Donald Trump, The Egomaniac We Love To Hate


Any man who wants to be president is either an egomaniac or crazy.
– Dwight Eisenhower

Whether in real estate development or in show business, everything Donald Trump touched became a production of unusual proportion. He now has set his mind to become the next US President. No other candidate come even close to the size of his business acumen, personal wealth and … monumental ego.

Initially the US presidential election was staged to become a contest between Clinton Number 2 and Bush Number 3 … until Donald Trump came in and threw a monkey wrench in US politics. In only a few months, he completely destabilized the US political system through ongoing irrational provocations. Regardless of what happen to Trump presidential bid, US domestic and international politics will never be the same.

His unusual personality and successful destiny make him an excellent Astro Tarology “nut” case study. Astro Tarology will analyze his natal chart in combination with the Magician arcana. In the process, we will learn some astrological basic symbolism.

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 at 10:54 AM in Jamaica (NY) USA. His natal chart looks as follows.

Typically, a natal chart includes four astronomical sets of data. (1) the 10 planets + ascendant (AC) + midheaven (MC) positions (colored symbols outside the large circle) with exact degrees/minutes , (2) the 12 terrestrial houses (small segments numbered from 1 to 12 on the thin circular ring), (3) the 12 zodiac signs (colored symbols in the wide circular ring) and (4) special angles between pairs of planets (aspects) inside the center circle (blue lines = soft aspects, red lines = hard aspects and green lines = minor aspects).

Below is a basic key anyone can use to interpret instantly any natal chart.


Stage 1 – Basic interpretations from Donald Trump natal chart using the above symbolic key.

(1) Sun, Uranus in Gemini and House 10 = You direct your life and distinguish yourself with mobility regarding your career.” (2) Moon in Sagittarius and House 4 = You feel your life with ideality regarding your family.” (3) Mars, Pluto in Leo and House 12 = You act and transform yourself with will regarding your obstacles.” (4) Mercury, Venus, Saturn in Cancer and House 11 = You think, love and control yourself with sensitivity regarding your friendship.” (5) Jupiter, Neptune in Libra and House 2 = You develop yourself and merge with others with equilibrium regarding your money.

This description is obviously pretty generic. With this key though, anyone without any prior astrologic knowledge would already make a few sentences in less than 60 seconds.

Stage 2 – Donald Trump detailed interpretations using a computer-generated portrait and learning more about astrological symbols.

763x991-donald-trump-astro-selfie-coverThe 30-page pdf-book about Donald Trump astrologic portrait (Astro-Selfie) can be downloaded by clicking here. It includes 2 parts: (1) An introduction about astrological symbols and (2) a detailed interpretations of Donald Trump personality. The natal chart design and astrological description are more detailed than in Stage 1. Custom-designed Astr0-Selfie pdf-books are also available in our gift store (see also menu above).

Stage 3 – Donald Trump and the Magician tarot arcana

The Magician archetype is the Greek God Hermes. His mobility and communication abilities made him a great messenger trusted by all other gods. Hermes was the god of the magicians, but also of the merchants and the thieves. Trump’s name branding is a good example of how the magician in him turned his inflated ego into actual financial benefit.

Mercury was to the Romans what Hermes was to the Greeks. Mercury is also the name of the closest planet to the Sun. Its full orbit is only 88 days long. Seen from the earth, Mercury appears to move quickly back and forth around the Sun. Quicksilver mercury is also the liquid metal given name. No surprise that Mercury symbolizes physical and psychological mobility. Sometimes in the sky Mercury appears retrograde, which symbolizes difficulties in communications on earth.

The zodiac sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury. In Trump natal chart we find the powerful conjunction Sun-Uranus in Gemini. This indicates a ruling mental mobility with unpredictable attacks to provoke and win arguments. The Magician strength is a very useful asset in business negotiations and political debates. Winning an election is one thing and governing when elected is another. According to the tarot archetypes  the Magician (arcana 1) helps the first and the Emperor (arcana 4) the latter. 

We will study the Emperor arcana in a few weeks. Stay tuned to find out if Magician Trump meets the Emperor archetype requirements for President. To be notified of the publication date, just join our email list.


Stage 4 – Now, let’s describe Donald Trump personality the Astro Tarology way by humanizing the above into a more narrative story.

His Inflated Ego


When we are born, the sun is positioned somewhere in the sky on the zodiac ring. Even astrology skeptics know their sun sign. During daytime the sun is visible while during the night it isn’t. The sun yearly cycle also defines each day light length as well as the four seasons. The sun position in one natal chart will symbolize that person unreachable life ideal. Born around eleven in the morning, Trump’s Sun was very visible in the sky (house 10) making him a person seeking social visibility, recognition and success.

In a natal chart, the ascendent (AS) is the Eastern horizon direction. When extended to the celestial sphere that horizon direction will fall in one of the twelve zodiac sign. That direction is also where any planet becomes visible where it passes from the night darkness to the day light. Therefore, one native AS sign will symbolize how a person will appear to others. Trump’s AS is in Leo the animal king, giving him an appearance of royal importance.

Now, each sign is also ruled by a planet. This topic will be developed in the future, but for now let’s look at Leo. By analogy, it is easy to understand why king Leo’s ruler is the Sun (the center of the solar system). By the way, King Louis XIV of France was known as the “Sun King”. As a result, Trump’s royal appearance (sun ruling AS Leo) is ruled by his aim to success (sun in 10). The above photo of Trump’s home interior confirms exactly his over-the-top flamboyant and flashy personality.

Prometheus was the Greek Titan who brought the light of God to humans. As Prometheus, the planet Uranus symbolizes freedom, independence and originality. At birth, Trump’s Sun and Uranus were aligned (conjunction in house 10) explaining his public independent, unpredictable and original behavior.

The combination of the above descriptions qualifies Trump as an egomaniac. Psychologically, egomania is an obsessive preoccupation with one’s self. Usually, egomaniacs feel a lack of appreciation, follow their uncontrolled impulses and are delusional about their own greatness. 

