than my four January points.

Point 1: Trump already became the Republican Party nominee.
Point 2: Week after week Trump has been sabotaging himself. Some believe that his limitless need for attention superseded his winning strategy. Unlike them, I don’t perceive him to be that stupid. Trump already knows that, unless a hacker revelation deal Hillary a fatal blow, he will not become the next President. He is then planning to win by NOT becoming the next President, appearing like a winner and staying as the key vocal opposition leader after the election. His ideal scenario would be to win the popular votes and lose the Presidency due to the delegates manipulation. If he doesn’t win the popular votes, he already staged the rigged electoral system to explain that he won regardless of the election results.
Point 3: With a popular support angrier than ever, Trump will attack ferociously the next President for whom he will require and successfully obtain its impeachment.
Point 4: After the impeachment, the population will plebiscite Trump as the nation savior.

Let’s check again after the November election.

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard

Le Zodiaque et Vous En Une Seule Image

English Version

Astro Tarology, Signes du Zodiaque and Cartes Symbolon

L’image ci-après inclut (1) les 12 signes du zodiaque avec (2) leurs planètes maîtresses associées et (3) les 12 cartes Symbolon avec leurs noms respectifs. Basé sur votre signe solaire, focalisez sur la carte Symbolon qui lui correspond et (a) découvrez les mots-clé de votre personnalité ainsi que (b) savoir si votre type est plutôt extraverti ou plutôt introverti. Amusez-vous bien !!

Le Guerrier, Mars, Bélier La Maîtresse, Vénus, Taureau Le Médiateur, Mercure, Gémeaux La Mère, Lune, Cancer L’Ego, Soleil, Lion La Servante, Mercure, Vierge Le Partenaire, Vénus, Balance Le Séducteur, Pluton, Scorpion Le Prêtre, Jupiter, Sagittaire Le Maître, Saturne, Capricorne Le Joker, Uranus, Verseau L’Ange, Neptune, Poissons

Signes du Zodiaque, Extraversion, Introversion et Vous

Bélier (21 mars – 19 avril)

BÉLIER: Commencement, Impulsion, Création Personnalité: Énergétique, entreprenant, impulsif, plein d’enthousiasme et d’impulsions Extraverti: Regarde à l’extérieur, conquérant du monde matériel et spatial Introverti: Regarde à l’intérieur, conquérant du monde spirituel et intellectuel

Taureau (20 avril – 20 mai)

TAUREAU: Réceptivité, Talent, Créativité Personnalité: Énorme capacité de travail, persévérance, entêtement, lent au démarrage Extraverti: Le taureau combatif, expansif, confiant, hypermotivé, actif, optimiste Introverti: Le taureau pacifique, personne lente qui anticipe, phlegmatique, taciturne

Gémeaux (21 mai – 20 juin)

GÉMEAUX: Dualité, Mobilité, Instinct Personnalité: Impulsif, spontané, réponses rapides, immédiat, actions irréfléchies Extraverti: Type Pollux, suractif, sans âme, sous émotif, animé, curieux, ironique Introverti: Type Castor, sous actif, instable, émotionnel, excitable, mobilité sans fin

Cancer (21 juin – 22 juillet)

CANCER: Naissance, Mère, Passé Personnalité: Importance de l’hérédité, de la famille, enfance, pays, tradition religieuse Extraverti: Excitable, lunatique, capricieux, nomade émotionnel, infidèle, sens de l’humour Introverti: Sentimental, réflexions morales, auto-torture, méditation profonde, souvenirs

Lion (23 juillet – 22 août)

LION: Ego, Rayonnement, Sexe Personnalité: Désir des choses matérielles, égoïste, instincts primaires, lumière unique Extraverti: Type Helios, réaliste, combatif, matérialiste, recherche une grande influence Introverti: Type Apollon, idéaliste, champion de l’honneur, recherche beauté et perfection

Vierge (23 août – 22 septembre)

VIERGE: Vierge, Féminine, Servante Personnalité: Pouvoir de compréhension, Vierge Marie, servante de la connaissance universelle Extraverti: Anal-expulsif, instinctif, indiscipliné, rebelle, désorganisé, sadique Introverti: Anal-rétentif, rétracté en soi, réservé, timide, obsédé par les détails

Balance (23 septembre – 22 octobre)

BALANCE: Équilibre, Sentiment, Bon goût Personnalité: Pèse, mesure, compare comme une balance, équilibre yin et yang, pré-rationnel Extraverti: Type sentimental, rayonne de la chaleur, agréable, fait facilement des amis Introverti: Type sentimental intérieur, renfermé, réservé, silencieux, calme, anxieux

Scorpion (23 octobre – 21 novembre)

SCORPION: Mort, Renaissance, Mystère Personnalité: Explorateurs de l’occulte, fort ressenti des énergies du monde invisible Extraverti: Investigue et révèle les mystères de l’invisible, lucidité et jugement critique Introverti: Maître de ses démons intérieurs,il devient alchimiste, clairvoyant, medium, sage

Sagittaire (22 novembre – 21 décembre)

SAGITTAIRE: Lien, Attachement, Aspiration Personnalité: Relations, vise le niveau de l’ absolu, pour atteindre les plus hautes cibles Extraverti: Conformiste, aime la bonne vie, euphorique, aime le prestige et les honneurs Introverti: Rebelle, profondément indépendant, audacieux, vit à travers de multiples crises

Capricorne (22 décembre – 19 janvier)

CAPRICORNE: Ascension, Infini, Purification Personnalité: Constante réflection, ascension vers des buts infinis et en pure évolution Extraverti: L’ambitieux, cherche à atteindre pouvoir et domination,lucide, aspire au succès Introverti: Le détaché, choisit la voie de la privation, ascension morale et spirituelle

Verseau (20 janvier – 18 février)

VERSEAU: Expansion, Connaissance, Liberté Personnalité: Ressent être un étranger sur la terre, en exil il s’interroge sur sa mission Extraverti: L’aventurier, marginal, original, excentrique, indépendant, aime la révolution Introverti: Le sage, détaché des choses matérielles, libre pour des buts spirituels

Poissons (19 février – 20 mars)

POISSONS: Eternité, Synthèse, Cosmos Personnalité: Conscience éclairée, fusion avec l’universel, ressent la divinité cosmique Extraverti: Type extérieur, oblatif, généreux, bonté, humanité, oubli de soi Introverti: Type intérieur, métaphysique, mystique, communication avec l’esprit divin