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The Gayelord Hauser Healthy Diet

Gayelord Hauser
Gayelord Hauser

During the 1930’s in Los Angeles, Gayelord Hauser promoted something that didn’t exist before: a healthy food diet. It was not about losing weight as obesity wasn’t a concern back then. A genius in nutrition and marketing, he created a diet for living younger and longer. Gayelord Hauser diet was based on eating every day 5 ingredients which he claimed would add 5 years of life for each one of them. Those 5 “wonder food” were:  (1) yogurt, (2) brewers yeast, (3) powdered skim milk, (4) wheat germ, and (5) blackstrap molasses.

Gayelord Hauser wrote many nutritional books that were published worldwide in 12 languages. Adding business to his nutritional and marketing talents, he also produced those 5 ingredients under the “Gayelord Hauser” brand. Today, his name has faded and the 5 ingredients can be found in any grocery or health food stores.

For trivia buffs, Hauser was living in Hollywood, California, where he became popular among movie stars such as Adele Astaire (Fred Astaire elder sister), Marlene Dietrich, Paulette Goddard, Gloria Swanson, and, most famously, Greta Garbo with whom he may have been romantically involved.

Later, among those seeking his advice and guidance were Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergmann, Jeanne Moreau, and the Duchess of Windsor.

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My daily nutritional plan is inspired by Gayelord Hauser. Please find my daily food plan and recipe below, which I have been following religiously for more than a decade. I am feeling great and so can you.


Delicious longevity breakfast – So easy to prepare

1. Stir the following 5 ingredients in a bowl

• 3 tablespoons of oatmeal
• 1 tablespoon of brewer yeast
• 1 tablespoon of wheat germ
• 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds
• 1 tablespoon of chia seeds

2. Add soy milk, stir again and heat for 2-3 minutes in the microwave

3. Add the following 3 ingredients

• 1 teaspoon of blackstrap mollasses
• cover with ground cinnamon
• add nuts and dried fruits


. 1 apple. Yes, the one that keeps the doctor away


• 1 bowl of soy yogurt
• spread some honey
• cover with ground cinnamon
• add nuts and dried fruits


Note that since Hauser days, many nutritionists recommend to replace dairy by similar soy product. This recommendation explains my substitution of hauser two dairy ingredients. “You are what you eat” says a popular cliché, but you also become who you are. Follow the plan above and enjoy a long healthy life!!!

In light and harmony. Always, Serge Bernard

Happy 2016 Summertime !!

Happy Summer Break

Hamac and nature

Once in awhile, we all need some time off. Leave your brain on a hanger and take a walk in nature, travel to a new city or do whatever flushes your head. Seneca once said: “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” May this Summer bring you many delightful Seneca moments.
In light and love. Always, Serge

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PERCEPTION – Things Are Not What We Believe They Are

Serge’s two cents about PERCEPTION AND REALITY

A Full Moon Night On The Beach

The photo below shows a woman standing on the seashore facing the moon. The moon light is reflected on the ocean in the camera direction. The woman, the moon, the moon light and the camera are aligned.

The woman then decides to walk along the water for about an hour. To her delight she observes that the light reflection is following her. For the camera, the reflected moon light hasn’t changed. HOW COME THAT THE OCEAN SURFACE BETWEEN THE CAMERA AND THE WOMAN IS NOT ALL WHITE?

A Full Month Night On The Beach
A Full Moon Night On The Beach

What is happening?

The woman is perceiving the moon light. Thus that light can only be visualized if there is an observer. The next question is: WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THE OCEAN SURFACE WHEN THERE ARE NO OBSERVER?

The ocean surface on a full moon night must be different than on a zero moon night. The moon light activates some energy waves on the ocean surface that the observer’s eyes captures and transmits to the brain who will decode them into images. The reality of the moon light consists of visual waves. THUS THE IMAGE OF THE MOON LIGHT IS NOT ON THE OCEAN BUT IN THE OBSERVER’S BRAIN.

Visual perception is all about the conversion of the visual waves reality to images in the observer’s brain. In the same way, the camera produces a photo (visual waves of energy) that is perceived by an observer. The next question is: DOES THIS NOTION OF VISUAL PERCEPTION WORKS THE SAME WAY FOR SOUNDS?

The Tree In The Forest

A classical question asks: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”. Well the answer is no. The approach is the same as visual waves reality and image perception. When the tree falls, it creates a shockwave that can only be decoded as a sound by an observer’s brain. Thus the percussion of the fallen tree (reality) only becomes a sound in the observer head (perception). The brain functions like a radio that converts waves into sounds. The next question is: WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER SENSES?

The Five Senses And The Five Extra-Sensorial Senses

Sights and hearing realities are energy waves perceived as images and sounds in the observer’s brain. The same approach would also apply to touch, smell and taste. When we touch a table or move our hand in the surrounding air, we perceive either solidity or lightness. The reality lies touching waves of different density. The perception is the touch sense in the brain’s observer. The approach is the same for smell and taste. Thus all five senses proceed by receiving sensorial real waves that are decoded in the brain. The next question is: WHAT ABOUT THE EXTRA-SENSORIAL SENSES?

There is no reason why the approach for the five senses could not be extended to the five extra-sensorial senses: emotions, intuition, imagination, inspiration and consciousness. This confirm the assumption that our entire life is about perception. The ten different senses reality are energy waves whose representations are in our brain perception. Life is all about perception. No two persons have the same real waves perceptions and are subjective by nature. To address a conflict, two subjective parties should always start by healing their own perception.

The Observer And The Observed

Our life is all about perception that happens in our brain. The things, people  and the world (the observed) that we perceive are all in our brain (the observer). Everything the observer observes lies in his brain. THUS THE OBSERVER AND THE OBSERVED ARE PARTS OF THE SAME PERSON. THUS THE OBSERVER AND THE OBSERVED ARE THE SAME.

Illustration Of A Perception Conflict

The image below shows a hugging couple. Some people would perceive that the man is sitting while others would find it is the woman? Look again. Both are right as both are valid perceptions. The practical lesson about conflicts is that it is possible that opposite perceptions can both be right at the same time about the same issue.

Who hugs who?
Who hugs who? Who is sitting and who is standing?