His Patriarchal Family Role

Trump natal chart shows his Sun (10) opposed to his Moon (4). This means that he was born under a full moon. Though not any other full moon, Trump was born on the day of a Total Lunar Eclipse. Unlike the Sun, the Moon changes all the time: sometimes we see it, sometimes we don’t, sometimes it is crisp, sometimes it is blurred, sometimes it has a halo, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes we see it during the day, sometimes during the night, its shape and color are constantly changing, etc… A Lunar  Eclipse will intensify changes and a Total Lunar Eclipse even more. While full moon days are well known to increase police and hospital activities, a lunar eclipse adds more intensity to uncommon irrational behaviors.


Trump excessive self-centered personality impacts all his life aspects whether in family, business, branding and now politics. While House 10 was the domain of the career outside, House 4 (opposite to 10) represents the domain of the life inside, that of home and family. With the Moon in house 4, Trump would look at his home and family for support, encouragement and security in order to be productive. His third marriage seems to have given him his needed stability. As a patriarchal lion, he will protect all his family members from any outsider attack.

His Personal Wealth and Grandiose Buildings

Trump was the son of an already wealthy real estate developer, which gave him a strong preparation to enter the field. According to the most conservative estimates, Donald Trump multiplied over tenfold his father net worth. As doubling family wealth in one generation is already considered as a meaningful result, Trump accomplishment succeeded well beyond the norm.

1200x800-trump-towerWhen it comes to money, astrologers look at house 2. In Trump natal chart, we see that his house 2 is occupied by Jupiter (abundance) and Neptune (merger), which are in Libra (balance) and favorably aspected (blue lines) by other planets. This means that for Trump, dealing with money comes naturally.

Now, we see that the MC (career) is in the Taurus zodiac sign, the earth sign on which the Bull is solidly standing. There is no better sign than Taurus in 10 for a successful career in real estate development. Adding the conjunction Sun-Uranus in 10 and you get the realization of unusual real estate projects.

The weak economy and the Internet affected the gambling industry, giving a fatal blow to Atlantic City and its casinos forcing Trump to file for bankruptcy. As a savvy businessman, he negotiated the losses with his creditors to his advantage and the Magician turned a failure into a profit. Presented by his political opponents as a liability, this ability may in fact be an asset. Trump is the only candidate to have the experience in dealing favorably with big financial losses. America needs a magician like that, but is Trump really credible to deliver?

Every large real estate development requires a considerable amount of perseverance. Each project is like running a marathon. People who expressed their doubt about Trump political endurance were unaware of his unusual long-distance stamina as evidenced by his buildings production.

His Branding Business

trump-brandingOriginating from Trump egomania, his buildings, casinos, golf courses as well as “The Apprentice”, “Miss Universe”, airplanes and merchandisings are all bearing the Trump name. Capitalizing on instant name recognition for marketing purpose, he turned his name branding into a gold mine. As a true alchemist (the magician), he converted a personality flaw (egomania = lead) into a business opportunity (profit = gold).

What is Trump political future?

1600x700-trump-politicsIt is too early to consult the Astro Tarology symbolism to forecast Trump’s Presidential bid outcome. Unpredictable events can still exercise major impacts on the race, i.e. (1) former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg may be running and (2) Hillary Clinton unfinished email scandal may re-emerge. All this being said, here is my personal feeling. Trump becoming the Republican nominee is more likely than not. All his non-rational arguments based on people fear and anger to obtain that nomination will be used against him during the Presidential race. On the finish line, voters will have the choice between false international security (isolationism) and false prosperity hope (socialism). Survival prevailing, voters will choose the latter and Trump will loose the bid to the White House.

Trump said that if he doesn’t become President, he will return to build buildings. For him loosing a battle is just another obstacle to overcome until winning the war. With a major lack of public funding, the new President will fail miserably in making good on electoral social promises. Trump will lead a very vocal opposition with his usual attacks, now capitalizing on people domestic fear and anger. The new President may even have to resign before term’s end and Trump will present himself as the Nation savior.

No doubt that Trump is a great businessman, entertainer and salesman (Magician archetype). Those great talents are helpful in the business negotiations and election campaigning, but are they enough on the requirements list to become a great US President (Emperor archetype)?

It would make no sense to trust an airplane pilot whose only experience is being a great motivational speaker. Does Magician Trump meet the Emperor archetype requirements for President?

After this article was published, Trump didn’t win the Iowa Caucus. We followed up with a post about what an astro tarologer would tell Trump.

01 The Initiating MAGICIAN


It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.
– Walt Disney


For Mickey Mouse –the Apprentice Sorcerer in Disney Fantasia– as well as for the Initiating Magician everything is possible.

600x400-fantasiaThe Magician is actually the first arcana of the tarot deck, the first step in the initiation journey. The Fool was in fact the arcana zero who, like the familiar Joker, can travel anywhere at any time to enhance any other card. In Fantasia, when Mickey the apprentice Magician loses control of his new magical powers, the Master Sorcerer (the Fool) comes to his rescue.

The image above shows the symbols of the four elements/life powers: (1) water/emotional (the bucket), (2) fire/creative (the erected phallic broom handle), (3) air/intellectual (the stars) and (4) earth/material (the stone wall). We will see that the Magician in tarot arcana is offered the same four symbolic tools to initiate his initiation journey.

Before detailing the Magician symbols in the four previously selected tarot decks, let’s look at the Fool and the Magician positions in the Astro Tarology “Flower of Life”. That structure works for almost all tarot decks major arcana. We selected the Tarot de Marseille (TDM) where the Fool is called “Le Mat” and the Magician “Le Bateleur”. They can be seen at the image bottom.


The Fool was a link between Planet Earth (tangible sphere) and the Moon (imaginary sphere). The Magician is a link between the Moon (imaginary sphere) and the planet Venus (emotional sphere). As he performs, an experienced Magician tricks emotionally his audience to divert its attention from the real tangible world to the illusionary fantasy world.

A word about the arcana characters gender

The Fool and the Magician are male figures and the coming Empress and High Priestess are female. When it comes to symbolic meaning each arcanum character is gender-blind. So the bearded Fool´s symbolic meaning may very well apply to a woman animus (masculine unconscious) and the seductive Empress’ symbolic meaning to a man anima (feminine unconscious).

Let’s now observe the four different Magician arcana

Tarot de Marseille (TDM)


The TDM major arcana are numbered from 1 to 21 on the top (except the numberless Fool “Le Mat”) and have their names on the bottom (except the nameless arcana 13). In the TDM deck, the Magician is called “Le Bateleur” which could be translated as a street showman. In the arcana there is no audience and the table is covered with a lot of varied objects, which indicates that the show is in the preparation stage. The Magician is standing at the very beginning of his journey with an immense untapped potentiality at his disposal. He looks like rehearsing facing an invisible audience. When ready, he will have to move into action.

For now let’s observe the objects in his hands (moving symbols) and on the table (stable symbols). Again we see the four life spheres but this time associated with the minor arcana four suits (to be detailed in a future post). (1) Material: the gold coin (need to earn a living) in his right (active) hand = Coins Suit, (2) Emotional: the cups (receptive object) on the table = Cup Suit, (3) Creative: the double-ended (earth-sky) magic wand (used to integrate the 4 life spheres into a spiritual 5th) in his left (receptive) hand = Wand Suit, and (4) Intellectual: the knife (cutting-edge analytical mind) on the table = Sword Suit.

More objects can be identified on the table. (a) The distillation retort (transformation) glassware (transparency) used by alchemists (magicians), (b) three dices (chance, “rolling the dices”), (c) more coins (good luck, alchemical capacity to transform lead into gold) and a big bag (endless reserve of life tools). His hat is shaped in a lemniscate (infinite mental abilities).

To reach a higher awareness level, the TDM Magician needs to prepare his initiation journey by tapping energy from his infinite reserve.

 Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot (RWS)


Similarly to the TDM Magician, the RWS Magician has the same 4 symbolic vital objects on the table (coin, cup, wand and sword) and a lemniscate (infinite energy) over his head. Both hold a double-ended magic wand, but the TDM Magician holds it in his left (receptive) hand in a 45-degree direction (not vertical yet) and the RWS vertically (as above so below = human inner life mirrors the cosmos) in his right (active) hand.

The RWS Magician shows the earth with his left hand and the sky with his right indicating his ability to link material energy from the earth to the spiritual energy in the sky. The red roses symbolize love, the white lilies purity and the yellow background consciousness.

His red cloak symbolizes life energy ready for practical action and his white  headband his mental aspiration to truth and spirituality. His serpent-like belt (Ouroboros eating its own tail = eternal renewal) around the waist reminds of mythological Hermes (see the MT and ST Magician below) caduceus.

To reach a higher awareness level, the RWS Magician needs to always direct his life journey with a spiritual objective in mind.

Mythic Tarot (MT)


Such as in both images above, one of the MT Magician’s hand shows the sky and the other the earth and the 4 suits symbols appear again. While they represent very explicitly the 4 minor arcana suits (coin, cup, wand and sword), they are now oriented in 4 directions (the crossing of life roads). The coin (physical body) and the cup (emotional heart) are opposite. The sword (intellectual mind) crosses the wand (creative instincts) indicating two roads directions.

The MT Magician’s magic wand is now a caduceus (more about Hermes in the ST Magician). The two snakes symbolize pairs of opposites (male/female, light/darkness, peace/war, etc…) including the 2 life paths now being offered. Facing the stone, the 2 road directions and the 4 objects, the Magician needs to choose a life path direction. His table is a flat rock laying directly on the ground (very tangible). There is no air under the table as before (no more time for preparation). It is time to make a choice.

To reach a higher awareness level, the MT Magician needs to make the  choice of his life direction.

Symbolon Tarot (ST)


This card is all about Hermes, his wings (mobility of head and feet) and holding a roll (intellectual magic wand) in his hand. The urban landscape is circled by a river and accessible from a flowery road (happiness) by a bridge (linking nature with manmade village). In the arcana corners, we see the astrological symbols of Gemini (mobility) zodiacal sign and its ruling planet Mercury (Roman God equivalent of Greek Hermes).

Hermes is born from Zeus extramarital affair with the nymph Maia. This affair was the only one that his jealous wife Hera was unaware of and could not use her tricks to break it of. Thus Hermes was born of trickery.

When he was only one day old, Hermes sneaked out of his home where he found a tortoise which he converted into a lyre. Looking for more excitement, he then stole his brother Apollo’s cattle and covered the theft up. After this episode, Hermes went back home and entered through the keyhole, climbed back into his cradle with his lyre and slept like an innocent baby.

Besides being the Messenger of Gods, the God of Merchants, Thieves and other Tricksters, Hermes was also the Magician. We saw how the Magician could change himself into air and enter the keyhole. As another example of his magical skills, Hermes charmed Cerberus to sleep so that he could slip in the Underworld unnoticed and escort Persephone back to earth.

Psychologically Hermes the Magician symbolizes the power to make things invisible and to master the magic of thoughts, images, and words. Regardless of how difficult the road may be, Hermes wings will manage to circumvent the obstacle by uniting the earth (material part) with the sky (intellectual part).

To reach a higher awareness level, the ST Magician needs to find his way by holding opposites.



In a summary, we can say that to reach a higher awareness level, the Magician needs to (1) prepare his initiation journey by tapping energy from his infinite reserve, (2) always direct his life journey with a spiritual objective in mind, (3) make the  choice of his life direction and (4) find his way by holding opposites.

As a practical simple advice, your inner Magician recommends that you make a choice of your life direction and build a new reality.

Click on 2 for the MAGICIAN Practical Exercises

02 The Incubating HIGH PRIESTESS


Disguised as a man, Pope Joan aka John Angelicus aka John VIII was a female Pontiff during the medieval times. Her identity was exposed when she gave birth to a child during a procession.

617x951-pope-joanLegend or reality? Reality skeptics note that the first references to Pope Joan only appear hundreds of years after her supposed reign. Reality supporters however argue that the Church may have attempted to first hide and later erase all evidence of her existence from historical records. While today’s scholars are inkling towards the legend thesis, even as of today this story remains an unsolved mystery. Pope Joan imposture has been a controversial topic in books, movies, songs, videos, TV stories and debates.

There are countless articles about this fascinating story to be found online, such as in Wikipedia. Just Google “Pope Joan” and you will be comforted by the legend option if you are Catholic and puzzled if you are not. An interesting ABC-TV story titled “Looking For Pope Joan” aired ten years ago. Click here to download the ABC News Press Release.

The tarot arcanum number 2 is named “La Papesse” (The Popess) in the French TDM, which was created during the Renaissance when Pope Joan story was believed to be true. Five centuries later, an English tarot school chose to name that arcanum “The High Priestess” when the legend credibility started to fade.

From a symbolic perspective, it doesn’t matter whether the story really happened or is a legend. For the narrative though, the premise of a woman disguised as a man is more acceptable than a man becoming pregnant. On the early stage of the initiation, Joan symbolizes a pregnant mother (incubating an embryo), who happened to be a Pope (universal love) and delivering a child (giving birth to a new living heart).

This post will establish that the symbolism of the pregnant High Priestess “La Papesse” (arcanum #2) will fit perfectly between the androgyne Magician (arcanum #1) and the seductive Empress (arcanum #3). Before detailing the High Priestess symbols in the four previously selected tarot decks, let’s look at the Astro Tarology “Flower of Life”. That structure works for almost all tarot decks major arcana. We selected the Tarot de Marseille (TDM) where the Fool is called “Le Mat”, the Magician “Le Bateleur” and the High Priestess “La Papesse”. They can be seen at the image bottom.

1563x2023-flower-high-priestessThe High Priestess “La Papesse” links the circle of “Venus” (human love and beauty) with the circle of the “Heart” (divine love and beauty), symbolizing the unified love of mother-deity in the pregnancy.

Let’s now observe the four different High Priestess arcana.

Tarot de Marseille (TDM)

320x600-priestess-jodoThe TDM tarot deck we are showing here is the Jodorowsky/Camoin digitally renovated version of the original 1790 Conver cards. During those days, the story of Pope Joan was considered as true and the second TDM arcanum was named “La Papesse” (The Popess) after her. Lots of symbols can be seen on this arcanum: (1) Her white (virgin purity) face and hands (her only visible body parts remind us of the five senses), (2) The skin-colored (human life) book (study and accumulation of knowledge), (3) the white egg (embryo) under her left (receptive) elbow (incubation), (4) the blue sky (spiritual) bands (including three small crosses) crossing (Christianity) her chest (heart), (5) the yellow (intellectual), orange (spiritual) and red (life) tiara (divine ruler), (6) the sky blue curtain behind her head (spiritual enclosure), (7) the abundant clothing (spiritual protection from physical world).

The Magician made his first step on his initiation path, but like the Apprentice Sorcerer he doesn’t master his magical power right away. He has to meet the Higher Priestess first in order to learn and accumulate the knowledge needed for his journey. This will require patience for his gestation period length. There are no shortcuts. Even a smart woman cannot shorten the 9-month pregnancy duration. The Magician embryo (arcanum #1) needs the High Priestess for his spiritual gestation (arcanum #2) that takes time until finally the Empress (arcanum #3) will hatch and radiate.

To reach a higher awareness level, the TDM High Priestess “La Papesse” needs to take the time to accumulate inner knowledge before acting in the world.

Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot (RWS)

350x600-priestess-waiteThe RWS tarot deck was created in 1909. By then Pope Joan story had entered the legend theory acceptance and the “High Priestess” replaced “La Papesse”. She could no longer have the Christian Pontiff attributes. Her head would no longer be covered with a tiara. She now wears a horned moon shape headdress, associated with the Egyptian goddess Hathor (switching the two syllables makes “thor-ha”). Her book contains the letters “T O R A” implying also the Jewish Torah. The two pillars marked with the letters B and J, which refer to the names of Boaz and Jachin as found on the Old Testament Temple of Solomon two entrance columns. The veil (spiritual world inside the temple) behind the High Priestess contain pomegranates (613 seeds = 613 Torah commandments).  These four references to Jewish wisdom symbolize spiritual knowledge.

This arcanum evokes the Greek invasion of Israel by Alexander the Great who forbade the study of the Torah during the fourth century BC. Some Kabbalah scholars indicate that to circumvent the interdiction, the Jewish people created the first tarot decks whose symbols would cover the entire Torah esoteric content. Playing tarot cards would then enable the Torah study without detection. The ruse lasted until the Maccabees expelled the Greeks from Israel. After that, the tarot decks were forgotten until being revived during the fifteen century.

Among the remaining symbols, we see a yellow (spiritual) moon (unconscious) at her feet (mother earth). The High Priestess robe is white (purity) and blue (truth) with a cross (incarnation in time and space) on her heart (love and beauty).

To reach a higher awareness level, the RWS High Priestess needs to set love, beauty and truth as key priorities.

Mythic Tarot (MT)

356x600-priestess-mythicThe MT High Priestess share the two pillars with the two arcana above as well as Astro Tarology “Flower of Life” reminding Kabbalah pillars of severity and mercy. The dark column represents the pillar of will and the light column the pillar of pleasure, the two unconscious conflicting energies. The MT High Priestess shows in her right hand the seeds of an opened pomegranate, which religious symbolism was mentioned above and which mythologic symbolic meaning will be described in the myth of Persephone below.

The mythological Greek character associated with the High Priestess is Persephone. She is the daughter of earth mother Demeter (who is associated with the Empress arcanum that will be next in our study) and Zeus. Hades, Zeus brother and lord of the underworld, was in love with Persephone. He abducted her while she was picking narcissus, brought her to the underworld and marry her. Protesting such abuse, Demeter prevented all vegetation to grow on earth turning the land more and more sterile. Zeus then decide to send Hermes to the underground to bring Persephone back to earth. The problem Hermes faced was that Persephone had eaten pomegranate seeds (both the food of the dead and conjugal love) making her bound forever in the underground. A compromise was finally found. Persephone would share her time between the underground and earth, where she would return at each Spring beginning.

More symbols can be found in the MT High Priestess arcanum. (1) Unlike the two arcana above, she wear a golden crown on her head (she became the queen of the underworld), (2) her skin is pale (there is no light in the underworld) but not white (she comes back to earth every Spring), (3) her dress is all white (pure virginity), (4) there are narcissus (dead flower during winter that emerges to light in Spring) on the floor as well as in her left (receptive) hand (reminder of her abduction), (5) behind her we see the long road from darkness to the terrestrial light on her annual return.

To reach a higher awareness level, the MT High Priestess needs to hold both light and darkness unconscious energies.

Symbolon Tarot (ST)

371x600-priestess-symbolonThe Symbolon Tarot is based on astrology and mythology. There are no more pillars, but the symbolism remain the same. The image left side shows the night (dark convoluted path, house, mountains, moon) while the right shows the daylight (fertile ground, river, tree, dragonfly, sun). In the middle the Priestess is dressed in white (purity) and blue (truth). Above her head is a yellow star (cosmic spirituality). Her yellowish face (spiritual mental abilities) is the only visible body part (protection from the physical world). She wear a religious necklace (separating her head from her body).

In the four card corners, we see the ST High Priestess astrologic analogies with the Cancer and Sagittarius signs as well as the Moon and Jupiter, their respective planetary rulers. The Symbolon cards associations with astrologic symbols differ from those in the Astro Tarology “Flower of Life”. Because of its exclusive structure, the “Flower of Life” mandala will always be different than any other astrological affinities with tarot cards.

To confuse the reader a little more about Greek mythology correlations, the ST High Priestess is associated with Mnemosyne, different than MT High Priestess Persephone. Both relate to Hades underground and represent valid analogies. What was Mnemosyne story?

Daughter of Uranus and Gaia, Titaness Mnemosyne (name related to the word “mnemonic”) was the mother of the nine Muses (epic and lyric poetry, history, music, tragedy, hymns, dance, comedy, astronomy) all conceived during nine consecutive nights by Zeus. In Hades underground water to dead souls was available from two sources: (1) the Lethe river and (2) a pool presided by Mnemosyne. When drinking from the Lethe, the dead would not remember their past lives, but from Mnemosyne pool they would. Thus Mnemosyne symbolizes past memories, personal truth and soulful insights accessible through introspection or therapy.

To reach a higher awareness level, the TS High Priestess needs to be open to past memories, personal truth and soulful insights.


1450x700-the-high-priestess-four-arcanaIn a summary, we can say that to reach a higher awareness level, the High Priestess needs to (1) take the time to accumulate inner knowledge before acting in the world, (2) set love, beauty and truth as key priorities, (3) hold both light and darkness unconscious energies and (4) be open to past memories, personal truth and soulful insights.

As a practical simple advice, your inner High Priestess recommends that you plan any new action and prepare patiently before implementation.

Click on 2 for the HIGH PRIESTESS Practical Exercises

Women’s Rights In Peril After Cologne New Year’s Eve Attacks

600x600-simone-de-beauvoirNever forget that a political, economical or religious crisis will be enough to challenge women’s rights. These rights are never vested. You must remain vigilant your whole life.
– Simone de Beauvoir

The pill is the common root of the sexual liberation in the 1960s, today’s Western demographic debacle and mass attacks on Cologne women.


Western countries decline started in the mid-1960s bedrooms. Elementary math shows that to maintain a constant population in a nation, women need to give birth to an average of two children. 25 years later, those two adults will also need to have two new babies and so on from one generation to the next. To be accurate, the stable fertility rate raises from 2.0 to 2.1 to include the fertile women low mortality factor. Below an average fertility rate of 2.1 children per woman, a nation population will decrease.

It is easy to understand that when a country depopulates, its cultural identity, societal values and lifestyle quality will decline. To make bad things even worse, some people are forced to leave their own country to find a comparable life quality elsewhere. Without immigration filling the demographic vacuum, the country would reach a critical depopulation level that would threat its very existence.

The 1960s contraceptive pill introduction resulted in a rapid drop in the fertility rate to levels of 1.3 to 1.6 in the 1970s well below the stable 2.1 level. Immigration started from neighboring countries to reach farther and farther over time. Early emigrants emigrated for economical reasons that has evolved to today’s out-of-control political and religious motives. The pill is now 50 years old and two generations later Western nations are in chaos. Leaders are now left with the challenging task to save their nation’s identity while a fast growing number of radical emigrants are violently imposing their own.

Women in Cologne and elsewhere in the West are scared and rightly so.


Like hundreds of others, the woman above was sexually assaulted in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. She told the BBC News how she and her friends became surrounded by between 20 and 30 men, who were speaking a foreign language. “They grabbed our arms, pushed our clothes away, and tried to get between our legs.”  In those circumstances any woman or man would feel scared, powerless and traumatized.

The authorities were irrelevant during that night and are still looking the other way today. As medias were censured, true reports were very limited. When questioned about a women security advice, Henriette Reker the Mayor of Cologne answered: “Keep an arm length distance with people you don’t trust.” Yeah, now women in Cologne know what to do the next time they will be attacked by thousands of inebriated men threatening their lives !!!

These type of attacks in Cologne also happened at the same time in many other German cities and also in Sweden, Finland, Austria and Switzerland. This simultaneity indicates that all events were orchestrated in order to provoke an act of war declaration similar to November 13 in France. Paris was a mass murder perpetrated by outside criminals and Cologne is just the beginning of mass violence by locally imported terrorists gangs. To add insult to injury, German laws protect the criminals from expulsion. Such as after September 11 in the US, life in France, Germany and most other European countries will never be the same.

We are not consulted on world’s affairs, but we can take care of our own life and those of our loved ones. This post has not for object to analyze the economical or socio-political implications, but how to address Western women legitimate personal worries. Common sense and truthful awareness can help making meaningful decisions in the new unsafe context.

What can a Cologne woman do to face this new threat in her daily life?

What options does a worried woman currently living in Cologne have today? While most have no other choice than continuing to live in that unsafe city (group 1), some are already planning to move to a safer place (group 2) and others don’t know what to do (group 3).

For people in group 1, common sense recommends to minimize the risks. At least, they should avoid dangerous public places, carry a mace pepper spay at all time, attend self-defense classes, stick with friends, anticipate imminent danger, run away before it is too late, join a neighborhood watch group, etc… and anticipate a surprise reaction to buy time if confronted with an unexpected assault.

What can women in group 3 do to make a meaningful life decision?

Anticipating the growing threat of Nazi Germany, Einstein moved from Germany to the US in 1933. Similarly today, women in group 2 have decided to leave and rightly so. While women in group 3 are seeing the growing danger and have the means to leave to a safer destination, they are torn between two fears: the risk of local danger (status quo) and the risk of the unknown (change). Understanding the fears’ roots is the first step and where to go the second. Those two steps are subjective and will vary from one person to another.

How can the Fool help to gain awareness about the dilemma between status quo and change?

Each symbol in a tarot arcana will invoke endless number of subjective interpretations. In our learning so far, we only became acquainted with the Fool tarot arcana. Let’s use his symbolic meaning  to help with the fear awareness. Astrological techniques such as Astro-Locality or Astro-Carto-Graphy will then help about the future location. Below is how those two steps would unfold and how Astro Tarology will make their synthesis.

Let’s illustrate how the inner Traveling Fool works with an example. Erasmus (1466-1536) was a Dutch Renaissance humanist. During his life, a terrible pest epidemic occurred and he survived by traveling from one safe city to the next. Had he not listened to his inner Fool, the world might have lost prematurely a great thinker.

While the querent (in this case a worried woman in Cologne) has always the option to consult with a professional Astrologer or Tarologer, Astro Tarology primary teaching is about gaining self-awareness by learning our subjective inner language. So, a self-enquiring querent consulting her inner Fool would first read about the Fool symbolism and then train her five extra-sensorial senses (emotion, intuition, inspiration, imagination and consciousness) with the Fool awareness exercises over and over. Not only those fun and easy exercises will relieve the tension but also will help clarifying the inner dilemma.


Like the familiar powerful Joker, the inner Fool holds endless life potentials. Always ready for changes, he will advise you to overcome your fears by offering you an actual protection of mythological dimension. Trusting your inner Fool is trusting Dionysos. Following the Fool’s advice is the opposite of a rational decision. You must give priority to your inner voice and make a leap of faith. Changes will bring opportunities worth much more than the status quo. Your life will become happier and more meaningful.

The Cologne woman inner and outer lives are unique. Her subjective inner Fool revelations will have to be considered in her tangible life context (money, health, family, work, friends, etc…). Her inner subjective perception and outer practical decision will be hers only.

Astro-Carto-Graphy map to address the relocation destination

Below is how an Astro-Carto-Graphy map looks like based on one’s person birth data.








Each person has a natal chart (not presented) based on the place and time of birth. However, if that person was born at the same time in another world location, the same planetary positions would have been oriented differently as they would relate to a different horizon.

The above curves refer to the meaningful planets angular positions for every possible world locations at the same birth time. In future posts, we will detail more about practical interpretations, but for now the following summary chart will hint to what kind of life the native will find by moving to a certain planetary line location. Practically, this tool is used in reverse as querents will rather seek where to move in order to find the kind of life they are looking for.1275x1650-planetary-directionsQuerents subjective insights, their outer life context and planetary destinations will be combined in individual synthesis. This is what Astro Tarology is all about.

00 – The Traveling FOOL

953x946-tree-pirogueEvery person is torn between two needs. (1) The need of the Pirogue which symbolizes the travel, the tearing from one’s inner self and (2) The need of the Tree which is that of the roots, of the identity. Thus people are constantly wandering between these two needs, yielding sometimes to one and sometimes to the other … until they understand that it is with the Tree that one produces the Pirogue.
– Melanesian myth from the island of Vanuatu


With his unlimited amount of energy and freedom, the Fool is ready to travel anywhere on the spur-of-the-moment.

The 78 arcana (cards) of a Tarot deck represent our life journey from our incarnation on earth to our spiritualization in the sky. The ubiquitous Fool mirrors all life potentials inside each of us. Let’s expand on the Fool’s four different arcana mentioned in the post about the Tarot cards introduction (there is also a navigation bar on the bottom if needed.)

Tarot de Marseille (TDM)


We indicated previously that to each of the Fool’s four body parts corresponds one of the four human life spheres. Now, to each sphere let’s also attach an element and a color. (1) Material: earth/green, (2) Emotional: water/blue, (3) Creative: fire/red and (4) Intellectual: air/yellow. Note that the water element is celestial like the clouds and fire is terrestrial like the volcanoes.

The entire TDM Tarot deck contains 11 different colors, each with its own symbolic meaning. Number of those colors appear in the Fool arcana, but for now we will focus on the blue sky color. Blue refers to our emotional life (receptivity) and the blue sky –its more subtle version– symbolizes our receptive emotions at the celestial (sky) level.

The Fool arcana shows that the blue sky color is present in each of his four body parts and appears only once in each. (1) Head/intellectual: shoulder stick that separates the head from his body (humans are only intellectual animals), (2) Heart/emotional: wide open sleeves (“he wears his heart on his sleeve”), (3) Guts/creative: a dog pushes a “fig leave”, implying the Fool’s artistic-sexual creations and (4) Feet/material: the soil color changes to blue sky (conscious awakening) as he walks.

To reach a higher awareness level, the TDM Fool needs to open his heart to the celestial level in all four life spheres (material, emotional, creative, intellectual).

Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot (RWS)


With his head looking up in the sky, the RWS Fool appears more like a careless dreamer. Both the TDM and the RWS Fools carry a small bag (representing all their belongings as they are detached from material goods and don’t need much to travel) on a stick on their shoulder.

While the TDM Fool walks on solid ground (realist), holds the stick with his left hand (receptive) and looks to our right (the future), the RWS Fool walks on the edge of a cliff (idealist), holds the stick with his right hand (active) and looks to our left (the past).

Both costumes are very different too, with colorful accessories (rich potentials) in the TDM and flowers (innocence) in the RSW. The dog symbolizes our animal instincts. While the TDM dog pushes the Fool to move ahead (future), the RWS dog warns the Fool not to (imminent danger.)

The white rose in the Fool’s hand is a symbol of purity and the red feather on his cap represents his vitality. The white sun (pure consciousness) in the yellow (intelligence) sky (spiritual) is in the top right corner (the beacon is the farther possible in the arcana = long journey).

To reach a higher awareness level, the RWS Fool needs to rely on his purity and innocence in order to trade security for freedom.

Mythic Tarot (MT)


In the MT, the Fool looks like an irresponsible young boy wearing animal skins (primitive instincts) coming out of a cave (the past) and about to jump over a cliff (the unknown). The rising sun (consciousness) on the horizon is far away (at the end of a very long path). The stones on the ground indicate that he his about to leave the material world (security) behind him while jumping in the air (freedom).

In the MT mythological deck, the Fool correlates to Dionysos whose existence was complicated even before he was born. His mother Semele was a mortal princess who got pregnant by none other than Zeus, the god of gods himself. Hera, Zeus’ wife was furious of her husband infidelity and planned to kill the pregnant mother and her baby. Hera succeeded in killing Semele, but the unborn child was saved by Zeus who pursued the pregnancy by having the fetus implanted in his thigh. The magic surgeon was non other than Hermes, another son of Zeus born out of wedlock. Finally Dionysos was born, which did not stop Hera’s anger who still wanted him dead. She almost succeeded but again Zeus saved Dionysos heart that was used to revived him in Hades (Zeus brother) underground where his wife Persephone became a surrogate mother delivering Dionysos with a second birth (the Twice-Born, Dionysos became the god of light and ecstasy.) Hera was still mad and forced him to wander endlessly in the world, but Zeus got the last word by inducting Dionysos as a full fledged god sitting in the Olympus at the right hand of his father.


Dionysos brought the gift wine to mankind as well as the spiritual redemption for those willing to renounce to their power and material possessions. Dionysos symbolic wine always implies the danger of the unknown. With the deity protection, his altered state of mind will lead him to a higher consciousness level. However, without protection he could have fallen into foolishness. Taking a chance to live a more fuller life is uncertain but well worth taking the risk.

The eagle (royal bird) in the MT Fool arcana refers to Zeus protection. The horns symbolize Dionysos animal instincts while the flower crown his divine vineyard.

To reach a higher awareness level, the MT Fool needs to trust his animal instincts and follow his intuitive impulses.

Symbolon Tarot (ST)


The ST card now shows a colorful Jester walking happily on his initiation path towards a yellow thunderbolt (consciousness) far away in the mountains.  Like in the TDM and RWS, the ST Fool carries a stick on his shoulder with a bag at its end, though with a puppet of a king (his deflated ego) hanging out. The path is bordered with rocks (“rocky road”) and flowers (pleasure). Like the TDM Fool he walks with a cane (support) to strengthen his determination and self-confidence.

In the ST astrologic deck, the Fool is associated with the zodiac sign of Aquarius (freedom and humanism) and its ruling planet Uranus (originality and revolution). Both astrological glyphs appear on the Arcana corners. Both Uranus and Aquarius require impulse and determination to act in order to embark in a new beginning on the journey of life. The path leads to a small isolated village which can be interpreted as the emerging Age of Aquarius (unity of science and art as well as a more humane life paradigm).

990x510-aquariusA preview of the Age of Aquarius new paradigm can be illustrated by Michael Tellinger idealist Ubuntu Planet project. He sees a world where people do not live divided in fear of each other but rather live in united communities that thrive in abundance on all levels. He travels the world evangelizing his vision. Click to purchase his book.

To reach a higher awareness level, the ST Fool needs to free itself from habits in order to tap in its limitless potentials.


Though the ST deck of contains also 78 illustrated cards, it is more an oracle deck of cards than a Tarot deck. We included those ST cards in this presentation because of their psycho-astrologic roots. The celestial bodies in the Astro Tarology original mandala “The Flower Of Life” also follow astrological connections, but is in a completely unique structure. Details are developed in a post about Kabbalah, Astrology and Tarot.

In Astro Tarology mandala the “Flower Of Life” the Fool act as an astrological mediator between the planet Earth (terrestrial body) and the Moon (celestial mind) paralleling Dionysos material-spiritual ambiguity (cave and eagle).


In a summary, we can say that to reach a higher awareness level, the Fool needs to (1) open his heart to the celestial level in all four life spheres (material, emotional, creative, intellectual), (2) rely on his purity and innocence in order to trade security for freedom, (3) trust his animal instincts and follow his intuitive impulses and (4) free itself from habits in order to tap in its limitless potentials.

As a practical simple advice, your inner Fool recommends that you follow your instincts and move on with a fresh beginning.

Click on 2 for the FOOL Practical Exercises

Astro Tarology & Kabbalah


God created man and to thank him, man created God.
– Philippe Geluck

Kabbalah, astrology, tarot and the “Tree of Life”

The following image is a very detailed representation of the classic Kabbalah “Tree Of Life”. Besides showing the 11 sephirot (celestial bodies), it also includes their 22 links in correlation with the 22 tarot major arcana (Thoth Tarot), the 22 Hebrew alphabet letters and 22 astrological symbols.


Astro Tarology and the “Flower Of Life”


While both representations include similar 11 celestial bodies and their 22 tarot links, there are seven major differences between the modern Astro Tarology “Flower Of Life” and the classic Kabbalah “Tree Of Life”.

(1) Elimination of direct links between horizontal opposites. There are three occurrences in the “Tree Of Life” where a sephira on the left (pillar of severity) is opposed horizontally to a sephira on the right (pillar of mercy). Those sephiroth are linked either directly or via a middle sephira (pillar of balance). It is our belief that the direct link is unnecessary. Carl Jung explains that we need to hold opposites on our path to individuation. This implies to renounce choosing one of the two opposites. This frame of mind will then allow for a third way to appear. As we hold the opposites (left and right sephira), a third way in embryo (middle sephira) will instantly emerge. Let’s illustrate the point. At the same time, we can’t have a sunny side of the mountain without also a shady side. While both sides exist, a mountaineer can only see one side and never the other at the same time. Thus the direct link between sunny and shady is not possible. The only way to see both (left and right sephira) at the same time is from an airplane (middle sephira) above the mountain. The elimination of those three direct links makes the “Flower Of Life” cleaner and more practical.

(2) Both paths down to incarnation have different sequences. Both down paths to incarnation follow the same thunderbolt path. However, as a result of (1) above, their celestial bodies sequences are different.


(3) The up path for spiritualization proceeds via the tarot. The “Tree Of Life” down path for incarnation (from the cosmos to humans)  and up path for spiritualization (return of human spirit to the cosmos) are the same in reverse sequence. In the “Flower Of Life” round-trip, the paths are different. While the path down from the Cosmos to Earth proceeds via the 11 celestial bodies as in (2) above right, the path up from Earth proceeds via the 22 tarot arcana grid. We are coming down with a fast escalator to our birth (astrology) and climbing up to our spirit day-by-day by the stairs (tarology) !!!

(4) Tarot arcana sequence progresses from the earth to the sky. Unlike the “Tree Of Life” showing the tarot arcana sequence from the sky to the earth, the “Flower Of Life”mandala shows them from earth to sky. This makes more sense as once we are incarnated, we start our journey from planet earth.

(5) Representation of the four life worlds. While the four life words (material, emotional, creative and intellectual) appear in piling layers in the “Tree Of Life”, they are in a circular sequence (green, blue, red and yellow) in the “Flower Of Life” just like the pansy four petals.

(6) The links between circles have different astrological correlations. Most traditions consider that the links between circles and their associated tarot arcana are related to planets and zodiacal signs. In the modern “Flower Of Life” the links between the circles act like planetary aspects between pairs of celestial bodies.

(7) Analytical differences between the “Tree Of Life” and the “Flower Of Life”. As we progress in the arcana study, the “Flower Of Life” will show new interesting celestial bodies and tarot arcana combinations such as vertical pillars, horizontal levels, diagonal directions, clusters, lemniscate paths (infinite shape), arcana pair of opposites, etc…

Astro Tarology & Tarot Cards

400x400-eliphas-levyA prisoner devoid of books, had he only a Tarot of which he knew how to make use, could in a few years acquire a universal science, and converse with an unequalled doctrine and inexhaustible eloquence.
– Eliphas Levi

The tarot deck is an expanded version of the regular playing cards


The classic tarot deck contains 78 cards (also called arcana) divided in 22 majors + 56 minors (four suits of 14 arcana). Each suit is then subdivided in four honors (Page, Queen, King, Knight) and 10 numbered arcana (also called pips). Unlike the regular playing cards, we see that (1) the tarot deck includes 22 major arcana and (2) each suit has four honors (added Knight) instead of three. Both decks have in common the same 52-card structure.

The Fool is just like the playing cards Joker

Similar to the familiar Joker card, the Fool can replace or combine with any other arcana. The Fool is sometimes treated as the first or sometimes as the last of the 22 major arcana. We see the Fool more as the first step of the his journey, but able to occupy any position from 1 to 22 during the journey. Below are four Fool arcana examples selected from four of the 1000+ tarot decks.

Tarot de Marseille – Created in 1760 by Nicolas Conver – Renovated in 1997 by Alexandro Jodorowsky (Author), Philippe Camoin (Author)


In the Tarot of Marseille, the Fool is named by “Le Mat”. For now, let’s just observe the Fool’s three horizontal lines (the sky blue stick holding his bag, the yellow belt and his costume yellow bottom edge).

Those lines divide the Fool’s body in four parts: head, heart, guts and legs. Those body parts correspond to the four vital human spheres: intellectual, emotional, creative and material. These four life areas leading to the spiritual sphere will frequently be referred to in different context.

Rider-Waite Tarot – Created in 1909 by Arthur Edward Waite (Author), Pamela Colman Smith (Illustrator), Rider (Publisher) – Revised in 1971


Unlike the previous arcana where the Fool  was walking on solid ground, we now see the Fool looking to the sky walking carelessly towards a cliff. The dog in the previous arcana pushes the Fool to move forward as this dog warns the Fool of an imminent danger.

Both Fools carry a stick with a small bag but this one holds it with his right hand while the other on the left. Those symbols meanings will be explored in details in the next post.

Mythic Tarot – Created in 1996 and revised in 2011 by Juliet Sharman-Burke (Author), Liz Greene (Author), Giovanni Caselli (Illustrator)


The Fool here is walking over the cliff in a leap of faith by moving from the known to the unknown. The Mythic Tarot associates each arcana with a figure of the Greek mythology. In this case, the Fool is associated to Dionysos the eternally traveling semi-god. Let’s observe that his hair is intertwined with a pair of horn and a crown of leaves. The horns relate to Semele his human mother and the crown to Zeus his divine father. More details about myth, symbols and meanings to come in the next post.

Symbolon Tarot – Created in 1993 by Peter Orban (Creator), Ingrid Zinnel (Creator), Thea Weller (Creator)


Here we have a more traditional Jester walking happily on a safe path.

The Symbolon Tarot associates each arcana with astrological planets and zodiacal signs. In this case, the Fool is associated with Aquarius and Uranus its ruler, which symbolize a journey towards freedom and humanism.

The Fool is now walking on the path to the Age of Aquarius.

In the first card post, we will analyze each of those four Fool arcana in detail followed by a set of practical exercises. You will have the opportunity to increase your awareness by (1) expressing your emotions via your inner child coloring, (2) awakening your intuition using symbolic observation, (3) stimulating your inspiration with the Internet, (4) involving your active imagination using a Carl Jung creative technique and (5) increasing your level of consciousness with personal memories and reflections.

Astro Tarology & Planets

480x480-carl-jungAstrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.
– Carl Jung

We are born with a body and a personality

Our birth photo shows our body. It is the first image of our physical life movie. Our natal chart shows our personality. It is the first page of our psychological life book. It all begins with our first breath. When does life start? Reincarnation believers think that our life already existed in another incarnated form before our conception. Traditional Christians believed that life starts at birth and modern “pro-life” Christians believe it starts at conception. Some like to make fun of the issue by stating that life really starts when kids are graduating in college!! Each of us has an opinion about the beginning of life. We believe that before our parents ever knew of each other, there was a spiritual energy that made them meet to be incarnated. Whether that energy was the re-incarnation of a past life or not is left to anyone’s opinion.


When we are born we inherit a body and physical DNA

On one hand we receive a body to which witch is attached a physical DNA and upon which we have zero conscious control. While our DNA will remain the same over our life, our body appearance will change. Pictures of our appearance made for each moment of our entire life are not random. A photo made at our birth is our physical life movie’s first image.

And we also inherit a personality and a psychological DNA


On another hand, we believe that with our birth we are also receiving a personality to which is attached a psychological DNA and upon which we also have zero conscious control. Like our body, our personality will be transformed over our life but our psychological DNA will not. We are discarding for now future potential physical and psychological DNA manipulations. Our personality narrative at birth is the first page of our psychological life book. As above so below. This is what the planets are all about.


Astro Tarology “Flower Of Life”

As we progress in our awakening journey, we will learn more about each planet. Below is Astro Tarology mandala


The Traveling Fool is the first tarot arcana and links planet Earth with the Moon. Click here to learn more about the Traveling Fool.